back in business baby but on the top part of the banister I do have slightly let’s try again I despise time in the mirror oh I look weird and then a fucking who the stuff you’re so close we’re done we’re done here okay really we’re done hurry yeah I want to say a quick thanks to ki by Amazon and garage delivery for sponsoring today’s video hey guys welcome to my Christmas home tour today I’m going to take you through all the areas in her house that we have decorated for Christmas so thank you guys enjoy so starting out in the foyer when you turn the right you walk right into my office [Music] on the couch I didn’t really do too much I just had these little pillows from last year at this one I believe it was from Burlington Coat Factory and then I have this one that just says in this house we believe and this is from the target dollar spot a few years ago and then over here on my little ladder bookshelf a lot of this is just like my camera equipment and I’ve been here I just decorated it with these little wooden boxes from the target dollar spot and a little pine cone this is from Hobby Lobby and then down on the bottom shelves I just have a feel of decor pieces these were all from Terry dollar spot and I read cherica’s from Hobby Lobby last year [Music] and over in this corner opposite of the bookshelf I just have this six and a half foot tree and it’s made me really happy just to kind of have like a more decorative treaty that I can kind of pick the decorations for so a lot of these like little ornaments I got from Dollar Tree last year and then these little balance right here we’re from Hummel only last year and then I do have some little pieces of garland on here it is a from Hobby Lobby this year and I just really love our family simple look of it I was so happy with how everything turned out and then this we collated a how the tree were from Amazon and the tree itself was actually from Amazon as well I’m super excited to be teaming up with ki by Amazon for today’s video so I want to take just a minute to tell you a little bit more about ki by Amazon and garage delivery so as many of you know I order from Amazon all the time and I recently started using ki by Amazon which is a more secure way to receive your packages and have them delivered right inside your garage so that way you don’t have to worry about packages going missing and getting wet from bad weather or even bothering neighbors to get packages while you are out of town so one thing that we have really loved about ki by Amazon is not having to worry about our packages just sitting on our porch all day long while we’re out and also it’s super nice to know that when it’s raining or snowing outside our packages are totally protected in our garage and especially with how much we order from Amazon especially during the holiday season with all the gifts and everything it’s just been super nice so the key by Amazon in garage delivery service is free for Prime members which is super awesome and it’s also really really easy to use so I will have a link down in my description box that will let you check to see if your garage is compatible with can delivery and help me protect what matters this holiday season so over on this side I do get a lot of questions about this so if this little bookshelf is actually holds our shoes and this one is from Ikea and then I have this little tree set this is probably like my favorite Christmas decorations ever these are actually from kind of a few years ago he’s our pricing with them and then right here we just have these little wooden candlestick holders I decided not to put candles on and so I end up just putting these loafers and I got a Hobby Lobby and the candlestick holders are also from Hobby Lobby from last year this sign was from Walmart this year and then up here I have these little ice skates I have used these over on my mantle last year but I decided to put them in here just to kind of make this a little bit winter in here and I just love how all this turned out so now we will head on into the kitchen [Music] okay so here is our kitchen this is one of the most simple things I did but something that I feel like just really has created like the Christmas feels in our house these were little chair covers that I got from Hobby Lobby they were only five dollars for the packet for so what that was something they really really enjoyed and then right here in front of the stove I just have this little trough this is from Hobby Lobby and that’s something that is not necessarily winter but I just kind of fill it with different things for each season so I have these little picks in here and then I actually have these pine cones I have just added some little white paint to kind of make it a little more festive and we do have our elf that’s just kind of it’s sitting there and then over here this is something I get asked about all the time this is one of my favorite pieces and it is a relief that I got from Big Lots last year I’m not sure if they have it again this year but I just really love like all the contrasts of it it has those sparkles I love this one and then over here I have a hot cocoa bar this is something that I create every year now my kids love it it is something they always look forward to I actually had a video where I shared how I decorated that so I will link that up above for you guys but this sign was from heart of your home designs and then this little guy is from Hobby Lobby the stand is from Amazon and then all the little containers are from Dollar Tree so on our windowsill I just have this little warm winter wishes this was from Hobby Lobby and then this little Christmas tree with the target dollar spot last year I believe and then over here I also got this cute little tree I love this guy he was three or five dollars from the target dollar spot this year and then this sign is another one of my favorites this is from a birch and my on etsy so I love just little details I have like Santa’s sleigh and it says I mean you never be too grown-up to search the skies on Christmas Eve in our dining room I just have this little table runner I didn’t do anything crazy because we do like to have a lot of herders a year and so I didn’t want to all kind of overfill decor in here and I just kept it really simple so I felt like the table runner just kind of did that I think coming into the living room I really wanted to keep this pretty simple in this area because I do have a bit more of decorations on our TV standard things so on this little tray I have about all year round and I just kind of put a few little decor pieces for the season in here so right here I have another tree the same one I had in the kitchen from the target dollar spot and then this little Santa sleigh is something that was actually from my childhood I just found it on eBay I was super excited to find it but it was just something that’s kind of special to me and the boys have been loving to play with it so I hope that it does not get broken and then on in the couch I really wanted to keep things pretty minimal and kind of simple on here and so I didn’t do a whole lot of hurt here just because I do have it a little bit busier with the tree and also on the TV soon so this link it was from Marshalls and I just loved it we are kind of doing like a candy keeping role dinners and I felt like that just really tied well with it and then in here I just ended up doing some white and then pops of bread so all of the pillow covers came from Amazon and under this pillow in the middle that says in your home and then right here on our Ottoman we just have this little snowman that the boys picked out from Hobby Lobby these books are actually from Kimber Sam stone on Etsy and I will link her shop down below as well one of my favorite places to decorate if not my most favorite is our mantel [Music] start with my mantle would from at this picture I found said Hobby Lobby and I love my red truck and I thought this is just so simple and so