Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Install Cedar Shingles

Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Install Cedar Shingles

Ceder, beautiful wood, resistant to weather,
lasts for a long time. This is Robert Markey and I’ve been doing construction for a long
time and I want to talk bout installing ceder shingles. Now ceder shingles can be installed
on a wall or on a roof. Basically it is the same method of installing them except for
where you start. On the wall you start long and do a whole row. So let’s kind of take
it from the middle here and you are going to be using basically six penny ring shank
galvanized nails or stainless steel nails if you never want them to come off. The stainless
steel is the best with ceder if you can afford it. You are going to nail the side about a
half inch from the side and a half inch from this side. The next one you can leave a space
about a quarter of an inch, the bottom should line up, the same thing. Let’s assume you get the whole row and you
are good up to there your next course and this can vary on a roof you probably don’t
want much more than 5 inches here, you can add a little more, you can go 6 on a wall.
You want to make sure that you are not matching up those. You want it at least an inch over.
You have got your six inches up, there you have it, same, same. You clearly want to make
sure your nails are more than six inches up, the whole row from bottom to top and you’re
done. This is Robert Markey and we’ve been talking about installing ceder shingles.

12 thoughts on “Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Install Cedar Shingles

  1. You are suppose to butt them up against each other because they will shrink over time. Try to cover different exposures, undercoursing and and how to make sure the courses go on straight (level line, chalk line, stick etc.)

  2. This video is ridiculous…
    Seriously…I feel so uninformed, even though I myself have installed many a cedar shake roof.
    This is just silly make me giggle material. If that is really all it takes to keep water out, then why do literally no contractors practice only this somewhat adorable method of slapping a roof together like it was never intended to be outside in the elements anyway?…brilliant

  3. What a fucking useless video.
    What about the drip edge prep?
    What about the felt?
    How do we do the first row?
    What about a chalk line?
    What about the cap?
    What's closer to the peak…the fat end or tapered end?

  4. What about the inside corner…or the outside corner…….. I have no idea.
    Can I treat the cedar ????………….what U recommend …..? 
    When the outside is plywood…….. do I need the tar paper too ?……………. Thnks

  5. What a great video on how to arbitrarily slap a few shingles to the side of a building! This video teaches it's viewers nothing. I'd like to know how to start your first row of shingles, what type of materials go under the shingles, how to shingle into ridgelines, valleys and various structures on the roof… He was right about one thing however, cedar is a beautiful wood

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  7. How about the double first row so they overlap the openings between the first row? I recommend the old Bob Vila video. It's great!

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