Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
Decorates. In this video I’m going to show you a beautiful home tour as well
as some really easy Christmas decorating ideas so stay tuned. So I’m going to take you on a tour in
one of my very favorite client’s homes and I’m going to point out some really
easy Christmas ideas that you can implement in your own home. If you’re going to put pillows on your
porch I tell you a trick I do that is just a little bit of Scotchgard. Spray
the front and back of your pillow. Remember if you use wired ribbon when
making your bows for your outdoor wreaths, they will hold up much better in
the weather. Their living room is decorated in very traditional Christmas
colors and I love the row of Christmas stockings of kids and grandkids. For a simple fireplace decorating idea,
find a metal bucket, fill it with some birch logs, a little greenery and add a
bow. Here’s a really easy Christmas decorating idea, you could use
bottlebrush Christmas trees, a little bit of faux snow, place it inside a terrarium
or what I’ve done before is gotten a glass cloche and I placed a little
ornament on top of a white plate a little bit of snow around it and the
cloche on top. I don’t know about you but I love
decorating with dough bowls and Christmas it’s no exception. Fill a dough
bowl with your favorite Christmas ornaments and nestle some greenery in
between and you’ve got a beautiful centerpiece. Quick little tip for adding
garland to your stairs- pipe cleaners. They won’t damage the wood, use brown for
the wood and use green to attach your bows to the garland. This beautiful tree
sits in her hearth room. Take a close look at the ribbon. So we’ve got bows at
the ends of the branches and then the ribbon trails straight down the tree and
fills in the entire tree. This tree used to be solid green but what she did she
used the faux snow she took a tree out in the yard and gave it a light spraying
and it turned out beautiful. One of my decorating tricks to make
inexpensive garland look expensive, is to add a lot of different sprigs to the
garland. You can choose a frosted sprig, you can choose eucalyptus, or any other
type of greenery to make that garland look full and beautiful. I wanted to give
you just a quick peek at these antique doors she had installed in her pantry.
I am personally kind of a nut for Christmas wall decor but here is a
do-it-yourself project. Paint an old frame white, use that cardboard backing
and paint chalkboard paint on top of it. Then, you can write any happy holiday
saying you want and this is actually something great to keep up all year long. Another inexpensive Christmas decorating
idea, is using an old ladder and placing Christmas blankets on each rung. To make a simple napkin ring, just
a little bit of jute and a little bit of greenery tucked in- elegant and beautiful. For a really easy Christmas centerpiece
idea, take two swags, attach them with wire in the middle, and then add a
beautiful bow. Well again, I want to say thank you to my
client for letting me share her home with you. She has a lovely home and they
are an adorable couple that are completely precious. Be sure to
subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna have a lot more holiday videos
coming out and I hope you have a wonderful day.

64 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS DECORATING IDEAS|Christmas Decorations

  1. You've done it once again…so many great ideas! I immediately added this to my favorites so I can re-watch closer to the holidays…but I'm already tempted to go out and buy a few goodies and start crafting! Wish I lived closer to TN! What town is your store located? I try to get to Mt. Juliet once a year and may have to stay an extra day and go shopping!

  2. Hi Jennifer. Im so glad you are giving Christmas decorating ideas early because I’m already planning. I really liked her flocked tree. By the way your hair beach waves looks absolutely adorable on you. You look very Youthful. Take care sweet friend and I’m looking so forward to more Christmas decorating ideas. God bless!

  3. Oh my gosh I am blown away 🤗so very beautiful. Everything was tastefully done. Sometimes less is so much more 👍👍👍👍👍💞💕💞💕I also love the bunny so precious

  4. Beautiful home! Love the simplicity, true what they say less is more. I know that is how u decorate and I love it

  5. Hi Jennifer! First of all I love your hair curled. Looks so pretty on you! Love this video!! So many beautiful ideas. I’m looking forward to all of your holiday videos!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Have a lovely weekend 😊😘

  6. Jennifer… oh my… what a dream all those decorations are !

    I would love to try and “flock” one of my trees. But I think I may look for nice “flocked pine picks” to add to my tree! I don’t want to completely ruin my very good tree! LOL!!!

    Gorgeous… gorgeous… gorgeous!!!!

  7. Love your videos Jennifer!! This had some wonderful ideas and I loved especially the picture frame with chalkboard paint! We love antiquing and see old frames constantly and think we will do this one for our home! Thank you for the great idea!

  8. Hi Jennifer!
    Thank you for another beautiful video.
    Can you please have a video that includes how to light a tree and place garlands properly?
    Thank yoy

  9. EEeek! I'm so excited it's time for Christmas decorating videos! Your trees are always perfectly done, never overdressed.

  10. Beautiful, but, I keep seeing that lamp ( i believe it's in the foyer) with the sheer shade where does one find that?

  11. Thank you for the tips. I am not a seasonal decorator but, I love to decorate for Christmas. Your design style is very elegant. Thank you:-)

  12. hoy te descubrí en youtube y me encanta tu personalidad y tu sencillez. me gusta mucho tu estilo de decoración sencillo pero armonioso y tu manera de decorar y de compartir. además adoro tu mascota. ya me suscribí a tu canal. abrazos y éxitos.

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