[Music] i watch you as you try do you know I’m looking and I can’t help but smile do you know how much I love you you put my favorite song I put my feet up and we just sing along heyo and welcome to my channel my name is Amy Darlie and today’s video is going to be a clean and decorate with me now I was going back and forth on what kind of decorating I wanted to do and I basically decided that I was gonna do some neutral decor just some regular everyday decor for winter and then a few pops of Valentine’s Day decor here and there and as you can see I do have a little bit of regular everyday mess to clean up so I’ll be doing that in this video as well as decorating and then before we actually get started though I do want to show you guys my haul I went shopping at lots of different stores I didn’t plan on getting a ton of new decor but it happened so I wanted to keep things a little bit more neutral like I said so you’re not gonna see like a ton of Pink’s but I did put a few pops here and there this is all Target so these little things I actually got for their teachers for the classroom I thought they were cute and then I got all of this stuff from the target dollar spot this was not from target dollar spot but it was only two dollars and fifty cents those couple things are from the target dollar spot this was from Target but it wasn’t from the dollar spot but I thought they were cute little gummies you guys know my kids love the gummies these were from the Dollar Tree I loved this little jar some candy some flowers these few things were from Hobby Lobby I thought this was so cute and would be really cute on a tiered tray and then all of this stuff is from Walmart so I’ve got a couple of little tins some fun little plants scrubbers for the pots and pans some new wash rags I just like the color of these I didn’t have any of these so I wanted to get this for the house they had y’all every time I go to Walmart I look for the eucalyptus plants and they don’t ever have them and so they had them this time so there were $3 and there were three of them actually for the $3 yeah I think they were three dollars each so I got those and then I liked these little florals better than the ones from the Dollar Tree so I did get those I got a couple of new pillows and then I went to Kirkland and I have been looking for like a little clam shell for a long time that was a decent price and this one was 1699 but I also son hub for their rewards program which is not a credit card it was just a rewards program so I got 30% off of all of my order I did get that little wreath as well and then these little things were from t.j.maxx I saw these little gummies for Valentine’s Day this Thun and then just a little greenery alright so now that you have seen all of my new stuff I’m gonna get to cleaning and decorating so I can get this to-do list done and a little bit of fuel to get me through the rest of my day some diet dr. pepper from chick-fil-a so we are gonna start here in the living room because the kids are at school when I started filming this video and I wanted to make sure to get this area done before they got home in case they were hanging out in here and so I’m just using this little basket here to put anything that doesn’t belong in the living room in the basket so I can take it and put it where it belongs later on in the day [Music] now before I actually start decorating in this video I did want to let y’all know that today’s video is a collaboration with two amazing women here on YouTube the first one I want to introduce you to is Lisa and she is actually a UK vlogger and her house is just beautiful she does very glam style and I love it and she also has two little boys and her husband they do lots of vlogs on her channel and she shares lots of mommy and lifestyle related content so y’all make sure to go check her out when you’re done here and the other woman is Brianna Kay we’ve done lots of collabs together so hopefully you already know who she is but if you don’t make sure to go check her out we are really good friends we talk all the time and she is just mom goals her decorating skills are so amazing and she’s got so many good DIYs and decorating and cleaning motivation for you guys in today’s video so I will have a link to both of these amazing momma’s in the description box so that way you can go check out their videos and tell them I sent you and if you’re coming over from either Lisa or Brianna’s channel then welcome I’m so glad that you found my channel my name is Amy Darlie I live in the Savannah Georgia area I have a husband named chance and then two amazing kiddos and I just do lots of cleaning and decorating and mom life over here on my channel so hopefully you guys will enjoy this video and want to check out more and maybe even subscribe before you leave [Music] so the first place that I’m gonna start decorating is here on my bookshelves I love doing my built-ins but they are honestly a lot of work and it takes a lot of time for me to do these because for some reason I have to move things around a ton so what I’m doing here is just pulling out a bunch of the decor laying it out and trying to get an idea of where I want to put things [Music] all right so I’ve had some people say that they miss it this with that question so to have a little bit more fun today I’m gonna put three this or that questions on the screen throughout the video so that you can answer them in the comments and just make it a little bit more fun while you’re watching [Music] by lazy Oh [Music] yeah haha [Music] you got me [Music] [Applause] [Music] no I do brought by so a lot of times I get questions about the pieces of wood that are on our bookshelves and on our mantle here and they are just driftwood they’re pieces that we actually found when we went out on the boat we went we go to these