previously on we DIY hey guys
we’re in dollar tree right ooh these are new old look zari
these are crayons he’s so cool for little Easter baskets these are stamps these are cool yes those are stamps and
there’s some more stamps okay I love stuff like this at Dollar
Tree it was like little quick activities for her keeping her busy
check out these eggs yes these are new that’s so cool are so dramatic you have
a voice tons of egg glitter eggs metallic eggs
regular eggs eggs with patterns Oh check out this little basket over here it’s so
cool it’s a basketball net basket I want to look there’s a football one oh that’s
you know we saw the little monster ones last year you could make the chocolate
bunny using this as mold cool and all these little burlap bags I’m gonna get some of those look at
these cute little headbands look Zari look all look basket bags look
there’s another one it’s a cute little treat bags and get 20 these are pretty
cool too there’s a blue one oh my goodness look
at these dinosaur eggs oh my goodness these are so cute and new there’s so
many like a new Easter things in here Oh bubbles bubbles with the little string
Zari do you want the carrots or rubber duckies okay
these are bubbles they are look that says bubbles okay yeah well it does look
like a jump rope but there’s liquid on the inside okay let me check out this
basket I like the idea behind it but not really
sold okay what’s new over here oh did you
guys see the Dollar Tree DIY video check it out check it out we have some
and it’s beautiful wall decor pieces for the spring springtime look who I just
ran into Zari always being super shy right now I’m shy back there do you have
a channel or anything no I just yeah it was my love meeting you guys when
we’re out and about so oh I didn’t even get your name I was just so excited so
yeah if you ever see us in public just say hey how awesome are these they’re
new I don’t think I’ve seen those in dollar tree before oh you know what
maybe they were on a garland but now they’re our floral picks I love these
right here there’s some more the succulents are back the pics and the
potted ones yeah there’s so many in here today which is a huge score $1 for the
use that’s excellent I’m noticing some different ones from last year’s beauty theory I just noticed that this one has
a clip I mean I’ve seen that before are you singing or are you telling me to
hurry you found some fire this looks pretty good – it doesn’t look too like I would probably cut this part off
are in yes okay so this is the basket of steppers section we have candy over here
mommy and toys and more baskets over here
this is slinky washable chalk I thought all chalk was washable maybe
not I saw these before
oh it’s this game of memes that’s funny we love the
90s we love movies also these are like little box games oh I’m guessing that
they’re cards that’s pretty cool for like older kids more bubbles
building blocks ponies plushies megaphone megaphone puzzles slime more
slime you wanna say something she just said I want to say something come on
zari go ahead and say something egg chop
we’re gonna get some of this we like chalk chalk okay yeah but it’s chalk though the end
but it’s egg-shaped chalk and here’s the hand made cards you’re not shy okay it’s
okay to be shine oh this is so cute yes look at that bunny this one’s so funny
hop to it I love their cards I know what I say that every time they put out new
ones but I really do and you can use them for like DIY
purposes little glitter eggs they’re not the many
ones wonderfully have that many ones I do all the phones
bunny pics styrofoam more spring garden items I don’t see anything new
okay these look new um I only like this the silver with the wood all these are
new oh they’re just sweets in a box yes I see the little fairy garden stuff or
maybe it’s not seeds they’re little bulbs look at these angels dream faith and peace nice and heavy for your garden check
these out prayer box it’s a metal little can like
an out – wait what’s inside it’s a little prayer box when I was in the Army
I used to carry my little mini Bible around and this would have been great to
put it inside protect it and we went out and saying like the field and stuff I love this I think we’re going to get one
for myself I don’t know which one to get you remember I love the little windmill I don’t have any more more you don’t have any more they had a
beautiful turquoise color to look at this white one I found it is all the way
in the back look at these whimsical looking
flower pics and whatever this is has tinsel on it
well this has a lot of like glitter fallout look at it it’s like a head and
shoulders commercial over here gracious whoopee cushion in food shape
in the shape found some more Family Guy connects some squishies over here plushies yes those are jump ropes yes Oh check
this out slime with a little critter on the
inside oh look at this below giant bubbles oh we have to get
this zari look straw included this thing supposedly can blow giant bubbles and check out this sparkly one
I wonder if this line is any good who’s tried this let us know in the comments
because the other slime was terrible out of here but was tidy from this year foam
beads if you guys make your own slime this would be great to go inside so
