Choosing Paint Colors: Decoding the Display

Choosing Paint Colors: Decoding the Display

Challenged by choosing color? Overwhelmed
by all the options? Here are some easy rules to remember to help you decode a display.
There is an underlying organization to paint chip displays. Not all brands use the same
scheme, but most will at least group color according to ‘temperature’.
On the Valspar display for example, the right side is where you’ll find the cooler colors;
dramatic dynamic blues, serene and soothing turquoise choices and natural relaxing greens.
On the left side, are the warmer colors… lively and romantic reds, energetic exciting
oranges, and uplifting happy yellows. Within these basic zones, you also see saturation
differences. The colors on the outside of the display are ‘cleaner’ — brighter and
crisper. As you move toward the center, the colors become more muted and quieter because
there’s more grey added in. If you’re choosing more than one color, try to stay within the
same saturation level, which will make the palette feel more unified.
When it comes to working with whites, stay in the same zone that your color came from.
The whites displayed alongside the cool colors, complement them… the whites displayed alongside
the warmer colors, complement them. Remember cool with cool, warm with warm.
So don’t let all the choices chase you off, use these simple strategies to zero in on
the hue that’s right for you.

5 thoughts on “Choosing Paint Colors: Decoding the Display

  1. my advice is to choose warmer darker colors in the colder northern states & cooler lighter colors in the warmer southern states.

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