CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1465 – Killer Artist – 7th October, 2017

What is it, Abhijeet?
You look restless. What is the matter?
– Well, it’s a video call I’m waiting for.
– Video call? I have never seen you
over a video call before. Something special?
– You’re too much. It’s nothing like that.
Do you remember Mr. Ketan from the crime branch?
– Yes, I remember. He asked me to video chat
with him at 12:30 pm and he wants to surprise me.
I’m waiting for him. ‘Invisible killer.’ Sir, how are you?
Mr. Ketan! You look absolutely fit!
– Why are you pulling my leg? You know?
After retirement my belly doesn’t seem
to go back in. Probably I need to work out
a little bit. No, sir, I’m being honest,
you look great. So, tell me,
when are you getting married? Well, sir.. Sir, since you are a senior,
you should marry first. How can I marry someone
before you get married? I have bought a new house.
Soon, I’ll have a partner too. And who would marry a girl
to this old man? Sir, where there’s a will,
there’s a way. Where have you bought a house?
– It’s a farmhouse in Vashi. Really? – Yes,
come over next Sunday. We’ll have lunch together.
– Absolutely, sir. Let me show you my house.
Take a look. Look at this. Now let me
show you my study. Let me show you something
spectacular now. Did you see that?
This is the study. This is amazing, sir.
This place looks empty now. Yes.. – But once the furniture
is set, it’ll look perfect! Mr. Ketan.. Oh, no! Mr. Ketan! What happened?
– Someone stabbed him. What? – Yes.
– Who did? – I don’t know. But you were talking to him..
– Yes, I don’t know how someone stabbed him with a knife
right before my eyes. What! Are you all right?
– Yes. I don’t know how this happened
all of a sudden. Sir.. Sir, Mr. Ketan has
arrested hundreds of criminals. Any one of them
could have done this. But when? And how? He was sitting here
while he spoke to me and there was no one
behind him. But then who stabbed him
and how? Are you certain that no one
was hiding in the room before? Yes, Mr. Ketan showed me
the entire room on video chat. We were talking
and if you go to see there is no place to hide here. It is so empty and open.
How could someone hide here? You said, Mr. Ketan opened
the door and walked in. Yes, he opened this door,
walked in and then he shut
the door behind him. It is clear then.
The killer was in here already. He didn’t come later. But then..
Why didn’t I see him? Not just me, how come Mr. Ketan
didn’t see him either? Sir, there is no other way
except this door to come into this room. Not even a window.
– Purvi check the room once again.
There must be a secret entrance. Sir, I checked every wall
and corner of this room, thrice. There is no other way
to come into this room. There must be some secret path
leading to this room. Something is not right. It is impossible for Abhijeet
to have missed that killer. Mr. Ketan lived alone, right? Yes, he lived alone,
and there was a caretaker. We need to find out who all
would come to meet him and who knew
about his new house. Yes.. Pankaj!
– Sir? Did you call the caretaker?
– Yes, he is on his way here. Freddy.. Get every single fingerprint.
Don’t leave out anything. Yes, sir. I will check
every nook and corner. Sir, I was on a leave
for two days. How would I have known something
like this would happen? Who else would come
into this house? Mr. Ketan and the carpenters. How many carpenters?
– Three. And for how many days
were they working here? Almost a month.
– A month? So, they knew every corner
of this house. Where did Mr. Ketan
hire these carpenters from? Did he know them
or someone recommended? No, sir,
Mr. Ketan knew them from the time they worked
in his previous house. Are you sure, there was
no one else? – Yes, sir. I just remembered.
There were two more people. One of them was from
some internet company and the other was here to check
the water pipeline. They had to check
the entire house. Mr. Ketan even scolded me
for it. – Why? Because I allowed them
to come in. Sir wasn’t informed
of their arrival. Neither had he requested
for some internet connection. When did this happen?
– Around two weeks ago. Oh! So it must be their job. Five years ago,
you solved a case with Mr. Ketan but who else
was in your team? I, Purvi, Mr. Ketan and.. Mahen. That woman’s life is in danger,
and the killer is close. Yes, sir.
We’ll be there shortly. The warehouse is 15 minutes
away. We’re almost there. Sir, I can neither
see the woman here nor the killer.
Was it a prank call? There must be some reason
for her to call us and we’ll know
the reason soon. Sir! Sir.. Vinod..
– Yes? Sir has been stabbed.
– Sir.. Sir! Oh, my God! Oh, no!
He’s dead. Check the door.
Come on, be quick. Oh, no! The door
is locked from the inside which means the killer
is still in here. Look in there.
Come on, do it! Yes.. – Quick!
– I’ll go check. So, there was no one here? Sir, it’s the truth. No one except Mr. Mahen
and us was here. I don’t understand
who killed him. Why were you guys
here anyway? A woman called to say
that she’s in danger. So, we came here to rescue her.
– But there was no woman here and the call was made
from a private number. Is it? This is a conspiracy. A well-planned conspiracy.
