Coloring Home Decor with Vinyl and Markers

(upbeat music) – Hi, everyone, I’m Bonnie
from, and I have got a fabulous
project for you today, to show you a little tutorial and to also just show you some things that you can do with this. This project is not
for the faint of heart. I know it looks crazy and difficult, but it’s more time-intensive than hard, so this is a beginner project as well. We used some adult coloring pages that we just found on Google, and I did a heat transfer
one on this pillow, along with I did an adhesive
one on this piece of wood. So this was just cut out. We cut out the shape of this on some wood and laid the adhesive right on top of it, and then we colored. We did some coloring with
it with some fabric markers or with some just plain Sharpie markers. So I’m going to show you today
how to apply one on a pillow just like what I did here. And like I said, it’s not
for the faint of heart, but it’s not hard. It’s just very time-intensive, but I love the finished project. So, what I did first, like I said, I found my coloring page just on a Google coloring page. And so I’ve weeded most
of that out right here. I’ve got a little bit more
to weed that I’ll weed out. And one little trick with EasyWeed is just having a piece of
adhesive or a piece of tape that you can stick your pieces onto. That makes a big difference. I found with my project that the adhesive was
definitely harder for me to weed than the EasyWeed heat transfer, but it wasn’t too bad. I know it looks really intense. It was a lot of detail in the project, but it wasn’t too bad to weed out. Then… What I did for this project
is I did a little bit of an inset and I made a stencil just of the outside of the pumpkin. Because what I wanted
to when I colored this, this is a suede pillow that
I found that I really liked, but I wanted to use a cotton
fabric that I could color on. And so I just found a cotton, a piece, just a regular white cotton fabric, and that’s actually the fabric
that I’m going to color on. So I made a stencil of
that, and I cut that out. So I’ve got that right here. This is my piece of cotton that I cut out, and then I went ahead and I used some Pellon
or some Wonder-Under. You could also use the adhesive EasyWeed. That would work just as easily. And I ironed that onto
the back of my cotton. So now this piece of
cotton is ready for me to apply onto a new pillow. So I’ve got a pillow here
that I’m going to show. And you really could just
color right onto this pillow. It’s not necessary for
me to do this extra step. But I wanted to make sure
that my markers weren’t going to bleed on the pillow. And like I said, in this
case where I wasn’t going to be able to color on this,
since it was the suede, I chose to use this cotton. So I measured my pillow both ways and I put a little mark
in the center of it. And I’m going to fold my
pumpkin right in fourths so that I have the center. I’m going to just iron
this right on to my pillow. So I’m ironing on the Wonder-Under, or it’s also known as Pellon. Or like I said, you could also
use the EasyWeed adhesive, and that would work just as well to just tack this piece
of cotton onto my pillow. Now, the reason that I made this pumpkin, my cotton pumpkin a teeny bit smaller is that when I laid my EasyWeed on it, I wanted to make sure that
it was completely covered. I didn’t want any of the
cotton to be around the edges, so I wanted to just make sure
it was completely covered. And then we can go ahead
and iron that right on. I actually tried to use
my heat press for this, but the pillow obviously was way too big. And it works just as easily with an iron. You just have to make sure, because there’s a lot of cushion in there, you have to make sure that
you’re giving it some pressure. Okay, now we are ready to
color and have fun with this. You can use fabric markers. You can use Sharpies. Whatever works best for you. But you definitely want to try out on a spare piece of cotton. You can see that I already have. Try out your markers and see
how they’re going to color. I love the, these are called Stained by Sharpie. I really, really love these markers. They work great on it. And you simply can just
fill in however you want. And you can have a lot of fun with this. You could also try this using T-shirts. Your kids could color in
and make their own T-shirts or on some shoes. Okay, I hope that you
found this tutorial fun. This was a really fun project. Give it a try. Let me know if you have ever
ironed on and colored in. If not, then try it. It’s a lot of fun. If you liked this, please leave a comment or give us a thumbs up. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel. And I hope you guys have a great day. Bye. (upbeat music)

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