all right let’s start putting these ornaments on Gracie Jean hey Stan I’m Clementine hey y’all and welcome back to my channel and welcome to my Christmas clean and decorate with me part two in this video we will be decorating our Christmas tree as well as all of our bedrooms and then the playroom and both bathrooms the guest bathroom downstairs and then the kids bathroom now this video is jam-packed with cleaning and decorating for the holiday so I hope you guys are super excited about seeing this video and hopefully it motivates you guys and get you in the holiday spirit and maybe even give you a few ideas for decorating your home all right so the first area that we are going to be decorating is our Christmas tree I’d planned on doing this in our last Christmas clean and decorate with me but we just didn’t get to it in time for the video so we are going to be doing it today we got our tree from king of Christmas yeah top three now I want to say a really quick big shout out to top cashback for sponsoring today’s video I’m so excited to show you guys this website and I have shown you before I love top cashback top cashback is just a website that you would go to when you are shopping online and you basically just click on whatever retailer you’re wanting to shop through through their website and then you get cash back when you make purchases just by going through their website first it’s so stinkin easy top cashback has over four thousand retailers and they offer 100% of commission back to members and because of that they are consistently featuring higher rates than their competitors and there’s also no minimum for payouts so a lot of other companies will have a specific minimum that you have to have into your account before they’ll actually pay you but top cashback does not have any minimums so that’s awesome so for a lot of my Christmas decor this year I shopped at Amazon Hobby Lobby Walmart and Target those are all on there as well as Dollar Tree so when you’re ready to shop all you do is go to top cashback calm and then type in whatever retailer you’re looking for here I’m showing you Dollar Tree when you go to the website then it will automatically record that you were shopping there and this Christmas village all I clicked on it because I was like oh it’s online it’s so perfect I’m actually going to show you a little DIY that I’m doing with this Christmas village later in the video and I was so excited because they had it on here for thirteen dollars you can get the whole village and Dollar Tree also has now where you can shop the pick and pack so that way you can shop for things in smaller quantities because before you used to have to buy everything in bulk but now they have the pick and pack option and then that way you can purchase things in smaller quantities for like DIYs plum decor or even stocking so as you’re watching my video today if there’s any home decor items that you see that you could purchase online then definitely go through top cashback first and I’m going to show you my account here I have a hundred and seventy four dollars that I have earned and cashback just by shopping through their website so if you’re interested in creating your free account at top cashback and use my link in the description box and it’s going to give you a ten dollar sign up bonus once you spend your first twenty five dollar shopping through their website and this is the perfect time of year to sign up for your account while we’re all shopping for Christmas gifts so like I said our treat is from king of Christmas and it is a flocked tree this is the first time we’ve ever had a flocked tree and I must say it is so gorgeous last year we actually had a glitter filled tree that was from Walmart I don’t even think that they sell it anymore and it’s probably because so many people complained about the glitter but I will have this particular tree link down in my description box now originally when I started decorating the tree I was doing the ribbon flowing down but as you can see I ended up pulling it off and I cut it into strips because I just didn’t like the way it looked with the ribbon that I had and I didn’t feel like I had enough so I started just taking pieces of the ribbon and then also some tool and some burlap and just sticking them inside of the tree and I love the way that it turned out and it’s actually super cheap this ribbon came from the Dollar Tree and the burlap I’ve had for years [Music] now that all the ribbon in everything is on a tree we’re gonna start pulling out the ornaments and every single year we love to do this part together as a family and we are actually using lots and lots of handmade ornaments and then also ornaments that we have purchased or di wide over the years and I love having these and pulling them out and just looking at them every single year as a family it’s just so special to me so we are gonna do that now [Music] tray in God Garland’s a ribbon it’s all right let’s start putting these ornaments on Gracie June take then I’m going I’m in time try to get the one you Katie first we’re gonna pick up my break [Music] alright I know that I showed that clip at the beginning but it was just too funny to not show it again but y’all let me know do you usually have ornaments break every year I feel like we always have at least one if not more break every single year and it’s just funny that I did it because I never break the ornaments it’s usually the kids or chance but this year it was me [Music] almost joke to you [Music] Stan [Music] an angel choir singing [Music] [Applause] and for you [Music] see [Music] lose Christmas is