Child’s Bedroom Mural : Child’s Bedroom Mural: Paint Savanna

Child’s Bedroom Mural : Child’s Bedroom Mural: Paint Savanna

So let’s get wet. Take your roller here and
start rolling it back and forward into the paint. Now you’re going to notice there’s
going to be a side which is not going to want to get as painty as the other. Sometimes I
mean it’s really great to lift it up, kind of go really deep and then come back over.
Cause that’ll help. And then I start, there you go. Now you want the brush to be wet.
At the same time, you don’t want paint to be dripping off it, which is why you usually,
painting trays will have these grooves which will help get a nice even, yet still thick
coat on your painting roller. OK, next stop, African Savannah. Take your roller and go
up and down. And start making some V shapes. See how I’m going up and down at first? But
then I come back down and then look whoom, I go over in a V shape. I go over in another
V shape. This’ll help spread out the paint at your edges. Make sure to get a nice solid
coat on it. As soon as you start seeing the paint get a little thin, like see how that’s
getting thin over there? At that point, then it’s time to go back to our painting tray
and get more paint and load up again. But you want to make sure you get a nice thick
coat on, especially for the first time. Because if you get a situation where you see a lot
of this after the paint’s dried, it means you’ve got to go over another coat, and that’s
not a whole lot of fun. I tend to want to apply a nice thick first coat, half the time
which then you can avoid having to put on a second coat.

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