again and sure place again hi everyone its Becca and welcome to the
carriage house a place where you can find inspiration for your hearth and
home today we are cleaning decluttering and reorganizing our daughter’s room I
try to focus on a particular room in the house to deep clean declutter and
reorganize each month and for the month of February I chose my daughter’s room
because it definitely needs it the most so I decided to put aside a whole
weekend to get this done I knew if I did a little bit here one week and then a
little here another week it would just keep getting worse especially since this
is a child’s room if you’re needing a little bit of cleaning decluttering and
organize the inspiration for any room in your house really then I’m hoping this
video will help you can also have this video on while you clean and organized
too as well so my daughter and I already cleaned underneath her beds so that’s
out of the way and I already watched all of her bedding so I put fresh clean
bedding on and just going to focus on this corner of the room
and rotate around and to make this all run smoothly I have a trash bag handy
I’ve been for items that belong in another room a bin for things that are
out of place in a room that need a home just to avoid having to go back and
forth constantly and I also have pen and paper to jot down things that might be
needed in her room such as bins or containers for storage or maybe a new
rug or new sheets even I noticed having these four things handy and nearby
really do help with the whole decluttering process right
Fred again I’ve stayed for two and she plays again I’ve always loved having this little
window seal garden this one’s pretend but when she was a toddler my daughter
we would put pretend to play vegetables in here like carrots cucumbers or an
onion and we would pretend the green plants was an herb of some kind of like
parsley just so she can have a pretend little kitchen garden to care for I
thought about putting real plants over here but we do have a working toddler in
our home and anything he walks by it tends to fall to the ground for some
mysterious reason so we also have curious little cats lots of down running
around and about this one his name is Beltane he’s especially a troublemaker
along with Merlin he always looks so funny though because it looks like he’s
mad all the time with his way his lips are I laugh all the time I am I feel so
bad but his face is like this all the time we’re gonna save the gardening for
outdoors for now but I think I might pick up some more plants to go in here
the other ones were really falling apart but I might look for like a little
French lavender plant to pretend one I’ve been seeing a lot of those in
stores lately but if you have any cute recommendations I’d love to hear them
you guys always have good ideas right now I’m cleaning out her little fairy
garden basket I’ve always loved this this fairy book it’s one of those 3d
ones it’s just really neat it’s nicely written as well my mom gave this to my
daughter one year but most of her fairy gardening things are outside we probably
should have brought them in for winter and by the way my daughter does end up
coming in and helps out with birth organizing here and it’s a little bit so now I’m moving on to her books and
just gonna organize them a bit better we have some books in here that are meant
more for my son Gunnar who’s a toddler and some of my oldest sons books are
mixed in here and some of these belong on our homeschool room too
so we’re probably going to donate the ones that we never really got attached
to so go make different piles in here and get everything where they need to be
I’m also going to be making a little curtain for her bookcase here but that
will be for another video where I get in here and we add some little touches here
and there and do a little tour all my daughter is sorting out forever Legos
and things while I work on her bookcase and we’re gonna go through all of these
papers and the spend together she said there wasn’t anything she wanted to keep
but I still tried to look at some of the papers just in case there was a drawing
or a story of hers I wanted to make sure t-that would keep that so we decided to
get rid of this whole thing though I’m going to this new bin here and getting
everything out that that we want to keep me you know donate some of it if we want
to donate it or just kind of going through it with her and we’re gonna get
organized and we’re gonna get new at new bins for this and this little bottom
area about her bookcase so definitely going to write that down on the list I’m
gonna need bins for that when I go to probably HomeGoods tomorrow okay so now on today – I went to home
goods and got the storage items and bins that I needed she also needed a new
laundry basket so I picked that up as well and the only thing I got done on
this day was completing this bookshelf she’s in the scouts so we needed a bin
to keep all of her awards and things in there and then I put other small
miscellaneous things that she wanted to keep that it doesn’t really have a home
like headphones or boxes just a hodgepodge of those little things that
we had that all goes in this little basket here and then that night before
she went to bed she organized her Calico Critters and she got all the really
small things out and she put them aside and same for the little critters
themselves she just kind of separated things and will be focusing on getting
all that organized and the rest of the room tomorrow okay but before we move on
to day three I put these beautiful roses in my daughter’s room I knew I wanted
these to be in her room because the lilac color of the Roses matches the
lilac paint on her walls but these are forever roses they are beautiful
high-quality preserved rose bouquets that last for a year and this company
has so many gorgeous colors she’s from so these are perfect for just simple
home decor or for a special gift or for a wedding even so definitely check them
out I will leave all the information down below along with the special coupon
code okay so now onto the last day or the third day I was initially gonna put
the large pieces of our Calico Critters switches a lot into this bin here but it
was just too small we needed something larger and more shallow so I got this
bin that we had him on in my husband’s husband’s room and we’re gonna store
this underneath her bed along with another bin like this that has
miscellaneous toys like those little clip dolls and things like that but I
have noticed that underneath the bed is a great way to store stuff as long as
it’s contained it works really well and it gets everything out of the way okay
so I’m really excited I found something that is working really well right now so
I’m using containers like these to put the really small items in as well as the
Calico Critters themselves and I’m gonna place them in this bin here
but I’m going to leave the tops off so that way my daughter can just open one
lid and find everything in one box but the small containers still keep
everything organized and it’s easier to clean up too I’ve noticed okay so just gonna go ahead and clean
these little houses here I know you can’t see but there is so much or was so
much dust inside these because when I do my weekly cleaning I don’t have time to
dust every single thing and I know you guys are probably the same way
I tried stuff like this I don’t clean as as often so but I’m just gonna finish a
few things here and then I’m finally gonna move on to her arm wall and closet okay so my daughter loves to read and
she she reads like three or four books at a time it’s kind of like what I do
maybe a fiction book along with a non-fiction book but at night after
reading she would just kind of toss her books down on the floor and she didn’t
she didn’t have anywhere to put them but it would always be a big mess all the
time so I decided just to put a little basket by her bed and that way whatever
books she’s currently reading she can keep them contained right by her bed she
was a believer sometimes I can feel her
holding me as forever I can’t change you I see in you my mother’s eyes and I lay
overhead to my shoulder a lock of go the secret smile I will tell you when you
get older I place my hand upon your everybody’s taking me over and I will
home do it pretend we’ll stay here forever there’s a legacy we grow and looking for father sighs I’m staying
close to the me you you


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  8. VERY PRETTY LITTLE GIRL'S ROOM. My daughter in law just informed me that our 4 year granddaughter want's her room to be like someone named "WOW", from the dance show. Actually the dance show is filmed right up the road from where we live in PENN HILLS PA, Which is a suburb of Pittsburgh. Our granddaughter is in dance, pompoms, and now taking swim classes, she has a competition in April. Love your HOME. can you DO A VIDEO ON YOUR LAUNDRY ROUTINE? sharing on my FB page…GOD BLESS

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