Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Fix a Lamp

Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Fix a Lamp

Doesn’t work; figure it’s probably the socket.
I’m Robert Markey, and I’ve been fixing things for a long time, and we’re going to talk about
fixing a broken lamp. Whatever the the kind of lamp it is this is what’s going to be holding
the bulb, so we have to get to this thing here. First thing, we take the bulb out. We
assume that we tried different bulbs to make sure the bulb wasn’t out, and it’s actually
the socket. Okay, on this we’ll take this; we now have this. Now, we can just get a brand
new one of these, or we can replace the inside, but in any case, if you’d take the, we’re
going to take it apart; getting down to the wires. We want to remove these, and we’re assuming that this is what the problem
is, okay? So, we grab a new one, which we’ll make believe this is our new one, that this
is a good one, and we put it back the same way we took it off. Okay, we’re connected
there, put it back in the cover,
pops back in. And actually, what we want to do is, before we put the whole thing back
together; see if it works. There we have it; we’re good. I’m Robert Markey, and we have
just replaced a broken lamp socket.

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  1. Thanks! I recently had a floor lamp repaired to the tune of $48 + 2 months of waiting when they promised to have it back to me within 2 weeks. I didn't want to go through that again with my table lamp and thankfully I found your video, bought the one piece I needed for a whopping $6 and repaired it in about 20 minutes. Much appreciated!

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