Christmas Home Tour 2018 | FARMHOUSE STYLE CHRISTMAS DECOR | Minimalist Christmas Decorations

Christmas Home Tour 2018 | FARMHOUSE STYLE CHRISTMAS DECOR | Minimalist Christmas Decorations

Hey everyone, it’s Lisa from the blog and today I’m excited to bring you around our home for Christmas 2018. So this video that I’m doing today is in collaboration with several of my other YouTube friends. And we are all gonna be sharing our home, part of it, all of it, for Christmas. And so I have created a playlist in the description below where you can find all the links to all of these tours and go visit for some other great Christmas inspiration. They’re all some great YouTube friends of mine. And I hope that you will find some new people to follow along with and subscribe to all their channels as well. So today’s Christmas tour is what I’m gonna call a “minimalist last minute Christmas tour”. And the reason for that is we are selling our home. Now if you follow along with my vlogs, you probably already know that we bought a new farmhouse and we are selling our home so that we can buy that one and move from this one. And so we’ve had about 20 house showings in the last week and a half which has meant a mad dash for stashing dishes in the basement, laundry in the dryer, getting the beds all made, hiding all evidence that five children and two adults live in this crazy little home. So with that in mind, I decided just to add some simple touches throughout our home. On the front porch I actually bought a wreath this year from Target. Now I like to make my own greenery wreath, I actually shared a tutorial last year on how to make a fresh greenery wreath. But as I previously mentioned, life has been just a little bit beyond crazy right now. I also snagged some lanterns and this iron, wood holder my friend actually made for me. I will leave a link in the description below, she just opened up her Etsy shop, but I just love it and think it looks so pretty on our porch and it gives it a little bit of curb appeal while we are selling it. For the Christmas tree I used a big roll of ribbon and just kind of fluffed it out around the tree. Then I strung some lights and, yes I regret not getting a pre-lit tree. Don’t know what I was thinking cause I would much prefer to have it already lit up. Then I just used some bells that I got last year from World Market and cut the bundle of bells up and hung them all individually on the tree for kind of a simple look. Now you’ll notice that my living room is not completley finished. There’s a few stockings I didn’t hang cause I planned to make some. I made the tan stockings from reclaimed materials. I bought a sweater. I actually have a tutorial right here on YouTube for that – I’ll link it in the description below but I planned to make a few more stockings from a different knit fabric that I had and, well, I didn’t get to it so. The built-ins are slightly incomplete, but at least they are festive with some fresh eucalyptus and my antique brass candlesticks. I get a lot of questions about these lamps. I will leave a link for those in the description below as well. I have the same ones over the sink in my kitchen. Last year I shared a tutorial on how to make these drop-cloth rag-ball ornaments as well as a few other ornament tutorials that I’ll leave a link for. And then I just went with bells just to keep it really really simple. I didn’t want the house to look cluttered for showings, but just have a little bit of Christmas cheer. I get a lot of questions about this table, my husband actually built it. I will leave a link for the plans in the description below, that he used to build it. I have my diffuser going with some Holiday Joy essential oil blend. It really smells wonderful. And then I just hung a eucalyptus wreath that I friend from Instagram sent me – I’ll leave a link to where that came from below. She actually sent me two of them and you’ll see the other one in my bedroom which sits right off the kitchen. In that room I just went with a few more pitchers of eucalyptus and some more bells. Other than that I just kept it exactly like I have it for fall. Now off the master bedroom of course is the master bathroom and in there I did nothing more than added some eucalyptus and then a few of the flowers that I had from my home staging still left, uh, from the last week of home showings. I decided to include the white flowers in with some of the eucalyptus. But that is the extent of my Christmas bathroom decor. Not that I usually go too wild in the bathroom for Christmas anyway. In the mudroom I added a little bit of festivity with some ice skates that I added a bell and some ribbon and eucalyptus to. I actually found those last year at a thrift shop and thought they’d be fun to hang somewhere in the Christmas and winter season. Now in the newly renovated bathroom, again, I just added a pitcher of eucalyptus and some fresh flowers and that is enough for Christmas there. Alright well I hope that you enjoyed that tour, and I hope that you’re encouraged that if you don’t have a lot of time this season or if it feels overwhelming to decorate, just bringing in a little bit of fresh greenery, and just a couple of minimal things, you can have a nice, Christmas, cheery home without having to spend a lot of time and definitely not a lot of money. Make sure to visit the playlist below and go check out all the other Christmas homes on this tour. I know you’re gonna leave inspired and hopefully with a few new faces to follow along with. Well if you are brand new to my channel, please hit that subscribe button. I make two new videos every week on food from scratch, natural living and a handmade home. Also, be ready to follow along with us as we fix up this new farmhouse that we’re gonna get. I’m gonna give you a full tour. I’ve had so many questions on Instagram about when I’m actually gonna show the home. Until everything closes it is not officially ours yet, so I can’t do that. But I cannot wait to bring you along with it. Thank you so much for stopping by the farmhouse.

