Change the Kitchen Layout! | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #21

Change the Kitchen Layout! | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #21

hey guys and welcome to Green Acre
Homestead. I’m Angela and we’re in the middle of a budget mobile home kitchen
renovation. Yesterday we got new cabinets but today we’ve changed our minds.
Last night we kind of mocked up the kitchen and we were looking at it and
talking about countertops and stuff and walking in and out kind of realized that
this is sticking out in the dining room a lot more than we kind of figured it
would and a lot more than it did before and coming and looking it’s gonna be
really close to the window and we had planned or later putting in French doors
or sliding glass doors or something like that and we’re not we don’t have enough
room for even the window molding if we keep the lazy susan and this cabinet
here as we have it put right now so we’re talking about taking out the lazy
susan why why would you do that I’m adding humor yes you are now and I
wanted to thank all the viewers that commented and backed me up saying yes
let her have the lazy susan thank you for that but once I got it in and saw
how much bigger it is and gonna take up so much room and the construction isn’t
that good on it it’s very flimsy the like shelf part is plastic and so it
won’t even hold cans or anything like that without possibly bending and
breaking Sam even went to a different store and got an upgraded model from the
one we originally had looked at and even then we’re not impressed so we’re gonna
look at not doing an island it’s not what I originally wanted but I think
it’s gonna work a lot better with our kitchen not happy with that another thing is is
we have a cabinet right here so it’s gonna be kind of awkward to like reach
over this to be able to get into it and not happy so long as all those not happy
it’s not at me I’m happy she’s not happy we’ll make you happy
don’t worry happy happy happy are you doing switching out the light on the
microwave why we just got that thing it’s already burned out and what do you
say that not happy no what would your mom say what a rip there you go in the
world who’s that silicone yep thinking well this one’s a little bit anybody out
there remember the Ernest P World Series that’s that’s what we did all right so
while angela is changing a light bulb and it only takes one Angela to change
the light bulb by the way I’m gonna go ahead and start prepping the sink drain
plumbing I need to glue on this coupler did you just have an idea I need to clone this coupler and extend
the drain pipe so we can go ahead and permanently attach the sink base cabinet
now don’t be sniffing it smells were good shit in there oh gosh you’re saying
that about the glue writing on me yeah okay oh you don’t smell like that may be
rolling yep all right good make sure it seats down
in there push it down give it a quarter turn and happy yep awesome we’re at the
point where we’re ready to go ahead and start attaching the cabinet to the wall
but not all the way you want to leave a little bit of gap with the screw at the
wall so you have flexibility to move it around as you need to for the rest of
the cabinet so they all match beside the sink we’re going to have our
dishwasher if we’re a dishwasher rough opening you want it exactly 24 inches
wide so I messed up that new outlet that I put in the wall for the dishwasher is
right behind this cabinet it’s not behind where the dishwasher is I don’t
know how I messed up but I did so I’m going to do is pull this cabinet out
measure mark and I’ll cut a square in the back panel of this cabinet for the
dishwasher to come through and plug up it’ll be okay it’s not ideal but it’s
better than pulling the drywall down and running new wires I’ve marked my hole to
cut out and it is larger than the outlet because I want to be able to have access
to this in the future to get the faceplate off an outlet and everything
this hole is not going to mess with the structural integrity of the cabinet so
no worries there go ahead and use my oscillating cut-off tool and my carbide
tip blade to make this pretty quick cut all right so the hole is cut in here now
before I go getting happy with cabinet installs and put this on the wall I’m
gonna wire this out and everything because I’ll fit here much better than I
will fit here trust me hailer just asked me why I didn’t histology if I outlet in
here and I figured it’s a good thing that most of you probably also wondering
yourself there’s a pretty much one reason not to it’s because if that ever
trips what would it take to get in there and resent that outlet we’d have to pull
the dishwasher out or pull the cabinet out another reason is GFI’s are designed
to be the outlet that’s in between electricity in humans with water
basically you know if I put my hand in water and there’s electricity in the
water somehow an outlet on the wall behind the dishwasher unless this house
is flooded twelve inches is not going to be in the water and my hands are not
going to be back there unless the powers off so it’s good as far as the GFI
circuit trip type functionality that’s what happens at the breaker in the panel
and that’s why you’re on a dedicated circuit all right the moment of truth
pull this out and camerawoman can see we still have full access to that outlet
down there all right before I attach these base
cabinets I might want to wire that outlet because I can reach it much
better if I put a stool right at the wall rather than some kind of horrible
ballerina move cabinet they’ll give you some footage make me content
real quick before I get up here in the water this outlet I want take the time
to tell you guys the reason I’m not showing you how to do this I have a
video where I took a lot of time and explained it’s best if I can explain how
to wire an outlet over on my workshop channel it’ll be a link to that below go
check it out if you’re interested there we go that one’s all done we’re
not putting an outlet cover plate on here because one it’s pretty unlikely
our fingers are going to be in this box but two that allow us to paint and
finish this wall easier without the plate cover on you notice now I’m using different
screws I didn’t really like how those shorter ones I felt like they just
barely bit into the wall stud so I’m using 3-inch long ones they’re not ideal
they’re not paying hit these are I think they’re called bugle head but I’m being
careful not to push them all through the wall of the cabinet and big enough
especially considering what this house is put together with before we touched
it make sure I got an even gap right here we have taken some time we cut all the
holes in the cabinets we need for the dishwasher one on this side is for the
power and a plug up one on this side a little bit larger for the supply and
drain hoses to route through into the sink base cabinet we’re not going to put
the dishwasher in place tonight because it’s loaded and ready to go and what
we’ve been doing during this renovation is we take the drain hose we’ll stick it
down in the drain pipe at the floor plug it in the wall and kind of run it out in
the open it’s kind of dirty but it works it’s really nice to have the dishwasher
where it’s getting close to being dark what we’re going to do now is go ahead
and go outside and bring in our brand-new countertops let you guys see
them then we’ll sit them here just for now I think what you guys think probably
thinking that’s a little bit short buddy well explain that here so like he said
the countertop is actually a little short we actually needed a 12-foot
countertop and that’s only a special order which takes two to three weeks to
get in you didn’t really want to wait that long so we figured that we would
get an extra piece and just add it together for us it’s okay to have the
same and not have to wait another two to three weeks or pay the extra fee for
having a special order item five o’clock somewhere
quint um well guys this is a pretty good stopping point as we’re gonna get
tonight he’s got the counters in it’s getting
dark perfect time to clean up and and find something for dinner I appreciate
you guys watching and joining us on this project remember if you’re not a
subscriber and you like this content go ahead and click Subscribe click that
like button if you like it it’s our way of knowing that we’re doing the right
thing otherwise see you guys next time bye bye

