previously on we DIY hey guys you’re in
dollar tree Barstow zari’s being shy you’re in Barstow these are new party favorite
boxes yes we are in Dollar Tree some stickers we have not did zari little
easter basket yet I was supposed to do a video on it in our vlogs which are on
Fridays but I don’t think we need anything from over here
these look new a butterfly little rabbit some more butterflies and different
colors here’s some little rabbits little bunnies these look new they added some like
tulle and little flowers trim that’s really cute some different colors and
this Dollar Tree has a basket stuffer section the same stuff we’ve seen toys
play dough and same stuff and his dollar tree has a big
graduation section section just like the other one so I’m gonna spy out the new
stuff since I’ve already showed you guys I shared with you and here’s a better
view of the cups I think the last Dollar Tree they were all stuck together this
one’s new these gift bags are gorgeous that’s a glitter and they look around 14
inches I don’t know 14 8 no it’s probably 18 this is not glass this is
glitter super sparkly look at the head and they have some paper plates over
here and some plastic table covers no this
looks like a new pattern I can’t see you I saw this one before it’s a trinket tray it’s open oh it’s
fragile what do you have at home these are gorgeous and then up here they have some more
little trinket trays looks like a llama or alpaca cactus and unicorn
little mermaid tail completely missed my tail right there we’ll check these out
planter pots with one hand struggles oh I get it
you can pour water directly on the roots I’m so smart wow that was that sound like the trollie
from Daniel Tiger and they have some other new ones over here these would be
really nice if you painted it white give it a little rub or some sandpaper
to expose the original color that would be really cute I love all of these
patterns and textures and stuff you guys should already know that if you
watch my dollar tree diys there’s some reindeer moss they also have the
Moss sheet moss sheets at Dollar Tree – if you can find those cute little gift
bags oh this is nice and it’s really big it’s like 24 inches or something and
there’s no glitter and there’s oh my goodness I found a surprise in the back that is gorgeous you could cut this out
I’ll pick it up and put that in a frame of some Palmolive dish soap raspberry coconut there’s original and apple pear then
they have these as well oh you guys morning starters if you see
these in dollar trees grab them okay we just started using them in zari
schooling and zari let me use the top real quick
may I use it I mean use the top part thank you but these are so great you see
it covers a little bit of everything and this is great for like a day’s lesson of
course with some added stuff in there but look they get to write their name
circle the day but we find letters trace numbers this is really good a really
good book too you’re turning how old are you turning yeah how old yes and
they also have these as well in the number two giant baby shower gift bag they’re just little present bows with
the name tag years zari is so funny but you guys already
knew that although this dollar tree has a nice selection of the wedding romantic
sort of what zip it what does zip it mean to stop barking or
to be quiet okay so you want me to be quiet I think this one is new one
twister I think we saw this shape before oh I’m not bad and a star these are so
cool right behind me what do I see hibiscus and pink lane we saw this one
in the last Dollar Tree I check out this new line bolero the body wash hand wash
facial wipes face wash the serum and this cute little duo pad perfect for
Mother’s Day gift baskets sorry guys I didn’t get a chance to do any type of
video for Mother’s Day I’m sorry then they have the same things down
below with the little alright so I’m in my last dollar tree DIY I’ve
used two items from the teachers corner and
you guys should really check out your dollar tree teachers corner section
because they have some nice stuff in here you just have to look through it
and have an open mind and check out these their pencils cars Mickey Mouse Buzz
Lightyear write some more Mickey Mouse I use this as well as our school put her
ABCs and her numbers in here new stationery items yes I would like to have a snack please what would you like I’ll tell you what you have apple slices
do you want some apple slices these are cute
and there’s soap adhesive stencils so be nice I like some DIY projects and
there’s one more in the back Oh some new stickers I just found these and they’re
mine there’s 30 yes yeah these are words that’s already could be learning you
know like sight words so photo frame from Dollar Tree now from your he found
another notepad that’s cute I think I’m gonna get this no teacher lesson plans
or new teacher planners I used this for
homeschooling found a new pack of crayons Fancy Nancy and they got the little paint set
oh and then they have trolls a lot of these are falling off but you can just
pop them back in eyes in the tab section it’s a big bag and
here the eyes we’re in the toy section I saw this little game that’s kind of cool and I like that it’s
worth three and up so maybe Zari could play or something
what’s that Mommy it’s a brain teaser oh well you asked about some pink fireballs
I saw the blue one it’s in a previous Dollar Tree trick you could spray paint
these and make them like little decorative you know like little decor
pieces like your glass vases and looks like the small little laundry bags are
back get three for a dollar in this pack and the ones with shaped get one
and we have some of the hangar organizers and some more appear just in different
colors here’s the over the chair storage I
converted it into something else check out the Dollar Tree DIY look that’s cute this is pretty oh my goodness these are so good
Oh coastal decor let’s see if there any different ones and here’s the home decor
section lots of stuff you just kind of dig in and look through but I don’t see
anything new we saw a lot of this stuff at the other Dollar Tree this one’s new
but we saw these black frame signs before oh my goodness look at these they match
the little trinket trays oh there’s like a pearlescent one what the iridescent
they all have an iridescent finish to them and there’s pink oh you see an
octagon oh right here I don’t think this is an octagon we have to count the sides
one two three four five six seven ah you were right – come to mommy
you see another one oh yes that is but it’s the same thing it’s identical no if
it is eight sizes an octagon these are so gorgeous oh my goodness I love these love love