100 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour 2018 | FARMHOUSE STYLE CHRISTMAS DECOR | Minimalist Christmas Decorations

  1. You have given me so many great ideas! Thanks, Lisa. I am really overwhelmed this year with work, and family obligations and wasn't quite sure how I was going to make time to decorate our home. But thanks to you and your warm and comfy style I know this Christmas will look great. Best wishes on selling your home.May this upcoming year be wonderful one for you and your family.

  2. Your home looks so great. I'd want to buy it fully furnished! lol Good luck with the sale although I don't think you will need it!

  3. Love the simplicity of it all. Those vintage style accents really have such a charm. Excited for your new family home!!

  4. Love the simplicity of your christmas decor. On a side note, i would buy your home in an instant…already "farmhoused!"

  5. Wow , beautiful as always lisa, merry Christmas, EVERYONE WELCOME TO COME SEE OUR COZY COTTAGE CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR 2018

  6. Lisa, this is beautiful ♥️ such an inspiration! I can't wait to see the new house! So fun!

    P.S. where do you get the eucalyptus? (Silly question lol)

  7. I think you will easily sell your house. We are building currently and white painted walls are very popular and going forward. Decorators love this for giving the clean simple look people are craving. You did a good job staging:)

  8. Your home is always simply lovely, but the simple touches of Christmas Cheer throughout just adds to the hominess. Do you buy your fresh eucalyptus from a florist? It really adds the perfect touch.

  9. Your home looks beautiful! I bet your real estate agents LOVES having you for a client- I’m sure the home is showing exceptionally well! Thank you for the inspiration, Merry Christmas 🌲

  10. making a suggestion for your front door …Paint it Black it will help with curb appeal…You have 6 seconds to make a lasting impression…

  11. Did your home sell yet? I wish I could buy it but live in Wisconsin. I love the shiplap. The new bathroom you remodeled. The cute porch. The shelving in the family room. The cute kitchen…

  12. That was a perfect amount of Christmas 🎄. Love your home. I’m sure new one will be beautiful. You have a great aesthetic.

  13. Beautiful! I'm sure you'll sell quickly. I'm surprised you would need a contingency when your home is paid for. Is it because your self employed?

  14. I’ll buy your house! I just have to convince my husband to live from Michigan 😂 but seriously… your home is beautiful. It is a perfect depiction of you and your family. You are so warm and welcoming even through your YouTube channel. Blessings this holiday season!

  15. Beautiful Christmas Decorating!! Can I ask how much the Target Wreath cost as I wish to buy a similar wreath ?♡♡♡

  16. Hi Lisa. God bless you and your family. May you have a peaceful and happy new year. Congrats with the new home. Lisa I would like to know where did you purchase the milk picture vases. They are so pretty and really light up the rooms. This is Jalika. You've did a wonderful job with fixing your home.

  17. This is so inspiring and I love the simplicity! I’ve been wanting to build a farmhouse table for awhile—I’ll have to check out the plans! How do you clean out the cracks between the boards of the table? Is it hard to keep clean with small kids? I have two little girls so I’m just curious 🙂

  18. Your house is amazing Lisa! I can't imagine why those people changed their minds. I pray you get another offer soon! I'm so inspired by you 💕😊

  19. Loved your tour so simple and beautiful… take it slow and take it easy during this hectic time….was wondering where you purchased the dining room lamps the black ones hanging.. ty ahead of time…MERRY Christmas!,,,,

  20. Congrats on the home! Once again your home looks so simply yet elegant! Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🤗❤️

  21. Our pre lit tree was used once. The second year (this year) all the lights in the center don’t work and it looks ridiculous. Who has time to take the lights off and redo them. This tree was quite expensive. Thanks a lot Target Store! Boooo. What a gimmick. Sad too because the tree itself is gorgeous. Will never buy another one of those. Your house looks gorgeous. It will be fun to watch you renovate the next one though!

  22. Love love love ❤️ your house! I wanted to decorate my house with a similar style but my husband does not like the farm house style 😩 he loves the ultra modern look so it’s been a struggle with our total opposite style lol

  23. Love the look and layout for EVERY DAY; and I get you don't need a lot of colors to be "festive," but other than the tree that's beautifully done, a little more color – like red (berries perhaps) here and there would be more Christmas-like.

  24. Best wishes on your new home and have a joyous holiday season for you and your family ☺️ God Bless, Chris-Raleigh NC

  25. The design aesthetic is consistently natural and rustic.
    I like the outside of the house too.

    Is Boone in North Carolina in the U.S. ?

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