hey y’all and welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a clean and decorate with me and I’m going to be giving you guys some cleaning motivation as well as some decorating ideas for summer if you are new to my channel then welcome I am so so glad that you are here I hope that you will consider subscribing and checking out some of my other videos and for everybody that’s watching go ahead and click that thumbs up button it helps me out so so much and I hope you enjoy this video so before I could start decorating I had to go ahead and do a little bit of cleaning in the morning which mainly involved picking up around the house because as you can see it was a big mess and I had obviously been slacking the last few days I don’t know about y’all but for some reason it’s hard for me to find motivation during the summer I guess because the kids are home and we’re doing things all day long and then the mess just kind of builds up around the house and I don’t want to touch it now the kids have honestly been doing so good with their chores and they’ve been doing those every single day so their rims have stayed pretty clean and they have been making up their beds and cleaning the playroom every single day so that’s not been a big deal but it’s more of like the kitchen and the downstairs area all that stuff because that’s where we spend our time the majority of the time so I decided I’m just gonna go ahead and do kind of what my normal morning routine is and I’m gonna go ahead and start in my bedroom as you can see I have three actually for laundry hampers right they are one of them it was empty it just had the pillows in it but then the other two smaller laundry hampers those are Kayson and Gracie jeans clothes that I’ve already sorted out so those will just go upstairs they will fold their laundry and put it up themselves and then the other one was just hang ups which I did not get you on this day because I kind of picked up in my room and after picking everything else up and putting all the other stuff up I decided I wanted to go ahead and clean the rest of the downstairs so that I could start filming the decorating part so after I get done cleaning you’re gonna actually see me decorate and I’m gonna show you exactly how I did all the decorating but at the end of the video I’ll go back through and show you a little montage of all the decorating and how it all turned out as well as a little blooper at the end which was pretty funny so y’all just be sure to stick around till the end if you like bloopers and let me know in the comments if you do like bloopers because I will be sure to keep them in all my videos if you do I am type of person that loves like mess ups and just I don’t know the humor part of it cuz it’s real life and it kind of gives you a little glimpse of the behind-the-scenes now I wanted to give you a real good close-up here because if you will notice there are a bazillion pairs of shoes right here but guess what none of them are mine everybody else in the family has their shoes here but mine are put up so now I am taking the initiative to go put everybody else’s shoes up even though most days I do make them do this themselves and we have a little shoe rack out in our garage where most of their shoes go and then the ones that they don’t wear very often they go up in their closets I also wanted to note really quick that a lot of this stuff is still out because we just had casings birthday he just turned 8 I cannot believe I have an 8 year old y’all but we had all this toys out a lot of his friends have been over playing with all those new things so that’s another reason that a lot of this stuff is still out on the counters and all that if you want somebody else Who am I to judge I’ve been thinking about you all the time that’s all right I’m starting to get used to it think I’ll survive I met you in the summer [Music] unless you I love I’ve been going crazy with the Jews [Music] quiet in my room right now without you and I couldn’t really make you stay so what to do I’m just staring at my walls and talking to myself no and then I’ll try to laugh but a crime as well I was never any good when I was editing this part of the video it reminded me that I wanted to tell you guys that on Instagram I asked if anybody would be interested in doing this seamless Bible study with me which I’ve already done in the past and it’s my absolute favorite but I want to do it again because it’s been a few years and I just feel like I could use a refresh so I asked over there if anyone wanted to do it with me and so many of you said yes so we’re gonna be doing that if you want to get the book I have it linked in my Amazon favorites and we’re gonna do it I think we’re gonna start it those first week in July in case you’re interested in doing with us you know it still hurts a little bit up and not that much cuz if you want somebody else we are now heading to the pool and I’m gonna clean up when we get back all right so we are finally back from the pool and I have just throw my hair up now my mascara is all runny pretty much have nothing left but I am ready to go finish cleaning and start decorating so I don’t know about you guys but we go to the pool a ton during the summer so I always have the kids just like as soon as they get back home we take our bathing suits off and lay them over the bathtub to dry so that’s why we had so many bathing suits and a few towels and all that so I’m going to go ahead and start that load of laundry and then I’ll move on to the living room [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah we’ve made it to the decorating part of video so you’re gonna see me start here in the living room and I’m pulling out some of our pillows that we actually got last summer and I’m just switching those out so I like to use pops of blue and yellow and I still leave my pinks and bright colors a little bit during the summer as well just because I feel like they’re still summery but when I started thinking about decorating for summer I decided that from now on I just want to keep it simple because when I’m looking at pictures on Instagram or Pinterest the ones that get me the most are the ones where they’re not so cluttered you know what I mean so I’m trying to keep my decor nice but I want it to be uncluttered and not have a ton of stuff everywhere now I wanted to show you the guys this shot because kind of a behind-the-scenes like I had all my decor out trying to figure out what I was gonna put where and I had all my old stuff plus my new stuff and I was just ready to go so here on the coffee table I am putting a few new items that I actually got from Target I got the tray the little pineapple is the Oakville house lot and then I got the little greenery piece as well and I feel like it looks really really cute here on the coffee table and then also if I am music not using my remote then