100 thoughts on “Change the Kitchen Layout! | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #21

  1. Angela you have alot of patience!!! I would have cracked the whip long ago. That kitchen is not that big taking way too long…

  2. I wonder if you had kept the lazy susan , could you have positioned it beside the cooker so you could put all your pans inside it ?

  3. Can you find a corner cabinet that can go into the corner between sink and stove. One you can use for spices or other small kitchen things. Maybe you can built your wife a nice one that will be useable in that space.

  4. A kitchen! A REAL kitchen!! 😃
    I'll have to check out that video of yours. I need to install outlets upstairs and I forgot to ask PSB about them when he was here. 👍🙂

  5. Looking good guys! Curious though, what are you putting in the space next to the stove? Will you be sliding the counter down and seaming in that corner and building a 2×4 "frame" to hold it up so you have useable counter space there? Curious minds want to know! 😁😉

  6. I like the previous suggetion of filling that corner beside the stove with something. Could you slide tha counter top to the left and put the seam at the other end where it is less obvious?

  7. I can see how having patio doors out to a deck would be highly desirable (even though it's too bad you couldn't get a lazy susan beside the stove). You can probally find a small shelf piece to set at the end of the cabinets. Thanks Sam for "makin' content".

  8. Gorgeous color of countertop…..looks like granite. A seam by the dining room side is fine, with a smooth cut, and good clear silicone caulk. If you get any small nicks and saw marks on the seams, they'll blend in with all the speckle granite stone designs. I would seam it in the corner by the left of the stove…..and you probably can make use of that 45' cut already on that second piece of countertop, because it would look PRO FINISHED at that corner. But, you would have to cut the other top 45' to match up. Maybe, you'd rather make a straight cut. Either way, it's going to be awesome looking.

    The smooth look and wood grain is too nice to hide with paint, IMO. A good quality stain and poly sealer will hold up great. The butcher block top cart idea is cool. That would be a fun project to build. A pre-assembled cutting board (Lowe's, Home Depot, maybe resale shops) could be attached to a 2×4 frame mounted atop 4 smooth 2×4 legs, a shelf or two of smooth plywood edge trimmed with 1x2s, then 2 locking wheels, and two regular wheels inserted in the 2×4 legs, and stain or paint or both….DONE!