love love love yeah this screams farmhouse it’s so rustic you can even
incorporate this way too maybe this one into like your nautical coastal themed
decor you can put this in shabby chic it’s really pretty
they have like a chalky finished and very rough and rusty this is new it’s
puffy like a pillow this one is new as well little garden flag oh there’s a
different one behind that first one here’s another little Mother’s Day
section but again it just looks like items oh wow you ate all of them items
that have already been in the store and you just sort of put it together for you
but we’re gonna check a few out almost oh this one’s pretty too
I know you want to walk but you like to touch everything everything oh these are
gorgeous and we saw this one in the last dollar tree
just a different color oh they brought the lashes bag I
remember these from yes from like two years ago this specific la
drama lash Oh dramatic dramatic and then they also have the glue or adhesive yes
these are a really good deal I mean they look nice and light
you know when the band is not thick so that’s why a lot of people love this oh
this is new and then there’s another one up here here’s some more products
this is just a bar of soap oh and if you guys need like inspiration
or maybe organized so I have a dollar tree DIY tier and I put a bunch of Dollar Tree
soap on it it was gorgeous somewhere down there she says she’s
doing exercise it look you guys a law real product oh my goodness I see more
L’Oreal products to create your own pass down oh it’s a clear mixer and then look
here some some hair colors permanent gradual lightening and they only have
to summer lights no other words say some new wall stickers just go do it I love you something something something
Narwhal can’t read it the foot is too small in Paris
there’s a some new graduate staff
is a card or picture holder some cute little glass picture frame
for me it’s a picture frame it’s another picture frame some more picture frames down here I feel like the pictures make the
product look so much better like this it’s broken but and they have here’s one sorry if you guys can’t hear me
with the refrigerated section cat treats it’s like there’s three
different flavors you guys already know what I thought
when I saw this not a cool decor oh and there’s two we’ve seen these before but
I haven’t seen them in the natural color always in like the diet color and I
think these dog leashes are new as well they’re 48 inches long I remember seeing this brand at like CVS
and Walgreens sinful colors so I guess during Dollar Tree now these are lip
colors like lipsticks or something so there’s a bunch of different colors but
they don’t have like names no that’s a nice little selection and
then over here the lipsticks the colors are down there on the inside
that one’s a burgundy one and this is gosh I can’t even see maybe they’re all
the same nope that one’s a bright red and that’s a bright red eye the colors
on the bottom so that’s a pink and this one is a coral color okay yeah wow this
is pretty it’s like a shimmery burnt orange that’s cute
oh this oh I thought it was a glitter mascara but it’s just new packaging it
sound very black and this one is just in black look at these or you know that material
you don’t see anything the section just give you a quick pan around is that
the right way toasted coconut I saw this little section thought about
Mother’s Day but I think you’ve seen everything over here like inside the
store you know the prettiest carves the slippers oh maybe not that scented
lotion wonder if bolero and this company are owned by the same people because
this is the same sense from the bolero line but it’s not Valero products you
know I mean yeah anyway shower gel Easter a candy section I
found this it’s cool dinosaur eggs with this Dollar Tree has the Lego strips I
seen on TV what is it oh it’s a magnet my grandma’s Pony – huh I love the print yes yes it is
look at these saw them at the register it’s lip balm alright so we’re back in
the car we didn’t find a lot today there wasn’t a lot in there but we did find
some you know nice things that we decided to bring home with us first look
at these they’re dog toys yes but I think they’re gonna be perfect for like
coastal or nautical decor we can’t let them get to it tear it up then I picked up this
extra large gift bag because I love this beautiful pattern like the blue and gold
one but I was drawn towards this one I can’t like rose quartz and amethyst some these are little bunnies that’s cute
right your schoolwork the inside of my shoe back then do you
remember what you do you say what is the first thing they asked you in here my yes in just in case you missed the come
with me part this inside looks like and I just love how they fit everything with
one shoe that’s a paint with water book there we go so we’ll see how this goes
if it turns out really good you know if it’s something that keeps our interest
but all you have to do is add water to the paint or to the page and then the
colors supposedly find the biography and they kept on giving
Elmo if ever you want to paint that today then I think up this test prep book just
to see like how much zari knows is for kindergarten so thank you it is okay you
just kindergarten or is that pre-k no I don’t know got it anyway just
just test and see like how much you know I don’t even know they had kindergarten
test like prep test I guess to get into like a private school you have to take
uh some sort of test or something this is what some of the pages look like my
big pages is object then that page is perfect
baby seed inside of Elmo I just realized this is a man in language arts you
commit in the inside I decided to pick up this tabletop decor piece not for the
design but just for the foundation maybe from this corner pink blue this is called a pocket pocket
chart scheduler okay pockets chart scheduler just different from the one
that I showed in my latest dollar tree DIY so anyway we picked up one in blue
maybe I’ll get creative something to do with that and the last
two items are from the home decor section I had to get this you guys I
could not walk away and leave this in there so pick up two with the anchor and
then I decided to pick up the boat will or the captain well one so
if you guys enjoyed hanging out with us today video and subscribe yes captain
over notifications will see you this Thursday for dollar tree DIY and Friday
for an inspirational family show bye


  1. Public school does have a kindergarten readiness test, not just for private schools. I think Zari, on the other hand, could probably teach kindergarten. 😊 She is just so smart and so cute! I’ve enjoyed watching her grow up over the years.

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