Carving a Giant “Bootprint” from Reclaimed Wood

Carving a Giant “Bootprint” from Reclaimed Wood

Look at this pallet, this beautiful pallet Alright okay okay I get it
no pallet wood this time hey guys thanks for watching and I’ll
explain in a minute why I just chopped up that big panel into these small
pieces but first I have to thank Carolina Shoe for supporting this video making it
possible and supporting everything that I do on this channel so Carolina Shoe
makes some amazing work boots that I personally wear in the shop every single
day and there’s three styles here that I’m showing off all these are actually
made here in the US so this is their classic AMP style work boot and they
just added this new version to line up the black color and it just came out
less than a week ago but you can order these now I think just without the
Jackman laces so I have 2 coupon codes down below one is good for this new style of
black AMP boot and the other one is good for any style boots at alright so back to the project this big panel here is laminated
from reclaimed white oak that used to old horse fencing that was glued
together like I do here I brought the big panel to Maker Faire in New York
City to start the power carving process and then the reason behind chopping that
big panel up into these smaller pieces is all explained on these stamps that I
put on the back of each of these pieces so the overarching concept behind the
design is how the maker community really brings people together from all
different walks of life who otherwise probably would never meet and then
dividing that larger panel into these smaller pieces is really just a symbol
of how everyone is a piece to the puzzle and freely sharing ideas allows
us to together create things that individually we just would not be able
to achieve so I’m going to be giving away all of these pieces most are going
to a list of people who stopped at the booth at Maker Faire but I know people
can’t get there for various reasons so I want to give you a couple of way to my
audience here as well link in the description explains how you
can enter into that random drawing so I’m constantly sharing my ideas and art
here on this channel but I want to do that physically for a handful of people
as well it became within 100 feet of the booth
at Maker Faire that came in the form of wood chips down the back of your shirt
but anyway thanks checking out this build each video is an event for me and
this one especially so links down in the description go check those out see you
next time

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  1. Carolina Shoe
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    Arbortech (power carving tools used in this video)
    ► Industrial Woodcarver –
    ► Mini Grinder –
    ► Mini TURBO –
    ► Contour Sander –

    ISOtunes (bluetooth hearing protection used in this video)
    ► My exclusive solution for hearing protection in the shop, you saw me wearing both the Pro and Xtra, get your own here –

    ► Full build article –

    – Reclaimed oak horse fencing
    – Wood glue
    – Carbon paper
    – Waterlox tung oil finish
    – Hearing protection
    – Dust mask
    – ​Thickness planer
    – Table saw
    – Crosscut sled
    – Pipe clamps
    – Glue roller bottle
    – Screw clamps
    – Circular saw
    – Jawhorse sawhorse
    – Angle grinder
    – Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver
    – Arbortech Mini Grinder
    – Arbortech Mini TURBO
    – Arbortech Contour Sander
    – Palm router
    – Random orbit sander
    – Dremel
    – Soldering iron with pattern bit

  2. 3:22 how did you get someone so good looking and talented to give you the rights to use his image in your video? Oh, that's right, you didn't. You'll be hearing from my fake lawyer.

  3. Awesome project Jackman! I loved the lightbulb transition before applying the finish!!! Keep cranking out the awesome stuff 👍🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  4. Love how sensual it got when it came time to oil. I feel the same way about oil. Also, I freaked out a little bit when you put the whole thing on the table saw. Nice work.

  5. Jack, you found evidence of Bigfoot…and he wears Carolina brand boots. Who'da thought you could make a boot print even bigger than Jackman sized.

  6. Thank you for the 20 dollars off the new boots I went right there and bought a pair. Thank you again and great video.

  7. i just want to say that i really enjoy all of your videos! they're funny and informative and I always look forward to watching them. definitely one of my favorite channels! keep up the great work, sir. #elementbuddy

  8. Damn, was that your evil twin driving the car? The intro made my day, the final carving impressed the hell out of me!

  9. Huge fan of your work man. Channels like this have inspired me to start making as well. Best bit of the vid was your description of this project and what the maker community means to you. Keep it up mate!!

  10. Oi! I flippin’ jumped, screamed, and grabbed my chest when you ran over yourself! Scared half to death – and I was totally aware that I was not watching TV. I can’t believe I had that reaction! Haha!

    Very cool build. Definitely a unique piece of artwork. Congratulations on a fantastic project!

  11. Dang man! all I could think is that it took some balls to cut up that finished work of art! Amazing job Paul!

  12. Awesome idea with the boot print. As a long time outdoor guy, I’m fond of the classic Vibram boot sole. (With the yellow emblem in the middle). Thumbs up!

  13. You need to look both ways before you step into the street, crazy pallet thief. Seriously dig this one dude. Carolina did good by sponsoring you.

  14. I think Jackman "peeing" glue on a pallet would be a great sticker. Kind of like those old peeing Calvin stickers

  15. Rock on with your bad self! This is another leap in video production values. The footprint came out amazing Paul. Great job and attention to details. <(")

  16. Since I claim responsibility for getting you into reclaiming pallets and You Tube, it would be only fitting to own a piece of your work, Just sayin ,……. Son

  17. Hola.

    Muy buenos trabajos los tuyos, te felicito!!!

    Pero tengo una duda, ¿Qué modelo son tus prensas largas?, las de color rojo que tienes. Te lo pregunto porque quiero de esas y no pillo el modelo o marca.

    Gracias por tus vídeos, son los mejores!!!

  18. not sure if it's true or not but I heard the only reason you survived that crazy orange jeep driver was the fact you were wearing Carolina boots.

  19. You and @pasksmacks have to be my favorite artists on YouTube and @Alecsteel of course love you stuff can't wait to start my own project!! Thanks again Baz

  20. Hey Paul. I accidentally stumbled upon your vids when I started dabbling with woodworking. I have found your videos humorous and your projects really cool and inspiring. It’s cool how your tools, projects, and videos have evolved (for the better) from your days with Jackman Carpentry. Keep up the good work!!

  21. It's a shame this only has 52k views in 5 months. You should be the best known wood worker on the planet by now. Keep producing awesome stuff! Easily my favorite YouTube channel.

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