1. Good tips.. but, you made a funny goof up.

    At 3:30, you spray Windex on your LEFT index finger, but then proceed to use your RIGHT index finger to wipe the excess caulking. haha 😉

  2. The windex tip is pretty amazing. I was doing a job where I had to fill in the bottom gap between the baseboard and an uneven concrete floor. Works really well. Using blue tape also helps…

  3. Um, great tip, if you want to wait 2 weeks between caulking and painting. I just went and bought the recommended "33" glazing compound and it says clearly on the label – allow 7-14 days to dry. :/

  4. So how long do we wait before painting after using the DAP 33??? You kind of left out that part. Certainly not as long as if it were used outdoors and in large amounts, but I'd like to get this project finished soon. Also, the label recommends an oil based primer or paint. We are using an interior latex paint. Please assure me that I can paint over the nail holes with that without ruining all my work.

  5. I've got a concern with the advice to use Dap '33' for this kind of thing. According to instructions, this stuff should always be painted with an oil based primer or paint.
    Myself, I foolishly went ahead and started filling nail holes with Dapp 33 in the baseboard and trim before I found this out. I'm doing testing on scrap to find out whether I'll be able to paint over just the nail holes, or if I'll have to repaint the whole baseboard to keep the repainted spots from standing out.

  6. awesome tips! But so many dirty jokes (in my head) I could barely concentrate! I have a problem lol

  7. Powder your glazing with that Rainbow powder you can find in painting stores. I forget what it is called. It takes the sticky out of your glazing compound, which is used to glaze windows, for you guys who are new to painting.

  8. Good people, don't use as "little caulk as possible" or when your caulk shrinks it won't be fat enough to hole onto anything and will simply crack off, needing to be redone again. use a good enough amount, not so much that it looks ugly, but a good amount. Wet your fingers with a wet rag or bucket of water and smooth it off. This is coming to you from a professional painter. Take care

  9. The very first hole that was filled with putty on this video was not properly finished. If left like that it would look like fisheye when painted. Come on bob .

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