classic on the sides these are actually something that I have all year round are these little lanterns and I actually got these from Amazon however you can just take these little pieces out and that’s why do usually for the seasons I will just change out the greenery or the flowers up here to kind of match whatever theme I have going on and then on the two sides of the mantel I just have these tall little pine countries and these are from Hobby Lobby and as this box garland is from Walmart and I have just added a little picks like berries in here both in columns and the street lights just kind of make it a little bit more festive and then over on our TV stand that I started out with just painting a face but this is white table runner but I used to own a TV set here and then I got those trees from [Music] there are some also from Hobby Lobby and then over on this side I have a little red truck this was made for me by something you would love on Betsy and it’s just a Christmas countdown but it’s another red truck so I love that it could have tied it with mantel and then I have another set of three trees and then right here I have my pedestal and get a ton of questions for you guys about this so I will wing them down in the description box but this little house was from his heart dollar spot and then this little sign was from Hobby Lobby [Music] moving on archery we usually say like pretty simple with it but this year I decided to do kind of like a candy cane theme and I also use ruins for the first time ever and we love how it turned out this was definitely like our favorite we have you’ve ever done so of course we do how it loves the candy cane with their red and white in here but then we do have some really special ornaments that we get you cheer just like ones the kids have made things like that and all the specialty ones so we kind of have this as a family tree so while it is style it definitely is still like family we’re here we have all our stock foods and because we have such a shallow mantel on our fireplace I don’t really like to hang the stockings there can actually be use our fireplace as well as but I didn’t want to have it be burning home we have a stockings day so I just wrapped some garland that I got from Walmart several years ago and then I have our sake neat hung on each of those using just a little ornament hook and then it loses the most stocking tags work from something you would love as well so I will link her shop again down below for that but little trick they do for my stockings if they were looking really sloppy is you can either add like tissue paper or I have just added some plastic bags in here and it ends up making them look really cool and that way they just look really nice during the month of December when they are not actually built Hobby Lobby and I just love how simple it is it’s like someone flopped but still a lot of agreements are showing through and then it also is already pre lit so it’s in exactly like just fits perfectly in the area now let’s head on into my bedroom in my bedroom starting out on my bed I just wanted to make our bedroom really simple but kind of like a winter wonderland and I do love the Buffalo check so I wanted to add that in as well so up above our bed I just have some garland and I’ve done kind of the same thing they did on the mantel and I just added some red berry picks and some pinecones as well to kind of make it a little more festive and also the fairy lights to kind of brighten it up I didn’t do anything differently with the pearls except I did add the fall in love pillow and I just love that one that one’s from Target then this super soft throw is just something that I kind of drape across a corner of my bed and this one was from Marshalls and then this little train from TJ Maxx it’s one that I used all year round and then I got this little cube Nativity and I just like having nativities throughout the house here and there to kind of like remind us about the reason for the season this one is from Hobby Lobby and then these little trees right here we’re just from Walmart [Music] you kind of have like a little reading up in here I kept it again very simple so I just have these Buffalo check pillow covers I always give a pillow covers off of Amazon I feel like they’re very affordable there and then I have this little tree I believe this one was from Target but not the dollar spot and then I have this cute little guy here it’s like a little I don’t know see like a chipmunk I don’t really know I don’t really know what he is exactly but I know that he is super cute and he’s from Walmart and this is another one of my favorite items it was actually from the target dollar spot a few Christmases ago I have not seen anything like it ever since but I love that the air just says be Mary on it and it love that it’s just I cut out and it’s really glittery it’s really fun and so it’s always with my favorites so on here I’ve kind of incorporated some things that we always have and that is not really Christmassy with just a few Christmas touches so on here I have another one of those pedestals is something I have out all the time and then I have this little set of books that just has our family names on it I of course have my little willow tree guys a few of them here in there and then this side is something really really neat is actually from heart wood frames and I will show you how it works you just kind of can pull this out it is actually reversible and then you can get different inserts but for now I have the Christmas one and then these little trees were in a pack of three from Walmart this clock is from Big Lots and then I just threw it a few of the little pine cone fillers as well [Music] and then over on this dresser again I kept it very very simple so it’s starting in the middle and you just have this as US side this is again from my friend Ashley from something you would love and then I have our little willow tree guys this sign is also from birch in buying the same one that was in my kitchen and then I do have this little snow globe and this is one that Kyle and I got from in New York and I just thought this was perfect for the Christmas season but something I do keep out all year round now and then where I keep my diffuser I just put this little wreath this is or something that I got from the target dollar spot and it just was a little bit frosted and it has some of the pinecones so I just set the diffuser on there and I thought it looked really nice and festive I think that’s it so for your shameful slipper bin I do have a problem with slippers so I have all of my slippers nicely tucked into one little bin so I can pick which one I want to wear each day so now we’re gonna head upstairs really quick and I’ll show you the banister and then also upstairs in the little hallway [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so now we are upstairs and I don’t usually decorate the playroom or the boy’s bedroom for Christmas I just kind of keep that out in the main living area but I did want to bring a little bit of Christmas up here and so I’ve again just kind of wrapped the garland I did run out of the bowel garland and so I just have the greenery and the lights up here but I still think it looks really nice and festive up here and then every season I do I decorate this little bookshelf for the boys and so I have just bought in these trees even though they look pretty much exactly the same one of them was from Walmart and then the other one was from Hobby Lobby and but then all of these little houses that I just love were actually from the target dollar spot along with these little bottle brush trees so I just have the lights in here and I actually have tucked some of the lights into the back of the houses and that way the houses themselves actually light up I’ll show you guys an overlay of kind of what they look when the lights are off [Music] [Music] [Music] you


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