– Sir.. He works as a watchman here. What time did you shut down
the warehouse? – At 10 pm. Was someone here
at that time? – No, sir. I checked properly
but there was no one here. Did you leave this door open
behind you, by mistake? No, we shut the door
from the inside after entering. Right after the murder,
we checked and the door was still locked. The killer was in here
from before just like Mr. Ketan’s murder. One entrance that was locked,
and no windows.. Where did the killer go? Yet again the murder
of an officer whom we knew. I think I know the killer. Abhijeet! How do you know him?
You haven’t even seen him. I understand, sir,
whom you are talking about. Do you know what this is? This is famous classic
artwork of Asia. But how is this connected
to this case? What you call the famous
classical artwork of Asia is not the original artwork. This is duplicate. Fake! This is fake? But it looks..
– It looks real, but it is not. How is this artwork
connected to the murders? Five years ago,
you and the ACP went on a deputation to Delhi. During that time, I and Purvi
were working on a case for the crime branch
for a few days. Oh, yes! I remember. It was the case of someone
replicating real artwork and selling at high prices.
– Correct. He made this artwork. Miguel..
His name is Miguel. I won’t deny the fact
that he was very talented. To be honest,
he is much more talented than many of these artists and perhaps,
that is why he decided that anyone can make
original paintings but it is not a walk in the park
to replicate original art. And with the kind of money
he could make with these jobs perhaps, he never felt the need
to create original work. He made millions by replicating the original
paintings of great artists! And he was so good at his job,
no one could differentiate between the real
and fake ones. He would even paint on canvases
that were almost 30 years old while replicating
an old masterpiece. But then,
he did too much of it and many art lovers
lost millions. Hence, the crime branch
put us four officers to catch Miguel. That was Mr. Ketan,
Mahen, Purvi and myself. It wasn’t easy to get to Miguel,
but as it is said you use sugar
to get to the ant. And the only thing that could
get us closer to him was old canvases
and the chemicals he used to create masterpieces
dating hundreds of years back. We would eye every such
art gallery and store where these things
were available. And we even had records of all
the people who would come there. I need details of all the people
whose pictures I’m sending. After a week, we saw a girl
who would buy these things but she had
no art background. Something is not right.
She works at a bank. Then, why does she need
this stuff, every other day? Well, this does seem fishy. Something’s not right
about this girl. Follow her,
see where she goes. Sir, I followed her
for three days but I didn’t find out
anything because she would go
straight home with the things. But on the fourth day,
she went somewhere else. Miguel! Miguel! Miguel! Miguel hasn’t even
had lunch yet. Why haven’t you eaten
your lunch yet? You’re always so busy with work
that you forget to eat. When I see you,
I forget all my hunger. Darling, this is an old
technique to flatter me. This is not flattery,
it’s the truth. I couldn’t have found a
partner more loving than you who would put her life
at risk for me. I can give up my life for..
– Hush. Stop it. Never say that! If something happens to you,
I will destroy the world. Do you love me so much?
– More than I love myself. Will you give me something
if I ask you? I know what you will ask for.
You want me to quit this work. You know it, yet why don’t
you just stop doing this? Sheetal, a person is addicted
to two things in life. The addiction of love is fulfilled by you. And the addiction for art
is fulfilled by this work. Even if one of these
are taken away from me I’ll be left incomplete. And I want the world to
remember me as the best husband and the best art thief.
– Enough, Miguel. Enough of this chase. Let us
complete your story in jail. Miguel!
– Wait! – Hey! Do what I say,
don’t be so adamant. You should surrender
to the police. I won’t! Miguel! Sheetal!
– Hey, Miguel! Stop.. Stop. Sheetal! Sheetal, open your eyes! She’s dead, sir. Sheetal died
because of you all. I won’t spare you all.
– I’m sorry for your loss but you are the reason
she’s dead, it’s not us. Neither would you be a criminal nor would she have to be
punished for your crimes. The future will tell
who will be punished. His five-year imprisonment
must be over by now. But perhaps,
he is still enraged and wants to avenge
Sheetal’s death. So, after Mr. Ketan and Mahen,
the next target is you or Purvi.
– Correct. But sir,
how is he doing this? Why can anyone
not see him? Only Miguel can answer
that question. Before he gets to us, we need to get to Miguel. Sir! Sir, the fingerprints
we got from Mr. Ketan’s house.. Yes, did they match? – Sir, the
water pipeline guy was innocent. But it seems,
the internet guy is not. And who is this guy?
– Raman Jog. Sir, he is a seasoned criminal. Six months ago, he was
released from Arthur Road Jail. Arthur Road Jail? That is where Miguel was. So, they have conspired
together in jail.. That’s Miguel and Raman Jog. Raman Jog, you don’t want
to go to jail again, right? No, sir.
Don’t take me back there. If we don’t find Miguel today,
I’ll kill you. No, sir. Miguel would always
meet me here. He’d call me here.
I’ll show you the location. I need Miguel, that’s all.
