clear double sided adhesive and scanncut stickers

clear double sided adhesive and scanncut stickers

feeling a little art craft crazy?
hi I’m Donna from our craft crazy and today I’m going to show you how I’m
using the clear double-sided adhesive and it’s actually off the Roll not the
sheets today the adhesive of a roll this demonstration will cut out the word
baby for a card now every bit of this card is made from scrap cardstock and if
you turn it over you’ll see it’s a sticker this method you can cut the same
design out several times and lay them so you can stack them on top of each other
it actually looks quite good but we’re only doing a single layer today these
are the off cuts of cardstock I’ll be using I’m going to do a small piece of
each color with the word baby and the little birds on top now the sticker roll
is six inches wide so I’m going to do two pieces one in each color of three
inches wide each I’ll just double check that they’re going to fit my word
measure twice cut once so once I’ve cut them out. you don’t have
to use a roll of sticker adhesive if you can use the flat sheets to do this as
well now it is super sticky I got this from
it is way sticky, I find it actually a little bit too strong especially on
these curly fights so my two pieces fit across and just cut off exactly what you
need so there’s no waste so you see I’m putting my fingers right on the edge of
the sticker if I put my fingers in the middle of that sticker to hold it down
it’s difficult to get them off they stick really well I’m just going to put
some as here so I know where the center is
now because this backing paper is nonstick it won’t stick to the ScanNcut mat, so what I have to do is I have to cut my text upside down (mirror) I’ll have to flip my text back to front like this I’ll use the lines on my mat to match
the notches to get my center marks. by the way I’ve figured out a way to get
the non-stick baking sheet to stick to the mat, this way you can cut out your
own custom designs. I’ve done a video to show you how now back to this tutorial
so load up your mat and scan in (the sticker) just so I can see exactly where these
piece of sticky CDs now once your sticker is showing up on
the screen so click on this little icon here with the shapes in it once you’ve
got your text selected click on the resize icon click on the flip I con
because we have to reverse it we’re cutting out upside-down now we need to
turn it around so click on the reposition icon and flip it 90 percent
and same on the other one now we have to make sure it’s in the right spot on the
sticker click on the movement icon and just nudge it over a little bit by a
little bit you can enlarge it to see if it’s in the right spot if you can’t see
properly by using the plus button there’s my centerline so I know where I
need to put it from the left of that line and just keep nudging it up and
down until you get it right where you want to cut it on the sticker so you can either nudge it bit by bit
like this or you can go back into the other window
and just pick it up and move it if you can see it properly I wear glasses so I
like to do it this way once I’ve got it positioned right I click OK click OK and
ok again and it brings me back to my cut and click cut to cut on this sticker
paper I’ve back the pressure right off by
using -5 and I made my blade a little bit deeper so the release paper doesn’t
tear during the cutting now made my speed nice slow and it is at 1 just
speed this up and get it cut through now I also use the double cut method
I’ll leave the mat in and I hit OK again and cut and start now the good thing
about the scan and cut is it does not move if you don’t eject the map it does
not move it’ll cut in the identical position as it the first pass it’s
fantastic for that and you know for sure that it’s going to cut through perfectly
get a nice clean cut click okay now I know that this is cut properly but what
you could do and what I normally do I tested this before I film today but what
you could normally do is just lift a little bit of your sticker just to make
sure it’s cut before you eject the mat now because your cardstock is at the
bottom don’t go gun ho here I’m going to video this in real time just so you can
see how I’m taking my time to lift everything it’s cut that well that the
word baby wants to move away from the the background but I want to lift it all
up together some of it will want to lift away from the background and some of it
will want to stay down so just gently pry it off your mat if you if your mat
is too sticky your cardstock will tear away a little bit and leave it on the
mat because normally you would cut it the other way around where you see all
the scrapbook calm is normally facing the mat your printed cardstock is
looking up at you like this you can see how neat it cuts it’s neat on the back
as well and it’s really important to cut all the
way through and that’s why I use the double cut method you don’t need to use
it on every project you’re cut using the Skinner cut sort of once you get used to
your machine you know and the sticker sheet has such a strong bond and it’s
stubborn to pull apart so don’t rush this part and because there are curly
bits it sort of gets tangled up and they’ll break if you push too hard so
just take your time here I’ll also be making another video after
this one the cardstock pattern facing down on the mat is good when you don’t
care where the design falls on the on the cardstock, but if you want to control
where your pattern falls you need to be seeing it, so you need your pattern to be
facing up and because of the non-stick backing on the sticker when you put that
down on the mat, it moves around and it won’t stay put,
even if you tape the edges when it starts cutting that center bit of your
cut design will start moving around and get all scrunched up. next video I’ll
show you what I’ve done to fix that problem. and look how perfect this cuts
out just push out your little pieces in between the curly bits and that’s ready
to peel the backing off and stick it to your project here’s the other color this method is
perfect if it doesn’t matter where the design false if it’s a plain color or a
pattern that you don’t mind where the pattern falls on your text it is lovely
and also you can use your off cuts to make little stickers you can use your
punches so use up all your little bits and pieces so I used my off cuts to make
my baby sticker and now I’m using the off cuts of that to punch out some more
stickers and I’ve also done these in the Tim Holtz papers so I’ve just put this
sticker paper on the back of them and cut them out the same way these are tags
that I’ve just got out of the brother ScanNcut machine this standard these
are so tiny and look how neat they’ve cut out if you’d like some baby card
ideas check out my next video where I’ll be using these stickers to make some
baby cards… I’m Donna, from art craft crazy, thanks for watching and bye for

2 thoughts on “clear double sided adhesive and scanncut stickers

  1. did you guys see this video? 10 easy baby card ideas that’s sure to get you started. I made so many versions of these cute babies by adding some text and some printable graphics.

  2. Thanks for this video! I recently got a scanncut and a different brand of 6" doublesided adhesive roll. I had the same problem with it not sticking to the mat while it went in the machine to cut. I was thinking of turning it over so the backing was face up and the card stock was facing the mat, but I was a bit worried it would jam up inside and began to wonder if I should even take a chance since it is so sticky. Since the machine was such a pricey investment, it made it a bit intimidating to want to try, so thanks again for sharing! ; )

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