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Choosing the right paint is crucial. Color
is important, but so is the type of surface you’re painting. Do you need a paint that’s
washable? Is the room you’re painting exposed to a lot of moisture? Are you concerned about
using paint that’s environmentally friendly? Benjamin Moore has created a line of washable,
environmentally friendly high quality paints that will not only solve these problems, but
will also provide luxurious color and sheen. Now here are the Benjamin Moore paints currently
available that will give you the professional quality finish you’re looking for in your
home. The first paint is Benjamin Moore’s Aura
Waterborne Interior Paint, the finest paint that Benjamin Moore has ever made because
of its remarkable durability and exceptional color. With its proprietary color lock technology,
Aura has richer, truer hues and it will retain its color integrity even after repeated washings.
Aura is mildew resistant, environmentally friendly, and washable in any sheen. Other
qualities that make this our finest paint is that it applies evenly and dries quickly.
Aura is also available in any color. The next paint is Benjamin Moore’s Aura
Bath and Spa Paint. This environmentally friendly paint with its proprietary color lock technology
has a matte finish in truer, richer colors and is especially designed for rooms with
high humidity like bathrooms. This paint has a highly washable mildew resistant finish
that will provide durable and exceptional color. If you’re looking for the greenest paint
available for your home, then you should consider using Benjamin Moore’s Natura Interior Waterborne
Paint. Natura provides Benjamin Moore’s exceptional color, and it exceeds industry
standards for environmental safety. Its quick drying, virtual odorless formula makes it
possible to use a room the same day you paint it with Natura. The next paint is Benjamin Moore’s Regal
Select Paint, the newest in our time honored line of premium paints. Regal Select has been
infused with our cutting edge waterborne technology, with paint and primer together making it easy
to apply with a beautifully smooth finish and legendary durability. Regal Select paint
always delivers beautiful results that you can count on. Benjamin Moore’s environmentally friendly
ben Interior Latex Paint is forgiving, especially to those with no or very minimal painting
experience. It is available in any color. Finally, Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling
Paint, the finest ceiling paint on the market. This paint with its ultra flat finish was
designed especially for ceilings. It has minimal splatter properties, which means you’ll
have less dripping while you paint, and it will hide most surface imperfections. It is
also available in a variety of colors. If you have any questions about these paints
or any of our Benjamin Moore products, please explore the product page on the Benjamin Moore

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