we can just stick it right there on the tray and it looks a lot nicer than just setting it on the table now we’re moving into the dining room and I decided that I wanted to move my picture down a tad bit I promise it’s only like a couple of inches but it feels like it looks so much better and then I needed to wipe down the top here I had already wiped it down before but I thought I was gonna put a piece of driftwood here on the table and I ended up not using it so we had sand all over the table which need to be cleaned off but now I’m just gonna start decorating with some new pieces some pieces I’ve already had I just got that lamp right there you’ll see me take the tags off of all the things I just got but the lamp is from at home and then the other two pieces right here are from home goods and then the jar with the little plant pieces little stems those were both from Hobby Lobby but I have already had those now these little certain pieces that I’m pulling out here we actually got for our wedding and oh we just celebrated our 11th anniversary I’m actually adding the editing this on our anniversary but we got those at our wedding and I just feel like they’re a little bit more coastal which is what I’m going for I’m trying to go more for like a coastal farmhouse feel so I decided to pull those out and then I’m just messing around with some of the things that I already had trying to figure out how I wanted him to go on this hutch [Music] I loose my wrist whenever I see you you stole my heart what is it that you do life was great you add colors who needs to snow they don’t care about the yeah okay so this tray right here actually made at a our workshop in Savannah and I took it off for right now because I actually wanted to put this runner out I love this runner I got it from Hobby Lobby last year and then now you’re gonna see me go back and forth back and forth as I try to figure out what exactly I want but as the centerpiece on our table we which is available this tell me you’ll stay ok bue a locket for myself every single day the next thing I did was I was going to put some of my decor up and realized that the gains have gotten a hot mess in here so I know this has nothing to do with decorating but I needed to organize that before I could fix all of my decor that I have stored in here and have lots of are like flowers and pictures and candles things that I use seasonally stored down here in these baskets so I just kind of wanted to put all the other stuff in here but I needed to organize it and declutter and do all that too like Moonies the snowman so I found this blue basket that we were not using inside that any of the decor that was like year-round that I wasn’t going to end up using for right now I would go ahead and put in this blue basket and put it down here in case I wanted to pull anything else out later on and now we are moving to the kitchen and I decided that this little Bowl that I’ve previously used for fruit I was going to put in the cabinet and use it for like onions and peppers and things like that that I don’t necessarily want out on the counter that don’t smell good or are appeasing to the eye and then I got these little towels from the Dollar Tree and now I’m going to use this tray instead of using it as like a hot cocoa stand or anything like that I’m going to use it to put my fruit in it so first I’m you need to clean it off before putting the fruit in I know what it is you do I just want you I need you I know you do I just wanna love you just wanna hold you just wanna be with you too tell me you’ll stay or take me away I want you for myself every single day now we’re moving out to the front porch and we actually clean out here recently so I don’t have to do it deep clean but we do have lots of trees so we always get leaves all over the swing all over the furniture and everything so I’m going to do a quick wipe down here and then put our other pillows on for summer [Music] now here on the swing all of these pillows I actually purchased last year at Walmart and I love them they’re all the Better Homes and Gardens and then this little throw blanket a pretty much use it year round I got it off of Amazon and it is linked in my Amazon favorites now we’re moving on to this little set and then the pillows that I’m going to use here I actually purchased all of those from Walmart too but I did get them this year and they’re also the Better Homes and Gardens pillows [Music] now for my front door I ended up changing out this doormat I got this new mat from Hobby Lobby it was on sale for like fourteen dollars and then I just took our little insert that we had in the other doormat and put it right there on top it just has a little pineapple and says welcome and I love the way this looks [Applause] now over here I’m just wiping down the furniture really quick and I don’t know any decor to put out here but I do feel like I need to get some potted plants or something to put right here where this table is now this is the back porch and these pillows I already had from last year as well and these are also from Walmart but they’re the mainstays brand so they were a lot cheaper and then here I’m putting out some new decor that I found at HomeGoods I got these little glasses from home goods as well as this little tray and I love this tray because it has where you can pull the net over your food so if you were wanting to serve an appetizer or any kind of food outside then you could just put the tray over at while you weren’t eating it so the Flies don’t get in and then I didn’t like the way it looked just sitting on the table so I already had these little placemats and decided to put those there so this is actually the next day I’d run the target because I wasn’t completely happy with the way this tray looked on the middle of the table and I found this little wicker piece to hold your napkins and your silverware and I just thought it turned out so so cute and of course the yes–we rose’ is also from Target all right so that is all the decorating that I ended up doing for summer and I love the way that everything turned out and now I’m going to just kind of show you how it all looks put together and I hope that you guys love it [Music] every day that heroes know that’s what it takes to find themselves discover true love it [Music] and you’re down you close your eyes ha don’t your job to see [Music] ooh [Music] [Applause] these things I wish for you [Music] always listen to driver [Music] come back down these things I wish for you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you [Music] my gosh look at that frog right there can you see it focus in about Joker ah okay let’s see what happens y’all I’m not a fan of frogs okay don’t know where he went yuck he’s not there sweating so bad so out here bring out little chance to get away [Music]


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