100 thoughts on “Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360°

  1. Look at that! You can look around the video !! I…gotta say that is kinda cool 😄 dont play the game, but that is some good advertising

  2. Coc birincisi olmak icin yusuf eraslan yazip alta gel clash of clans hile yaziyo ona gir izle abone yorum begen izle birinci ol

  3. Easter Eggs and Secrets:
    0:00 Look down, you see 2 words, LOOK UP and THIS IS GRASS
    0:04 Behind you, a rabbit is riding the hog.
    0:12 Look at your left, a barbarian with a piano appears while the hog rider is sitting.
    0:19 Look back again, minions appear behind the trees in a Fighter Jet squadron.
    0:55 Look in the ground and turn around, you noticed that you 2 are the only hog riders left.
    0:57 On your right side, a cloud formation of hog rider appears.
    1:05 Behind you, there's a big lake or a shadow of a cloud (I don't know if it's an Easter Egg).
    1:06 Behind you again, a barbarian appears to be running out of bounds.
    1:08 The blue king didn't mind the giant skeleton and you.
    That's all I know, please tell me if there is an easter egg I forgot to add.

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