mine [Music] a lot of you have told me over on Instagram that you do a personalized ornament every year as well so I’d love to hear where you order yours from we’ve always done personal creations calm and then there’s also a little craft fair sort of thing that comes every year here in Savannah so we can get some from there as well but we haven’t ordered ours for this year yet so we are on a look out for our next ornament [Music] singing whew [Music] now we’re cleaning and decorating here in the master bedroom and I’m going to keep it pretty simple in here but I want it to be festive because when our door is open downstairs in the living room or in the kitchen you can see straight into our bedroom so I did want a little bit of decor in here but I kept it pretty minimal so for this garland I picked it up at the target dollar spot and then the little berries are from the Dollar Tree and then the plaid clothes that I’m using here are purchased from last year which I think I got from Hobby Lobby and then my thread linkit I actually have two of these one in the living room one in here it’s from Walmart and I’m pretty sure it’s only like ten dollars online so check that out I will have a link to everything that I can find down in the description box too and then merry and bright pillow I actually moved from the living room to in here and put a different pillow on the chair that I was using it on in the living room just to not come true [Music] it’s Christmas [Music] those two [Music] now here I’m decorating our little tray in our bedroom and you’re gonna see me mess around with it several times before I get it the way that I like it but I’d like it super basic and I think it turned out really cute [Music] whatever we do we would be alright these holiday wonders will open your mind [Music] and [Music] the dream I know [Music] well I’m all for Christmas it’s a magical time full of kisses take a walk outside and tickle the snowman’s nose [Music] did you hear something from the chimney I will keep you warm as soon as [Music] all right he’s holy [Music] control [Music] and now I’m moving upstairs to decorate the kids bedrooms and I kept it simple in here as well I’ve never decorated their rooms for Christmas before but my kids were so excited when they came home from school and they saw that it was decorated and then they also got to put their little ornaments on their trees themselves so they were really excited to do that as well [Music] every Christmas without all teach every day is a happy [Music] every Christmas to you now these fellows here in kayson’s room and then one of the pillows from Gracie Joon’s room all came in a four set off of Amazon and I just did the pillow covers and then I already had the inserts which are also from Amazon and then I got both of them little throw blankets that came from Walmart which I showed you guys in my little haul that I did for Christmas and these were only five dollars I also put a small little Christmas tree in each of their rooms this Christmas tree I’ve already had a thing that was from Hobby Lobby and then the little Christmas tree that I got for Gracie June is a pink one and it came from the target dollar spot and it was only three dollars [Music] wait [Music] very Merry Christmas over half this year very Merry Christmas is a job bulgy [Music] heeey [Music] happy Kru [Music] kakuzu [Music] very Merry Christmas to you [Music] all right this is what our playroom looks like right now it is nighttime so the lighting in here is not that great but I wanted to show you all before holy moly I swear I think that they just like dumped every single basket out we had friends over and then we had to hurry up and leave for tumbling so we did not have time to make the friends clean up before they left oh my gosh this is ridiculous so we are all gonna come up here and clean together I think they were doing forts yesterday too so that was part of it but most of this mess is from the girls so we’re gonna come up here and clean this playroom and throw some stuff away and get it all back in order and our leather couch is coming apart right here you can see that’s coming off because it’s fake leather but so hopefully we can find like a slipcover or something for that but holy guacamole alright so this did take us a while but that little box is where all of our donations are going and then we also have a trash bag for anything that we are throwing away so we got rid of a ton of stuff and I love how the playroom turned out it feels so much less crowded and has a lot less stuff which I’m all about especially since Christmas is coming up [Music] before casting clear so [Music] [Music] alright I wanna see you try to take that out oh you’re so smart mmm you make it downstairs you’re really good we careful there’s stuff on the stairs where jeez [Laughter] [Music] [Music] all right so here in the playroom I’m gonna start with the couch and I’m just pulling out a few of our Christmas rolling kids I swear we have like a bazillion of these we get some every year from Walmart because they’re always $5 but I’m gonna put it over the edge of the couch where it is peeling so you can’t see it and then these Christmas pillows I shared in my fall as well and then now I’m just gonna move all the stuff off of here because I want to put our Christmas village right here on the TV stand but first I’m going to do a quick dusting of the shelves because it definitely needed it it was pretty gross and I’m using the in dust which I actually mentioned in my last video I use it to clean the inside of my car and I felt like it did such a good job so I’m gonna