COC Career Education – Interior Design Program

When I was first thinking about going into Interior Design, I mostly just thought of decorating and simple things like that until I actually took the classes and realized there was so much more that goes into to it than painting walls and selecting furniture. Interior Design isn’t just about picking out paint and fabric and pillow fluffing. It’s about capturing your client’s soul in their space. Interior Design is a great field that is a mix between creative and technical solutions to design an interior for a structure. Everybody lives in a built environment – right now we’re in a built environment. Our homes are a built environment – our schools, churches, grocery stores – everywhere we go. We are constantly interacting with a built environment. How those spaces are designed, how they make us feel how we actually use and occupy those spaces – all affect our daily lives. That’s why design is very important. Here at COC, we try to have a multi-disciplinary, rounded program that affords our students several different avenues. There’re so many fields that you can get into. You can get into commercial. You can also do residential. There’s landscape design. There’re so many different elements to the whole Interior Design genre. That you have limitless possibilities. You’re going to have to like what you do for the next 4 years. And our program is great because it actually gives you a wide range from all the way to the decorating to all the way to the real technical end. Which can lead you you immediately to a job right after school or to a transfer program. I didn’t transfer to a 4-year, which many of my classmates did. I just went straight into the field and now I am a working interior designer and I own my own Interior Design build firm. For many students who are not ready to commit to expensive higher education, community college is the place to explore. At that time, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and coming here and going into the classes, seeing the environment, the vibes, and the mood that was present, made me want to join it even more. I’m really glad I did because the Interior Design program and architect program, we’re like one big family. It’s close to home. It’s affordable. It’s a fantastic program. The teachers that we have teaching the classes, are teaching at UCLA and Woodbury. So, it’s definitely a blessing to have this resource here in Santa Clarita. I feel like I had a wonderful education at College of the Canyons. Their architecture and interior design program rivals that of 4-year schools. I always felt like I left there ready to work. I never had so much fun in an educational experience. Even my hard classes are a blast. The students in the program are absolutely amazing, talented and creative. I’m so glad I’m in the program and I’m not somebody that loves school, but I love it now. Our track record of students that go on into higher education and careers is quite high. We’re proud of those students. I would very much recommend regionally that this is the place that you start to explore your future in the field and profession of architecture and interior design.

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