Choosing the Right Artograph Projector

Choosing the Right Artograph Projector

(♪♪♪) MAN:
Today we’re going to
talk about which Artograph opaque projector
might be right for you. We’re going to do some
comparisons between projectors that are very economical
from the Tracer Junior, on up to our
professional series projector, the MC250. Starting with
the Tracer Junior, the Tracer Junior is our
most economical projector. It features a 3 1/2 inch
by 3 1/2 inch copy area. It can enlarge 4-10x
the original size. It has a 23 watt energy
efficient fluorescent bulb, and it works great
in dimly lit areas. The Tracer projector,
its big brother, also uses a 23 watt
energy efficient bulb, but it can enlarge from
2-14x the original size, and the copy area, or the area where
you want to use your original artwork is
5 inches by 5 inches. When we move on up
to the Prism and the Super Prism projectors, we have a projector that has
500 watts of light output. These projectors
can reduce 3x, and enlarge up to
20x the original size. With a copy board
that’s 7 inches by 7 inches, you have the ability to
enlarge larger original images. It can enlarge up to
12 feet onto a wall, and with a brighter
light output. The Prism projector has
a single element lens, and has a slightly
different result when you’re enlarging
colour images. The Prism projector’s perfect
for black and white drawings. The Super Prism projector
which incorporates a three element
ground glass lens focuses these colours into a very sharp focal plane. That allows you
for crisp sharp images, so if you’re going to be
enlarging colour images on a regular basis, the Super Prism projector
is the right choice for you. And finally our
professional projector, the MC250. The MC250 features
a 300 watt halogen bulb. It has brighter
white light output. It also has
a very high quality lens, and it can enlarge up to
15x the original size, so not quite the enlargement
capacity of the Prism and Super Prism Projector,
but a brighter white, crisper image. One of these
Artograph projectors I’m sure is perfect for you. You’ll want to
consider portability, space and, of course,
your budget. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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