use up here in the playroom today as well and I do have a link to the end s website below in case you want to check out more information on this product but while you’re shopping at Walmart online or Amazon you can easily add this to your cart and get top cashback for rewards now I decided to use our little table for holding our Christmas tree I think we did this last year tube the little tree skirt we’ve had for years and then the Christmas tree actually got off of Walmart calm it was only twenty dollars and then this pom-pom garland was two dollars and forty seven cents a package and they were I ended up getting two to make sure that it fit all on the tree but a lot of this stuff is available on Walmart’s website so if you go through Walmart calm it’s sure to go through top cash backs website first and then that way you can earn some cash back just like I did because I think the majority of my cash back probably came from my Walmart purchases [Music] now these are our special ornaments that go along with our devotional that we do from December 1st through the 24th it’s called a meaningful Christmas it is on Amazon but all of these ornaments are actually handmade when Kayson was a baby I actually hosted a meaningful Christmas ornament swap party with a bunch of other women so 23 other women and I created these ornaments and did a huge ornament swap and now we use them every single Christmas now here I decided to decorate this little area and I moved the kitchen over and I wanted to do some decorations on the kitchen too because I’ve seen some really cute ideas on Pinterest and so I’m gonna dust this off really quick and that countdown to Christmas is actually from Target it was $10 and then this little tiered tray I actually got from Target dollars fought along with the signs and I put some little fake snow inside of there and then a lot of these items I got from either target dollar spot the Dollar Tree or Walmart and I know I said this in my last clean and decorate with me video but I like to take little bows I got a bunch from Walmart and Target and just put them on things that I already have and make it look a little bit more Christmassy and then all this stuff that I am putting in here was just totally random some stuff was new like I said but then the other stuff is just stuff I was trying to find around the house to just stick in here to make it look good so a lot of that stuff was actually in our Christmas baskets from last year [Music] all right so now I’m starting on my Christmas village this was a little DIY project that I did these are the Dollar Tree Christmas village pieces that I showed you earlier in the video but we actually got these from the Dollar Tree last year and I just wanted to give them a little bit of a makeover since we were doing brighter colors in the playroom I decided to paint them pink and blue and then when I was in Target the other day I found these little houses and decided I would put them in with the mix and just see how it looks after spray painting I ended up letting them sit overnight to dry and then I took some white acrylic paint and painted the rooftops and then sprinkled on some iridescent glitter to make it look like snow now if you look at my little village houses close up the painting is a little bit blotchy but I didn’t really care I thought it looked really good and I love the way this project turned out and plus it was super cheap to do [Music] the next thing that I did was I found these little wreaths in the target dollar spot so I’m just using my hot glue to glue them on a few of the houses [Music] now I am filing putting my little village houses out and then there are a few little churches in here as well and then last year we also got a bunch of the little figurines I think they come in like a 3-pack of each figurine set so we have a bunch of those and then also the little bottle brush trees now in just a second you’re going to get to see all of it close up when I show you the entire room and they are so so pretty close up so I can’t wait for you to see it [Music] [Music] make [Music] [Music] we’ll be telling and having a good good [Music] in [Music] Oh [Music] we’re gonna dance we gonna dance dance have a good time I think Santa’s gonna come and join us in this [Music] now the last rooms that we’re decorating are the bathrooms and we’re only decorating the ones that our guests use so we’re doing the upstairs bathroom because all the kids use that bathroom when they’re upstairs and then we’re also going to do the downstairs guest bathroom because that is where all of our guests go and I just kept the decor super simple in both of these rooms and I love the way that they turned out [Music] Christmas lights in the city there are people everywhere snow is falling white and pretty as I stroke hi [Music] backin up today alright y’all so that is it for this clean and decorate with me part 2 and next Monday I’m going to be sharing our clean decorate part 3 where we’re gonna be decorating the outside of our house and also doing a Christmas house tour also on Fridays I post my spin the day with me videos so I’d love for you to come hang out with me on those days as well now don’t forget to use my link in the description box to set up your top cash back account and start earning some cash back and if you’re new I would love to have you as a subscriber before you leave go ahead and click that subscribe button give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in my next video I really think about your tree buddy [Applause] [Music] you [Music]


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