  9. YAY!!! Looking good! Thanks for reminding me of James Varney. He was a trip and left too soon. I love stupid funny and he was a master. Not many fans of his ever heard of "Ernest's Family Album". It's still a favorite. Know what I mean?
    Peace and Love xoxox

  10. Cabinets are such a finiky thing!
    Are you going to paint or stain them in the future or no ?
    I'm more of a chestnut with white counters or grey with white counters kinda girl myself!💓💓
    I'm so excited for the next video 💓!!

  11. Coming along nicely !! That lazy Susan was really flimsy omg 😳
    Y’all *could * use paper plates till the kitchen is finished ….??!! I’d love to see the up on the counter ballerina moves 🤣😎

  12. A suggestion…put in an upper corner cabinet and add pull out corner shelves. Bet you two could find a blueprint for one that you both would like, and it would provide some extra storage space. Love your sense of humor and the way you work together. Enjoy the videos.

  13. How about looking at a sink that fills the whole space??
    Then you butt the countertop on each side….they are abit more but they came down in price for cheaper brands….
    Sink looks like the expensive soapstone versions which are super expensive and bigger too…

  14. I’m with you darlin’
    Your timing was perfect to make the adjustments!!
    It is better to speak up and arrange the kitchen truly to your liking!!
    Plus your rationale was perfect and the changes were in no way an whim or inpulse😃
    You are a very rational and sweet woman!! 👍🏻
    I adore all four of yall’ 😘
    Congrats on your new and improved kitchen! Great work!

  15. I like what your doing…but i would have considered a lazy susan by the oven – to get that space useable ..yeah they are flimsy built but you can beef them up enough and keep it lighter storage….i would have got the cabinets first and locate the sink before window was installed ( easy to move to fit as your replacing it . ) as you may need to slide the sink cabinet to left….and well….we all have ideas …your doing great!!
    Keep doing it YOUR WAY…OK
    there are a million ways…
    YOURS will be the RIGHT WAY…
    don't bother changing anything unless you want it that way…

  16. Are you going to put in an upper corner cabinet to the left of the stove? Seems like a good place for one, and for the storage you're losing by getting rid of the lazy-susan cabinet. Also, aren't you going to have to cut another hole in the side of the cabinet next to the dishwasher, in order to fish the electric wire through to the outlet? Won't that interfere with the drawer closing?

  17. 😊😊😊Another homestead video! Happy, happy, happy! I’m sorry you’re losing the lazy Susan cabinet, but I do agree it didn’t fit with your plans. I thought your original plan was to stay straight and not turn, so you could have the two top cabinets against the wall? Anyway, loving your kitchen. I think your kitchen would be so light and bright with white cabinets. Just my opinion, you can take it or leave it! 😁😁😁👍 That dishwasher is soooo quite! 👍👍

  18. Silicone on bulb was probably to help from falling out in shipping …or rattling/ shaking and the thin wire wears out quickly…

  19. Although theoretically Lazy Susans make sense, in reality they can be a pain. I have one and some times things get displaced and jam up the movement on the shelves. It's very awkward bending down and practically crawling into the cabinet to put things back so the shelves can rotate properly again.

  20. Great job. I live watching you guys work together. Kitchen layout looks great. Nothing is every going to be perfect. Keep up the great work.

  21. You two are NICE people but your not professionals. I suggest you hire a design professional, who in the long run should end up SAVING you money. Mistakes are costly no matter how you look at it. Can you afford to spend money on mistakes?

    Lastly, is this your 'forever home'? If not, maybe some of those French Doors, lazy Susan's, bar areas. Etc should be saved for the 'forever home'? It is not a crime to wait and save until you are able to get what you ultimately want.

  22. My kitchen is smaller , only 9 feet wide, and I have a smaller island in the middle that is 42 inches long with a butcher block top on it. It only has drawers and doors on one side facing the sink and dishwasher. There is still ample space on both sides to move thru kitchen. I know Sam is a big man but I'm sure he would fit thru mine. Of all my counter top, this island work space is a God sent . Maybe you could build one with stock cabinets that aren't so wide. I made mine from kitchen cart on Amazon and replaced the top with a butcher block. Just and idea.

  23. I like the new layout much better. I was worried when you measured between the back of the cabinets for the dishwasher. The cabinet sides are about 1/4" inset from the cabinet face. So your dishwasher space may be narrow by almost 1/2 an inch. Maybe you already sorted that out, but I just wanted to mention it just in case.

