11 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick murals in Atlanta torn down just before Super Bowl

  1. Someone needs to find that US soldier who told Kaepernick to take a knee out of solidarity and give him a piece of my morally bankrupt mind!! I am so stinkin mad, I'm not angry.

  2. #45 really has some of you jaded…but thank you for taking the time to watch the whole video before some of you gave your white privilaged, manifest destiny, oppressive, fake patriotic, decendent of slave owners, uneducated on the real issues ass opinion…

  3. Yeah they tear down one and eight are put up! They demolished that building because it was one of the streets that runs to that freakin stadium. Shalom to all the Hebrew( so called blacks of the 12) on Christ's day they are going to have to take more then a knee!

  4. White folks just can't stand a black man they can't break … with all they did to put him down, all the hate he still gets from misguided wiggas, he still comes out on top, denying them their anxiously awaited opportunity to hail him as a failure … I know that hurts .. hadn't played since 2016 and still pulling mo coins than they will ever see…props to that young man for standing strong and often times alone

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