little islands around Savannah and ride the boat out there and then a lot of times we’ll find the pieces of driftwood and we’ll just pick them up and bring them back and see how we can use them to decorate so I don’t know if you guys are the same way as me but I feel like my style kind of changes every year and when we first moved into our house we had more of just a farmhouse style and now we’re moving to more of like a coastal farmhouse theme so and I just love it but y’all let me know what do you guys consider to be your style in your home [Music] [Applause] [Music] for our coffee table tray of one of a book that was just plain but we didn’t have any so I took a book that we already had that we were not going to be using and just rip the cover and the first few pages off and I loved the way it turned out so you could totally do this with a Dollar Tree book or a thrifted book or anything like that now these green pillows are actually from Amazon and I love them so much after I got them for Christmas that I wanted to keep them in here and just decided to add some pops of blue to go in the room as well [Music] now for the entryway I’m just keeping it super simple and just adding a few little pieces here that are basically year round decor pieces for the entry table so for our dining room we did have a whole table scape and everything at Christmastime and I loved it but we decided that for right now we’re not gonna put any dishes or anything on the table just whenever we want to use them we’ll put them out so I’m going to keep them here on this buffet table and then just keep it super simple in here [Music] [Music] now by this time in the day the kids were home from school and Gracie June wanted to help me decorate her kitchen because I had decorated it for Christmas so she asked me if I would also decorate for Valentine’s Day and when she saw all of the decor that I brought home from the target dollar spot she was super excited and asked if she could help so of course I said yes so we’re just putting this stuff out now and the pom-pom garland was actually from Christmas we had it in our breakfast area and I’m just reusing it because I thought it was perfect for Valentine’s Day and then I did try to put a bang magnetic strip on the side of Gracie June’s kitchen because her little notepad had a magnetic strip on the back but whenever we tried to hang it and kept falling down so we ended up not worrying about that and I’ll have to figure something out for that later I’m thinking about maybe doing some magnetic paint so y’all let me know if you’ve ever done that before and if it works really well now make sure to stay till the end because Gracie June will give you a little tour of her kitchen herself [Music] all right so I am about to start on the kitchen but this is so random I saw these sit on the counter and I was like people are gonna be like what is that but if you guys saw back in Halloween we had skeleton in the fireplace well these like fell underneath the bottom and so chants pulled these out the other day I guess they had fallen down and I didn’t see them when I went to clean up Halloween and so these have been in there since Halloween and he literally pulled them out yesterday so random alright so just to make this even more fun and to make me not feel so alone for finding random things around my house all the time when I’m cleaning I want to know what’s the most random thing that you have ever found around your house when you cleaned and go make sure to read everybody’s comments so that you can get a good laugh for this Monday also in case you’re looking for really good water bottles check out TJ Maxx I don’t know if you just saw me pulling the tags off of those water bottles but I got a couple of new nike water bottles for the kids they needed some really good ones that would last because ours are always getting just messed up from school and just using them all the time so these are really really good ones they’re Nike and they were like $12.99 each at t.j.maxx [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so when I was cleaning in the kitchen I wanted to put these water bottles underneath this cabinet here but it was slam packed full so it is definitely on my to-do list to declutter and y’all let me know if your decluttering this January for some reason at the beginning of the year it’s just my favorite time to start decluttering especially in the kitchen and also have a couple of closets to declutter so I will definitely be filming all that and giving you guys some good organization ideas for your cabinets your pantry closets all that good stuff so make sure to be on the lookout for those videos [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it’s [Music] [Applause] [Music] now the kitchen is all clean and I’m gonna start decorating this tiered tray and I have a lot of stuff that was still on there from Christmas but I didn’t want to take it all down because I was so torn between whether I wanted to do Valentine’s Day decor on here or just keep it as a winter hot cocoa bar so I decided after going to Target and seeing all the cute stuff in the dollar spot I was going to do more of a neutral Valentine’s Day decor so it’s not like super pink super red I loved the pastel blues so I went with that and then I also have a little tear tray that I got in Halloween from the target dollar spot that I’m going to use over here on the side and I’m going to actually put some of our hot cocoa stuff over there I can’t breathe cuz you push me back I should have stayed stay it away from you feels like I’m I’m being attacked I don’t what I’m gonna do why you do that to me I don’t wanna be with you don’t tell me that you’re sorry all you do is lie to me don’t know what I’m gonna do I wanna run away every time when you’re with me just because you don’t need