– Yes, I’m taking you there. Yes, Shanti. What! Dad is unwell? How come this happened
so suddenly? I am actually working
on a case, Shanti. What happened?
What is it? Sir, dad is unwell. His nurse
Shanti, who looks after him just called to tell me. So you should go home,
we’ll handle this. Sir.. – Go on, and call me
if you need anything. What happened, sir? Freddy, I am thinking
that in our entire career in CID we have seen many
closed-room murders but none of them
were like these two. Yes, sir. There were
many such cases before but we would somehow find a
secret path leading to the room. Yes, there would either
be a secret entrance or the room would be manipulated
with, for the murder. But neither of those things have been done over here. And this killer is such,
that we cannot see him. Sir, I’m losing my mind. Why can’t we see him? I saw a film many years ago,
where the hero wears a gadget
and becomes invisible. But that was a film.
– Yes, it was and this is reality. Sir. – Yes?
– What are you thinking? I’m thinking what we’re missing. Oh, my God!
This is the case! He was tailing us four,
for so many days. Did you help him with this?
– Yes, sir. But why has he taken pictures of the wallpaper
and furniture? I did as Miguel instructed. I don’t know why he wanted
these pictures. What if the secret
to the murders is in these pictures? Hello.
– How are you, Mr. Abhijeet? Miguel! Amazing! You recognise my voice
even after all these years. I knew that you would reach
my house. You’re intelligent, after all. But I’m sorry, I wasn’t home
to welcome you. The CID will welcome you to jail,
when we arrest you again. I will go to jail
when you see me. At least solve the mystery of how I am not visible
to you all. What happened?
What are you thinking? I know you’re intelligent,
but not intelligent enough to solve this case. This case will end
with the death of you and Purvi. Miguel!
– No.. Don’t be angry, Mr. Abhijeet. Why are you stressing yourself?
Well.. Let me give you a small hint. I will meet you
where this story began. The place where you took
my Sheetal away from me. Will you reach there
before Purvi dies? – Miguel! Miguel! Listen.. Hello! Pankaj, call Purvi right now!
Ask her to stay home and not to get out. Oh! What is it, sir? If what I think, is right, we’ll
know how the killer did this. How? Strange! Dad is absolutely fine. Then..
Then why did Shanti call me? She isn’t even home. I’m trying to call her but she isn’t answering either. Sir, Purvi isn’t answering. What!
She isn’t answering? I hope,
everything is all right. Miguel could have
gotten to her. It is quite possible.
The call she received about her father’s health,
could be from him. Sir, will Purvi be all right?
– Let’s hope, we reach on time. If he tries to even touch her,
I will.. We’re here. This is where
Miguel’s wife Sheetal died. Purvi! Purvi! Purvi! Purvi! Look that way. Purvi!
– Purvi! Purvi! Purvi! Sir.. Yes, Pankaj.
– I heard gunshots. Did you find Purvi?
– Right there, sir. Oh, no!
Pankaj, stay alert. Cover me.
Let me go to her. Don’t be afraid, Abhijeet. She isn’t dead yet. But if you try
to come close to her my finger is on the trigger, the bullet will
reach before you do. Miguel! Do not shoot. Look..
You wanted revenge, right? I’m here, but let Purvi go. Watch it!
Don’t try to act smart, Abhijeet as you can’t see me,
but I can see you very clearly. Abhijeet, listen to me carefully
and do not react to it. You cannot see Miguel.
You and Mr. Ketan couldn’t see him
in Mr. Ketan’s study. Mahen couldn’t see him
at the art warehouse. Purvi couldn’t see him
at her house. Why? Because it is not possible
to see him. Whenever he commits a murder,
he camouflages into the place the room or the decor
in such a way that no one can guess
that he was there. In Mr. Ketan’s room, he
camouflaged with the wallpaper. And at the warehouse
where Mahen was killed he camouflaged
with the portrait. I found this out when I
checked the photographs of the crime scene
from the warehouse. I noticed the finger
on the portrait. That wasn’t a portrait,
but it was Miguel. Okay, Daya.
It is a camouflage. He is hiding in the woods. Pankaj, stay here
and keep an eye on Purvi. Miguel! We won’t do anything.
We are leaving. We just want you to let Purvi go, please. Look, bloodshed will do you
no good. I am here now. You.. You can tell me
where you want to meet me. That’s it.
Do not proceed now. Stop playing games with me.
– Okay, fine. Shooting won’t help.
We’re leaving. But you.. What do you want, Miguel? Whatever happened
was terrible but.. But what will you gain
from this? You took Sheetal
away from me. Now I won’t spare you. You killed my Sheetal! Purvi! Wake up! Your true place is in jail. But this time,
you’ll not be serving much time but you’ll be hanged
to death. I swore upon
my wife’s dead body that until I kill you all, I would neither live nor die. Two of you are down,
now two more to go. Tell your law to put me in
the best confinement they have as no prison can save you
from me. Okay, now take him.
– Come on.. Come! I will.. I will return!

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