we’re over here in the craft section and here the other foam beads some more
paint all this is a new set cool I don’t see anything else that’s new numbers well this may be a good book for
school rhymes & opposites we just met another subscriber! she don’t want to be on camera I just found this though he’d the monster
alphabet game that’ll be cool to do we do letters and alphabets talk about a
good day you guys know I love my notepads easy peasy lemon squeezy over
here in the book section judge Hatchett and I have to watch that and like 15
years or something ridiculous like that for a minute fit there’s always like
good books in here eat drink and remarry that’s different look at these gorgeous flowers over here I saw this and I thought about like a
mask for kids like maybe superhero DIY project or something
I saw the DIY that I did with this headband crown dollar tree go perfect
with a little Easter basket oh my goodness
dancing tie no candles you get six in a pack that is so cute I still can’t
believe zari about to turn three like seriously where has the time gone
spotted some new giant gift bags looks like it worked great for a baby shower oh and some beautiful tissue paper
that’s how they get you the first one yes
the first one is decorative and then the other ones are solid this is a gorgeous
wine bag wine bottle bag the full marble I thought it was like some white stuff
on there first these are nice check out these we saw one in the last
Dollar Tree now the whole little bunch is over here so I ran across this
section of paper napkins and you can mod podge these to whatever you want make
something super unique so I’m just looking at a few of these you might see
them again in two DIYs this is new you forgot one letter ZAR very good look
at this I’m sorry if you’re watching this with the dog
what is it is it supposed to be like or wood oh my heart shabby-chic
this is so cute target used to carry the big ones like
this tall 12 inches or so in there dollars by like two years ago time what
flowers that you use that candle every single time Oh what did you use it for I
did you for the candle or something in zari talking…. the doorbell
okay remember I’ll exam exam to school by myself this I do is not coming – oh I
didn’t come this is go oh it smells some light slightly sorry
this one is blush white but it smells like vanilla bean if you melt
the wax this can become a cute little makeup brush holder a little trinket
holder a super cute candle maybe you could repaint it might put gold or
silver dots on there so so it has a very light scent to it let’s
see what scented candle maybe I’m overlooking this scent but I don’t know
how to explain it when I smell it again it’s like a slight citrus smell but
these containers are so I found one more check out this right here okay you guys
shower gel watermelon mint pineapple and coconut pineapple and pear coconut and
peonies oh I’m gonna stop pronouncing everything but all of these are new so
those are the different scents and within each scent you know they have the
shower gel the body wash the facial wipes the cream the oils the bath soap so exciting okay so we’re over here with like the
framed wall decor pieces look at this I thought the said line its plastic that’s nice make sure you check out the DIY that we
did with the square shaved ones that look similar to those canvases are you
thinking that that bigger picture are you thinking that you know what animal
that is it’s a rooster this is a male and a hint is a even a good job
you did really good house somewhere over here but these are like the real canvas yes I would are ye so many with my
goodness there’s even more all I like this one I love this one check out this section bunch of new like springtime decor
Spring Fling words felt flowers some more hanging garlands and stuff over
here in the air like mailboxes every day or one new one
she tore through this dog toy up in like two hours and we saw him
bless you good job when she got this beautiful tree over here and use
something similar to this in a dollar tree DIY of course these great zari is 1000% into bubbles right now make she can stay busy with bubbles for
at 30 minutes to an hour seriously between her and muffin and she blows
bubbles to muffin so cute this is a big one I can’t wait till the weather gets
gets better she she can go outside somewhere flicked up tape that’s a
pretty good deal this is daddy’s section the card section okay that was all her I
didn’t not say anything about daddy so funny kids are so smart well this is new two-piece chip brush it
what is it looks like a brush to me I could use this for
the dogs… you’re painting looky looky Dollar Tree has the travel jars I put my
lotion in this and carry it in my bag excellent I didn’t see these over there
and they display so the bath bombs for a bar of soap well these are different
since earlier but it’s and look at this $1 I don’t know if this is
new three-in-one fruits control leave-in smoothing
product oh is this I think okay yeah we saw
these already shop and seen shampoo and conditioner from bolero product there’s
that can’t shampoo and conditioner yeah cool check these out little shopkins and
Hot Wheels toothbrush suits and look at these over here and bubbly the goon
