Hi I’m Bob Schmidt with HomeRemodelWorkshop when it comes to painting preparation is actually two thirds of the work and painting is one third to get a really good final product you really need to know how to caulk well
and to fill holes I’ll give you a few tips and show you how to do it Let’s get to work! As you can see cutting corners on the
preparation time when it comes to paint really leaves a final product that isn’t up to par contrary to popular belief no matter how
much paint you put in these nails holes they’re not going to fill properly you really need to use the right product to
fill these prior to paint. After consulting with some professional
painters their recommendation was a Alex Plus
it’s made by Dap it’s for paintable type caulk they say it stays flexible and it’s
pretty easy to work with and much to my surprise what they pretty
much all recommended for filling in nail holes is a glazing compound this hole tub I think costs me six
dollars I’ll probably have enough to fill holes for the
rest of my life but…uh what they said was good about the
glazing compound versus some of the other compounds that are recommended for
filling in nail holes is that it doesn’t absorb paint at a
different rate than the wood does so if you have a semi gloss or a sheen paint
going over it that it’ll actually not dull the paint out
where the nail holes are and what you’re trying to do is hide the nail
holes so I would go with their recommendation and
use the thirty three when you first take the glazing compound
out of the container it’s kind of sticky I was told the best thing to do is to knead it around in your hand roll it around and roll it on itself let some of the
uh… warmth from your hand soften it up a little bit and it makes it real pliable and real workable uh… once you’ve done that for a little bit it’s ready to go ahead and put in the hole the best tool to use for filling in these nail holes is your finger so go ahead and pinch off just a little bit of the dough put it in the hole without rubbing directly into the hole too much you want to leave a little bit in the hole I was told that that wont shrink and that it will cover well. At the end of the
day as long as you didn’t let this get too dirty or anything to go ahead and throw it back in the container and it will be good
to go for the next time most small caulking guns have a little hole in the side of the handle
for a spout cutter so that when you stick the end of the tube in there and you
pull down like this it will cut it off that’s not going to give you a very
clean cut on the on the tip of your caulk you want to keep that small and tight as
possible to keep from making too much of a mess so I recommend that you don’t use that now everyone i’ve talked to as far as the tip of a glue gun is concerned they say cut as small a hole in there as
possible you can always make this hole bigger in
certain events and then uh… they also make this
little plunger on the bottom of most caulk guns that you can puncture if you
have a tube in there or cellophane in there that needs to be punctured you
can use that to puncture it now typically if this wall hadn’t been painted yet and this baseboard hadn’t been finished painted I would go ahead and just put some caulk in here with my finger using the small tube hole but since this is already painted and this is already painted and I really don’t want smears on either one what I’ll do is I’ll spray a little bit of windex on it and a little bit of windex on my finger before I caulk and then when I caulk I put in as small a hole as possible, small amount of caulk as possible in that way when I go to wipe it off it only leaves the caulk in the hole now I make sure I keep plenty of paper towels available and I don’t go too far so as to let the caulk dry up so that I don’t have to go back and repaint this
wall and repaint this caulk to make this look good. So there you go a few simple little painting tips, take your time and you’re finished product should turn
out much better than what your used to seeing. Thanks a lot for watching and if you’re interested in more of our videos please go to our home channel and if you see what you like go-ahead and
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