Chalk Paint Pumpkins for DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Chalk Paint Pumpkins for DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

hi everybody its Christina from pretty
distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be painting
and some pumpkins with some left over paint that I have from dixie belle I’m
gonna take these orange pumpkins and make them a beautiful neutral
centerpiece for my dining room so if you want to see how I got this look just
keep watching I have a quick and easy project for you today I normally don’t
get into decorating for the season the only thing season I really get excited
for is Christmas and the reason I really don’t get into decorating for fall is
because I’m not a huge fan of fall colors the orange and the red and stuff
it just clashes with my house my house is very neutral and since I’m a
furniture painter I have a lot of spare taking around my house especially in the
colors that I love so I just pulled us some dixie belle colors that I have out of
my closet out of my big paint wall and decided to take these cute little
pumpkins and make a centerpiece for my dining table so the first thing I did is
I grabbed all my pumpkins and I gave them a little bath in water and vinegar
and just gave them a nice little scrub this is gonna help get all the dirt and
kind of residue off the pumpkins and prime them for painting and it’s also
gonna make them last longer and get kind of like all the mildew and the mold and
the fungus that might be on there the vinegar is gonna neutralize that you
could also put bleach in here if you wanted to but I didn’t want them to
smell bleachy so I just did the natural vinegar back and I’m planning on
displaying these up through Thanksgivings so now my pumpkins are all
clean and dried off so I’m just gonna start painting them I have a cheap chip
brush you can get this at the hardware store for like $.50 and then I just
have like a little craft brush that I probably picked up from Hobby Lobby or
something that was just in my stash so the paint colors I picked out today are
all dixie belle I just grabbed these out of my paint stash in my closet I’m gonna
be using the color fluff which is a really pretty white Savannah mist which
is a blue which I haven’t tried yet but I think
it’s gonna be the perfect pallet for this project and then I have a really
light gray in driftwood like I said I got these pumpkins from the grocery
store and they were only 99 cents apiece which was a great deal so I’m just
painting around the stem just making sure I have all that orange covered up
so that’s pretty good right there so now I’m gonna take my bigger brush and hold
the stem and just a few days and I’m like kind of following the lines of the
pumpkin just so that I get it and all those crevices and I think it’s gonna
kind of make it look more realistic because you do see those designer like
white pumpkins and stuff like that that oooooh those are expensive (music) so this
project is a great idea for leftover paint that you have say that you have a
canister of paint that you use to paint a piece of furniture and you only have
about 1/4 of a cup left not enough to refinish anything else but a great way
to use that paint up on a project like this (music) so here are my completed pumpkins this
project was really easy and really fun I hope you guys get a chance to try it out
I love having a little bit of fall decor but still keeping with my neutral
palette I didn’t see all these or anything I just left them nice and
chalky and I just love the finish so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I
will see you next time

9 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Pumpkins for DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

  1. I love them…very pretty muted colors…I have pretty neutral decor as well…gray walls…white trim n doors ect…I hate orange n yella ect…except for fall…I love muted fall decor but I kind of embrace the true fall colors FOR A SHORT TIME and in the context of fall decor hell I'm ready to tear down my fall decorations n skip thanksgivin all together n throw up ma Christmas tree n decor…these YouTubers got me doin Christmas diy in October!! Lol…I love it…all of u guys on here are amazing..thanks for the inspiration

  2. I'm not ready for Christmas yet, so here is one last fall video for you. This centerpiece would be a great start to a Thanksgiving tablescape. Do you like the idea of using neutral colors for pumpkins or do you enjoy the traditional, bold colors of fall?

  3. Looks very nice. I'm a colorful person, but as you really I dont decorate to much for the fall or Thanksgiving but for Christmas ohhh yea.

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