[Music] [Applause] and it is cold outside to gather around the fireplace no one cares about [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are going to be cleaning our main living area and finally decorating for Christmas I feel like I’m the last person to be doing this but it’s just how it worked out this year I ended up decorating for winter if you saw my other clean the decorate with me videos then that you guys already know that but we are going to be putting the tree up today and I’m just going to be putting like pops of red and just different things I’m really excited to share kind of like my idea for Christmas this year but without further ado let’s get into it [Music] so today I’m not doing any super deep cleaning I am just kind of tidying everything up and then doing a little bit of a surface clean and I really wanted to start in my living room today just because I knew that it wouldn’t be taking me a whole ton of time and so I started out by just clearing everything off the ground cleaning up the pillows and the blankets and then I also went through and just vacuumed my couch really quickly and also my pillows I also wanted to let you guys know that there will be a giveaway in this video so stay tuned I’m going to be talking about the details of that a little bit later on and it will also have all the details written out in the description box [Music] to wish [Music] which raises no please down [Music] little me under the mistletoe while Santa’s busy staying ho ho with feeling Charlie eating Christmas cake and baby go skating on the frozen leg saying hi to every friend Lee face and later [Music] before [Music] if you saw many holiday decor haul and you might remember me talking about this really special decor piece that we had growing up and it was just something that kind of signified Christmas was starting and I actually found it on eBay recently and this is what I was talking about so I was so so excited to get this at my house and just kind of start sharing this with my kids [Music] moving into the kitchen I just needed to wipe everything down this was not really messy it was actually a whole lot worse earlier in the morning but Luke was being so sweet this day he had come in earlier without me even knowing and kind of tidied up the kitchen he had actually done all of the dishes either hand washed them if they needed to or put them in the dishwasher I was just so blown away when he did this and it made me so thankful that he is just such a sweet kid [Music] I am always so amazed at how well the e-class work I’m just using the general purpose cloth and then the glass and polishing cloth to actually dry it and shine it and if you have not already tried them out they are actually having a really good Cyber Monday sale today and if you end up missing that I do have a coupon code down in the description box so you can always check that out as well once everything is nice and tidy I just brought out the few extra pieces that I’m going to be adding into our decor for Christmas like I said I was mostly decorating for winter this year but I did want to add in those pops of red just to kind of create that magic feeling of Christmas for the boys I do feel like I’m pretty behind this year so let me know if you have already decorated or if you have not when you’re decorating and also if you end up decorating with me I would love if you guys tag me on Instagram so that I can see how you decorated this year you guys know I love those before and afters or just seeing your different decor styles it’s always so so fun [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] got up in that back I got Rex Rex my second my back yeah they said st. Nick but you gotta been that bad I got Rex Rex my second my bad [Music] everyone is here to celebrate one day [Music] I will be sharing a home tour this coming Monday so then I can let you know where every single thing is from but I did when they get your guys opinions let me know if you guys like the home tours where Kyle will follow me around and basically then I am able to talk to the camera and show you guys where everything is at or if you just like when I hold the camera and just show you guys things myself either way is totally fine but I’m just curious if you guys have a preference or what you guys would like to see for my Christmas home tour [Music] this year I’ll think about how I’m so lucky to have a place that I can come home to yes I am on my way [Music] one quick little trick is if you are seeing that your stockings are looking a little droopy and sad you can either take some tissue paper or if you don’t have that on hand I’m sure you have some plastic bags from grocery stores that you can shove into your stocking temporarily and it will make them look full and nice until Christmas morning [Music] yes you do like this nope don’t take them off those are Santa stockings yeah there’s Santa socks [Music] that’s just another Santa Belle yeah yes every time the snow is falling down and it is cold outside we gather around the fireplace [Music] so this is the first year that I’ve ever decorated with ribbon so if you were seeing that I’m doing it wrong you’re probably right I kind of didn’t really know what I was doing I’ve watched some different videos and tutorials on it I’ve seen that you can do it a few different ways like using the entire long ribbon or this year I just found that this was a lot easier to cut them into shorter strands and kind of work with them that way I really loved that I gave me the option to kind of move them around throughout the tree and they were just a lot easier to work with and I ended up loving how it turned out everything these are the good baby [Music] you closed forget isn’t this how it is making a Christmas so I wanted to share this real-life moment with you guys and just show you that what you see on a camera or on an Instagram feed or YouTube video and you see a lot of perfection just know that you are not seeing the whole thing know that there is so much more that you don’t see when you’re far back and of course I’m talking about the dirt in this instance but this is absolutely a great metaphor because you just really don’t see the whole picture so I just want to share another reminder to you guys when you’re seeing these perfect homes in these perfect lives and everything just looks overly amazing know that you are looking at someone’s highlight reel you are not looking at their actual real life and honestly any one’s real life will not live up to their highlight reel so don’t ever be hard on yourself feeling like you are imperfect watching all these perfect people because honestly we are all so much more alike than we realize and you just need to keep that in mind of course I’d like to share my videos to inspire you guys but I always like to throw in a lot of like real life moments just so you guys see the realness and just so you can see that things aren’t as perfect as they seem and that way you can just feel comfort and knowing that we are all the same and we are all in this together [Music] making a gravy you can see is how the great times if you don’t even care what we do [Music] it’s okay to see you again [Music] again baby this yeah it’s just gonna be me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoy coming along with me today and just decorating the rest of our home for Christmas like I said I will be having a home tour next week and I am so excited to share that with you guys and I also wanted to let you guys know about the giveaway that I had mentioned earlier so I wanted to offer y’all a chance to win $100 giftcard you can choose where you want it to be to it can be Amazon Walmart Target just wherever you would like and I’m going to keep it extremely simple to enter I will have all the information on how to enter down in the description box but basically you just have to be subscribed to my channel because this is a subscriber giveaway and also have your notification belt on and turn it to all so that you get all the notifications and then you can just go down in the comments and comment and let me know where you would like your gift card to and if you want you can let me know what you would use it on and then if you would like an additional entry you can go over to my new blog channel I will leave it linked down in the description box and then also in the pinned comment and then if you subscribe to that channel and then turn your notifications on to that channel as well and then just comment on my most recent video over there hashtag this crazy life that will give you a second entry to win so good luck to you guys and again thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for supporting my channel it always means so so much to me I hope you guys have an amazing day and I will see you in my next one [Music] we’ll be chilling and having a good good [Music]

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