me I wonder way every time now I was so excited about finding this little jar at the Dollar Tree and it was literally the only one that was left there and I’ve never seen any like this one so I had to snag it up and decided to put some little conversation hearts in there so since I do plan on decorating for spring I decided that for right now I just wanted to keep all the greenery neutral and not have a bunch of florals or anything for right now but I will in the springtime be adding tons of florals around the house and just adding a little bit of color I don’t wanna be you don’t tell me that you’re sorry all your jewels gotta make I’m gonna do I wanna run away every time when you went made you want me to stay just because you don’t need me I wanna run away every time when you’re with me you want me to stay just because you don’t need me I just wanna run I just you ever say I’m saying good [Music] I’m saying so I honestly can’t believe we still have this much stuff for our hot cocoa station because my kids love drinking hot chocolate especially casing but I am NOT a big hot chocolate drinker so I’m gonna have to get them to just drink some more so they give and use this stuff up I’m saying good okay so now we’re in the guest bathroom downstairs I’m going to clean this bathroom and then I’m also going to clean the bathroom upstairs in the kids bathroom because they just needed to be cleaned before I did anything in here but I found these two tiered trays actually I have been looking for the tiered trades at Target for a while now the little white ones and when I was there the other day they were not out every time I go they’re not there but one of the ladies was restocking the shelves so I asked her if she had by any chance seen the tiered trays and she said yes that they had a box full of them in the back and she was about to put some more out so she ran back there and got me two of the white tiered trays that you’re gonna see me put out and it’s in these bathrooms and they are super tiny but I felt like they worked really really good in this space I don’t know what is explaining there I was [Music] but I can’t wanna make you I need to find my way by myself [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now I originally thought that this soap would fit on here but it obviously did not so that was okay I found this toothbrush holder that I bought a few months ago actually at the Dollar Tree that’s super cute and decided to replace the one that we already had in here for this one and it fit right there in the tiered tray perfectly so that worked out just great but you can’t you need to find but you can’t when you’re with me you can with everyone else just not me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] didn’t I wait for you yes didn’t I say I’m sorry did not do the best I could I call it you have high expectations all know that you’ve explained babe how should I prove myself to you [Music] [Applause] now for the kids bathroom I decided on there too your tray I would put some q-tips in this cute little jar that I got from Walmart and then I also got these two little cups from Walmart and just decided to use them for washing their mouth out when after they brushed their teeth or even just getting water my kids like to get water in the middle of the night so I put those there and figured this would be an easy way for them to do that without having to go downstairs or drink straight out of the faucet [Music] all right so that is all of the cleaning and decorating that I’m gonna do in this video I had planned on decorating our bedroom our master bedroom as well we got some new pillows and then I also have a little tiered tray that I was going to put a few of those items that I shared at the beginning of the video on that tiered tray but we just ran out of time so I want to probably have that in Thursday’s video so be on the lookout for that also in Thursday’s video I’m sharing a couple of freezer meals and my cleaning checklist that I created that you guys will be able to download for free so be sure to come back on Thursday to check out that video and if you missed my last few videos I have done a clean and decorate in my office which was such a good transformation so y’all go check that one out I also did a video where I shared lots of cleaning motivation as well as some freezer meals and some other free printables for goals for 2020 that you could download so I’ll have links to all those videos in the description box in case you want to check them out now y’all don’t forget to go check out Lisa and Brianna’s videos they are both cleaning and decorating today too and I can’t wait to see how their home decor turns out and of course if you’re new here then I would love to have you guys subscribe and come back and hang out with me in the lots of future videos and just chat with me in the comments alright so I hope you guys have an amazing week and I will see you guys in the next video bye hey what’s the game what what’s the game for why would you have a game at a restaurant it does take don’t game who’s it for the people that come here so they’re not bored oh and then what are you gonna take your orders with what are you gonna write on you’re gonna take their order and it wouldn’t stick on the magnet would it in there’s a clock oh I think that that’s your timer or your oven temperature all right go serve your customers you’re the best [Music] you


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    It was then that in the back of the car where the “trunk” meets the back seat, wedged in between the side of the car and the seat … I found a week old package of ground beef that was so rotten it was putrid. Apparently when Walmart loaded my pickup order, it fell down there and I missed it. 🤢
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