Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Replace the Handle of an Axe

Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Replace the Handle of an Axe

I’ve had this for a long time, but it finally
needed replacing. I’m Robert Markey. I’ve been doing firewood for a long time, and we’re
going to talk about replacing a handle of an axe. The trickiest part is actually getting
the old one off. Sometimes it comes off. You’re swinging it, and there it goes and it’s time.
Sometimes you can pound it through from the bottom, often you’re going to have to take
a saw and just cut it right off and then take some kind of a metal tool and just pop the
little pieces out until they’re all out and you’ve got the axe head left, there for you,
okay. New axe handle. I’m going to make sure it fits. If it’s a little big, which this
just is, you can carve down the very ends a bit. Just so you can get it started. Carve that
one more. Okay. There we go. Once you got it started, you start tapping. Okay. And we
want to tap it on something hard like concrete, and we just go… and you can see, as we’ve
been tapping it, the top has come through and that’s probably pretty good, you can see
how it’s peeling a little of the wood there, so we’re probably good there. And then on
the top, we need to put a wooden piece in, a wooden wedge in, which as you see we’re
really close there so that’s not going to work. So what we want to use is metal ones,
and these just tap right in there, I’m going to get my hammer, and this is probably right
in here. And there we have it, if it starts getting loose, put more of these in, brand
new axe handle. I’m Robert Markey and we’ve been replacing the axe handle.

43 thoughts on “Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Replace the Handle of an Axe

  1. I'd seat the axe head down as far as it will go, then saw the excess off, remove the wedge and reinsert it.

  2. This is not the way to do it! The axe head should end up closer to the shoulder. This would be achieved using a rasp and sand paper to reduce the part of the handle that is going into the head. It should still be a tight fit but not peel the handle as in this video. The wooden wedge MUST be fitted and the steel wedges are tapped in to split both the handle and the wooded wedge, thus ensuring a solid fit.
    Following your method is likely to result in the head flying off the axe when in use.

  3. With all do respect to Robert, his method of replacing an ax handle is improper. The part of the haft that fits into the eye of the head needs to be shaved down so that the head fits down closer to the flare of shoulders, as it slides down the grain of the handle should not curl.

    Furthermore it is imperative that you tap the wooden wedge into the kerf as far as it will allow, next hammering the steel wedge perpendicular to the wooden one this is known as double wedging.

  4. You might be an artist, but certainly not a craftsman….your end result could be risky if the ax was actually going to be used seriuosly.

  5. You might be an artist, but certainly not a craftsman….your end result could be risky if the ax was actually going to be used seriously.

  6. yeah that doesnt look good you should have both wood wedge and metal going in "slant" wise kinda doesnt even look right.

  7. the shoulder is about 2 inches away and i was told that you should put the wood one in then go prpendicular to that with the metal splitting the handle and the wedge

  8. @jimjon7 Those steel wedges are made to hold a larger wooden wedge in place. Not wedge the handle to head. This video is showing a finished axe that will slip off its head after use. A head "flying off" as he put it is NOT a way to determine when an axe needs a new handle.

  9. This guy is a MORON!!!!!!…Oh wait he's an "Expert Village Moron" ….where in the hell do they find these people…hopefully the head will fly off on the back swing and land on his head.

  10. DO NOT HANG AN AXE HEAD THIS WAY!!!!!!!…This has been a public service announcement from….The People who Know how to hang and axe head…….this is a typical "Expert Village" video…goofballs who have no idea what they are doing handing out bad info!!!!!

  11. @jimjon7 That is incorrect. At 3:00 you can see clearly that the steel wedge is just a cross wedge to be put in after the proper wood wedge is drove home. It is also not the length of the eye, like a proper wood wedge should be. Aluminum wedges are fine when the proper size. The handle was also not fitted correctly as it pinched too tight to drive the wood wedge in. This guy is all wrong. I would hate to see anyone follow his advice…I am also not trying to have a go with you, just saying.

  12. Is this some kind of joke? Why is this guy, who is obviously clueless about axes, instructing people? Is the kerf below the head? Did he use a steel cross wedge in place of a wood wedge? I hope no one follows this "advice".

  13. This video was uploaded in 2008. I would venture to say that this handle is no longer on this axe. And if it is still on then I would venture to say that it hasn't been used very much if at all. This is not the way to hang a handle on an axe.

  14. I am really hoping he takes this video down, I hope no one gets hurt following this irresponsible and potentially dangerous advice. If anyone would like to know the proper method, please, for the love of God, look elsewhere for your own safety.

  15. where the fuck does expertvillage find these "experts"? i haven't seen a single video from expertvillage that actually gives a good instruction of how to do it properly.

  16. NO, NO, NO, NO! I can't believe this video has been misleading youtubers since 2008.  Don't follow the mistakes made in this video!

  17. Lol I genuinely think this is a joke. Everyone is saying how big of an idiot this guy is but I think he's actually a genius because this video is still around. The fact the head doesn't even have an edge tells me he doesn't intend for this to be a usable axe. It's all a joke!

  18. Where's the follow up vid of him using the repaired axe, including the link in the description forwarding to a news article of accidental suicide from an axe head flying off the new handle and implanting itself into dude's head? Is it still in post production?

  19. Painful! His advice in the end "if it starts to get loose, put some more wedges in it" as he glances down at the pile of crap in his hand. Maybe you should do some research to find out if there's an actual method?

    Even more ridiculous in the beginning he says sometimes they just fly off and you know it's time to replace!" If you have axe heads "fly off" from time to time while cutting wood, maybe you should wear a helmet, and not just while you're cutting wood either!

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