  24. I'm sorry that your plan didn't work out, but those of us who live in mobile homes have to make sacrifices because of space. I wanted my Mom's wooden utility cart for my kitchen, but after I brought it home, realized that it was a no go. It went to a good home.

  25. Why would you not paint the walls before installing cabinets? Now you must climb over them when painting walks and hope no spills or splashes of paint gets on cabinets! Yuck! 🤐

  26. I think not having the corner island will make the whole room feel much bigger. Im following along, curious to see how you fill that back corner area to the left of the stove as I have the same shaped kitchen going in my home. Watching you all is giving me ideas on how I want to do mine 🙂

  27. Fantastic! ❤️ We have the same cabinets and countertop! We still have install our countertops. Does the work ever stop? lol Looking great guys! Love seeing the progress! P.S. Love that handy little tool, I’m ordering us one.

  28. I was going to say why not take the cubbie next to the washer out and just move the lazy susan over but i agree if its not useable realistically then ditch it lol

  29. Good idea to loose the lazy susan, it will be so much easier to access the upper cabinets. Another step closer to a completed kitchen 👍👍

  30. I'm old enough to remember saying, "what a rip!". The kitchen looks good. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Good job. Layout is better, you go girl! Thanks. 🙂

  31. Really like those countertops and the new layout , maybe you could piece together the countertops at the stove end it would probably be less noticeable there .

  32. Hey Vern! (sorry not sorry) The kitchen is starting to look super purty. Thanks for another cool vid. Do what you want with your kitchen. After all, it's your kitchen.

  33. All your cabinets should be drawer bases except for the sink cabinet. Then you don't have to sit on the floor or stand on your head to get things out of the bottom cabinets. Do you have a plan to bridge the gap between the sink base and the stove? That's where that lazy susan cabinet would have been helpful.

  34. I also like the new layout better. Don't like getting caught against the L shaped cabinets when I'm in a hurry. Nice counter tops. What is that brand and color? So Nice.

  35. I am only sad for just a moment that Angela didn't get what she originally wanted. We know "things" when we know it, & we change our minds! We can't see all the way around corners or into the future. Everything is good if Angela is happy in the end!!! Take care and God Bless.

  36. I was wondering why it was sticking out so far… glad you picked that up…. what were they thinking?? hahaha
    Looking good!!!

  37. I love the progress! Yall are awesome. 🤗 Maybe put the counter seam on the end towards the stove in the corner so it's not so noticeable? Cant wait for more updates!

  38. The lazy susans are a big costly waste of space. The cabinets are big with a lot of wasted space inside. For the size you gain no additional storage space. And when something falls off the shelf in back it is extremely hard to get out. And stuff falls off really easy.

  39. Won't running the plug to the dishwasher into the three drawer cabinet interfere with the bottom drawer of the cabinet closing all the way?

  40. doing a good job – we just finished remodeling our 100 yr old kitchen ourselves! the lazy susan was our main new cabinet! :)_ never seen anyone do such good work to a mobile home…good job! we were scaredy-cats – had professionals install the cabinets none of these old walls were square and i wanted nothing to do with that 🙂 🙂 the main thing we took out was the island….opened the whole kitchen up – and keeping my wife happy has kept me happy too 🙂 nice countertops – almost just like ours!!!!!! 🙂 yes it's 5 oclock somewhere! 🙂 found your channel over at self-reliant channel! love the channel…will be back soon! 🙂

  41. Another good idea is a small island on wheels. I made one out of a pretty unique dresser added wheels and it added more storage and if you put a larger top on it and over hang the back and flush with the front you can have a couple of stool at the back. On wheels you can move it as you like for family get together's for extra serving. Try to find one with drawers on one or both sides and a door that swings in the middle, gives more options for storage. Hope this was helpful. Blessings

  42. I still would leave the cabinets wood, although I love white cabinets. I think wood cabinets are easier to keep clean or I should say ya don't see the dirt as quickly

  43. Lol we did the same thing with our dishwasher outlet. Nobody's gonna see it. It works, and in the realm of things that could go wrong. Its minor

  44. Palm Harbor was the Cadillac of mobile homes. Before my parents built a home, they looked at them…they were beautiful. This was in 1967…it was 12 or 14 wide, I think 70 long. But, since Grandaddy gave them an acre of land, and plastered it, did the floor tile and bathroom tile, there was only 2k difference, so, they did the stick built. I was 7, so, I remember nothing about it, except the things she said years later.

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