Good morning everyone hey, I’m actually feeling pretty good. I just got up kind of early I’ve been Well, it’s actually not that early, but I got up earlier than I have been because since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been really tired and I’ve been sleeping anymore So first thing in the morning Time for the big or like piece of toast these Canyon big house noodles and food free there’s also my favorite Type of bread if we can get it they you just sell it at Costco but I haven’t seen it there and like at sprouts actually kind of expensive, so Try not to eat too much of it, but these everything bagels are so good. I just have one half of it I don’t have a whole bagel. I’m getting up early cuz I really really really Want to get the house cleaned up? It hasn’t had like a super good deep cleaning Basically since I’ve been sick I’ve been able to do a little cleaning here and there I have not been able to do like everyday cleaning Just because some days. I really don’t know well And we’ve kind of had a busy month too, so I’m gonna try to get the house cleaned up and then I’m going to film her Christmas home decor tour for you guys I was debating on whether to even do one you technically never Finished decorating I mean it’s pretty much done, but there was a few more things I was gonna do that I never got to do. I’m just because I’m so tired and nauseous But I’m just gonna get it cleaned up in film what we have Because you guys were still wanting to see one I know it’s gonna be late, but I hope you guys enjoy it Okay eat my bagel. I’m gonna show you the state of the living room, and you definitely needs to be tidied But it’s not terrible. I know it’s not gonna. Take me a super a long time I Noticed some of you. This is probably like extremely messy we just got games out and No random stuff my computer their socks all over the ground because this little one And our bigger dog poet who I don’t think is down here right now. They bring socks all over the house One thing I like to do when we vacuum is I’ll either put essential oils in the vacuum or a room spray Just on the little filter part of it. I’m going to be using this called Rhea pear blossom agave room spray in there I love this stuff And I might just spray it on the carpet afterwards because I really like the smell of this And it doesn’t bother me while I have my morning sickness The living room is all clean it feels so good to have it like this nice and tidy and clean And I want to light a candle but to be careful with my candles to you right now because of the sense But I think I’m gonna light This one this is let it snow or no It’s technically twisted peppermint, but they called it. Let it snow this year I don’t know why they did that with a bunch of their candles They like change the names, but it’s still a little twisted peppermint candle So I don’t know, but this one well it is potent It’s like minty and I like that scent right now, so I think it’ll be okay Starting off in our entryway as soon as you walk in our door We have this little flocked pre-lit tree that we got from Walmart this year And then we have our entryway table Which I put this really cute Christmas tree that we got from Kirkland’s this year And then we also have this little jar that I got from kirklands And I added in some fake snow and these little trees that I got from Target I also just put some fabric down as a runner and this Noelle sign is a DIY from a few years ago that I will have linked below and Then on this side of our entryway. I just have some stuff on this little stool I put these little mittens here that I’ve had for a really long time I put a blanket scarf with some cinnamon pinecones in this basket I have a little Christmas tree from the Dollar Tree, and then this chalkboard is something we got from Hobby Lobby But I put the tree in the ribbon on in on our bookshelf I put some of this mistletoe stems that I got from Hobby Lobby in a little tin Jar, we have this Christmas tree angel that used to go on our Christmas tree But it doesn’t fit on our Christmas tree this year But I got that at Hobby Lobby the nativity scene I got from Walmart a few years ago And this sign is a Pottery Barn dupe that I made last year I do have a tutorial on it, and I’ll have that linked below I just put some faux Christmas tree garland inside this tin I Have this little Christmas tree block that I don’t remember where I got it from but I did get it this year I can’t remember where I got it. Though this Nowell sign is from kirklands And then I have somewhere that faux Christmas tree garland some cinnamon pinecones in this little basket And then we have this Nativity snow globe that my father-in-law gave me Inside these little vases that I have on the wall. I just put some Christmas stems that I got from Walmart I thought these were really pretty and then I decided to put this little thing together I have this tin with our remotes in it I think I’m gonna keep this all year round now, but I did add a little gingerbread angel inside here that my mom gave me a while back and over by our record table we have this Santa Claus picture that we got from Kirkland’s and Then moving on to our TV stand we have these vintage silver Candlestick holders that we got from the thrift store and here is our Christmas tree. We got a foetus year This is also from Walmart. It’s pre lit and flocked. I love this tree, and it was such a great deal I just have a bunch of our random ornaments on here And I also use some ribbon that I got from Joanne’s and Walmart last year And I also attached cinnamon pinecones to our tree. We still need to get a tree topper and a tree skirt We’ll have to work on that next year for right now. Rudolph is on top of our tree Don’t ask an honored coffee table. We have this little tin that I got from Walmart I put some cinnamon pinecones, and I have one of our bath and Bodyworks candles inside Then we have these pillows that I made and then this oh come let us adore him pillow I got at Kirkland’s this year and in this little area behind our couch I have this nativity advent calendar that I did make and I just put up a tutorial a couple of weeks ago So you can check that out, and then we have comet the reindeer chillin here on this pillow This is a little wreath that I made this year I did do a tutorial, but I never put it up because I ran at a time if you guys want to see it They’ll let me know. I guess I could put it up late And then the one last place I have to show you is our dining room hutch This is my favorite area to decorate for any season or holiday. I just have this white Christmas tree I’ve had forever a Dollar Tree Christmas tree the tree that my mom gave me this sign that I may have a Tutorial on how I make my signs and this little burlap garland. I made as well The Christmas tree right there is from Target, and I have one on the other side as well I just decorated our Hut with any white Plates and stuff that we had and then this santa plate is from Walmart on the next shelf we have this little Snowball jar that we got from Kirkland’s this year, and then I just have some Christmasy stems that I got from the dollar tree and these Christmasy threads are from target dollar spot I also have some candy canes and our mugs on here this little snowman bird my mom gave me and That little tin was from a while ago. I have no idea where I got that from and That is all our Christmas decor this year. I hope you guys enjoyed our little house tour You You


  1. Your home looks very warm & cozy.
    Hope you start to have less morning sickness or that it's not so severe. The tired won't go away till the baby is 25 yrs old…lol
    Merry Christmas to you two…you are such a cute couple.

  2. I love that Rudolph landed on your tree! Hahaa. Your home is so nicely decorated! Hope you are both having a great Holiday season, and I hope the morning sickness gets better for you soon.

  3. Lisa, I'm so sorry you're having morning sickness….sending thoughts and prayers you feel much better, and it subsides soon! πŸ™ πŸ™ Loved your tour! Very pretty! Merry Christmas to you and Brylan! Hope you guys have a wonderful, happy, and blessed day! β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ˜Š

  4. It's Dec. 26 and I got back from getting the mail. I am so blessed. That was the nicest surprise I've received from anyone. I will treasure it. It gave me tears. Thank you so very much Lisa and Brylan!

  5. Moring sickness= healthy baby! The sicker you are the better πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ½ may the Lord put his hands on your belly and keep your baby safeπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ½ God bless!

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