Christmas Home Decor Tour

Christmas Home Decor Tour

hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel I’m super excited today because I’m sharing with you our Christmas
decorations our Christmas decor so this is our Christmas decor tour and they’ve
never really done one of these before it’s too far on the blogs I’ve never
done a video so I’m really excited I’ve actually filmed this this is my
third time and I finally get the camera over to Matt because I did it twice and
it didn’t turn out so good so that’s why the delay but I’m really excited to
share with you all of our decorations we’ve got three trees this one behind me
is my favorite I think it’s just so pretty I love the red and white so let’s
jump in I’m gonna show you the rest of the decorations in the house first up
I’m gonna show you the family room and I love it so much I love the red and white
theme it’s old-fashioned classic Christmas it’s our most used room of the
house and so it makes sense that our favorite tree of the house is in there I
love the old fashioned ornaments on there on the tree with the berries and
the flocked tree it’s just so beautiful one of my favorite ways to make a space
festive is by adding some wreaths some windows so just add a command hook and a
wreath and you’re good to go the mantel is the same as last year I
did add a felt ball garland and I think it’s just really out of the extra little
touch of cozy and then the wreath over the fireplace is new this year as well
yeah I got you Christmas we keep things pretty simple
in the kitchen but I love this believe sign my Noel Brees and then my trader
Joe Christmas trees they’re just Feud it’s on our ledge right looking over the
back and then cute little poppy tray and my wreath over my stove of course for
the dining room more wreaths in the windows I’m telling
you y’all it’s like my my cozy sign I don’t know but my my dining room table
is just really festive and cute and there’s different napkins here because
I’m testing out to figure out which one that I want but the centerpiece is the
same from last year except for this year I threw in some Christmas ornaments in
there as well for my place setting the greenery under the charger is actually a
placemat I think it’s just so cool and then the charger so the placemat charger
and then the salad plate let’s have Salvador all from Pier 1 and lot along
with my goblets I’m gonna link it all in my blog for you I just love the way it
turned out Merry Christmas Merry Christmas I got you oh my mind when we
bought our new house when his first Christmas purchases we bought was
actually this Garland and I loved it so much it just really cozies up the entire
center of the home Merry Christmas moving right along to
the formal living room we have our big tree our big front window tree and I
love it it’s the family tree it’s the tree that has all of the ornaments that
means something to us our first Merry Christmas ornaments there and
every ornament for every Christmas that we’ve been together is on there
including our New Orleans ornaments yeah which is the st. Rose it’s pretty much
and then also Vancouver ornaments and just all that good stuff
I love the mantel so much this is actually the exact man that we had in
our other house and we just moved it to this out and I just love it this year I
added the yarn ball garland and it just added an extra little touch of cozy to
that to that garland as well I love adding pillows for the holidays I have
more pillows than HomeGoods guys but I just feel like it just adds an extra
element to the room yeah I got you and the last room of the house is our
bedroom and this little tree my mom put it together a four years ago for us but
it just matches our divorce so well it’s just so pretty alright so that is it that’s our
Christmas home decor tour I hope that’s a tongue twister home decor tour I hope
you guys enjoyed it I hope you liked our decorations maybe that little
inspiration for your own house the Lanter house that christmas is super
festive and fun and cozy and I love it I love it all that you guys so much for
watching please visit me on my blog Angelia to calm and don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel for my Merry Christmas

32 thoughts on “Christmas Home Decor Tour

  1. I love your decor so much!! I hope one day I’ll have a house where I can have multiple Christmas trees 😍 and I’m a sucker for the Christmas pillows too!

  2. You decorate the best tables! I used some of your ideas on my Thanksgiving table. Now I will steal some of your ideas for my Christmas table!

  3. Everything's is so beautiful! My parents have the Santa and baby Jesus decoration. I love it. All I'm thinking is how long it probably takes to decorate then pack all back up haha gorgeous house ❤

  4. WOW!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I love the decorations and decor it's gorgeous looks like such beautiful house to bring out the Christmas cheer perfection!! the decorations on the tree in the formal living room are adorable and I love how they all mean something

  5. I would LOVE to have my house decorated like that. Maybe in a few more years. My boys are so destructive right now, and love to touch everything. Your house looks so beautiful

  6. Woah I loved it!!! I only have one curious question… where do you keep all of those ornaments the rest of the year? I mean… these are a loooot of stuff 😅♥️♥️♥️

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