from Crayola strawberry red scented so there’s strawberry blueberry I think
there’s a grape hiding back there yes strawberry and over here we have the
little Hot Wheel car the dog not a race car
another race car another doll and that’s it I saw you is that your cane I don’t
think you want it cane okay you don’t you really don’t this is so I know it’s so ridiculous
because it says Bowl but I love the little speckles and this could easily
become like a decor piece dollar tree has the faux marble plates where there’s a mommy they’re a little but check out these folders see the lip the edges check out these funky
looking cups or glasses I don’t know what this is definitely not a glass but
don’t like cups party cups oh you get – oh you get the lid or now it is – $1 wow
this is not plastic that’s pretty good we found them I saw them in another
Dollar Tree that we went to just for a quick trip and I posted it on like the
YouTube community posts I don’t even know what they’re called but yeah very
neat I think there’s five six seven eight
nine ten oh my goodness
little pom-pom socks for kids of course four to ten five to nine then they have
some little troll socks over here they’re too big for zari oh look pair okay so this is where they have all their little trinkets
he went down something already these are so pretty and look at this I love it so many different colors it looks like
there’s a few different patterns as well each color has a different pattern mommy
you know pineapple ceramics these are so cute all that one says free
hugs this says I believe in unicorns zari yes or no hey look at yourself
look yes or no all right yeah they have those and some other kids ones over here alright so we’re back inside the car
let’s share with you guys all the stuff we picked up cuz we picked up a lot
today step I grabbed another roll of gift wrap a random pack of plates
because I need the circle shape for a DIY if you guys are not watching our
DIYs you need to either share them like them subscribe after you watch them all
that good stuff I get so much positive feedback but I feel like people aren’t I seeing like my videos aren’t reaching a
lot of people you know okay there’s the egg and upper dinosaur egg pedal new very good and then we grab
some zari so grab these cute little
sunglasses many benefit do you want to try them on
he’s gonna wear them the rest of the haul what are you gonna wear them for
the rest of the video one we picked up with adorable little bunnies they
adorable little bunny still with another DIY feel our prep time
home I grabbed three of these gorgeous looking canvas pieces
that’s the first one no this is the second one the basic one and this is
adapt yes very good he has these bunny crayon gadget kinda
cute a pack of napkins I cannot wait to get
to crafting and see what what I can create new rows of this beautiful burlap
and lace ribbon burlap and lace back and then I grab this right here this is my
first time seeing this trim at Dollar Tree stuff can get pretty pricey unlike
Etsy and stuff so it’s really nice seeing this in Dollar Tree and you get
9 feet so inside of this basketball net basket
we have some goodies to share first up we have this beautiful ceramic little
pot I can picture some succulents in here and maybe some lavender I love the
color is perfect for spring and summer today because if you break these mommy’s
gonna be very sad because I’m gonna have to stop the video go back in the store
and get some more I was super happy to find these look at the chic shabby love
I don’t know what zari though they’re doing so I grab to the soft cotton candy
pink color and then I grab the one in white here’s the next up the candle
section little canister doesn’t smell like amazing and it doesn’t I just
love the container inside of this newspaper I just have a candle holder
check out the comb with me part this Dollar Tree had a lot of good stuff a
lot of small little trinkets and treasures and whatnot it smell
that’s anything this doesn’t smell this one is the sparkling and
then I also picked up a white table runner because I have a super fun white
can’t fall when it I have a super cute Oh runner design or DIY that I want to
share with you guys I bought four of these and if you’re a big deal DIYer I’m
sure you see my vision do you see it yeah you see where I’m going with a hair
bow grab the bubbles that we saw inside with
the hopes of making a giant bubble damps for some spring crafty mommy mommy
mommy you’re gonna go right here Oh like how they do with the library
pack of doilies it’s too bad these rubber duckies bubbles bubbbbbllllleeeessss chalk chalky I love the container as a
container to do grab the burlap fabric Treat Bags
and this cute little card because I love the bunny and I think I can cut it out competent like handling here okay I
was gonna put some cute little flowers or something in here change out my pots
on my ginger and what’s I candle holder the candle over there mommy I
grab three rows of this transparent like liner sheet diner should I what is
called adhesive liner another picture frame and zari boots it was inspired to make something or to build something
with this because it looks like wood we’ll see how that goes I grab this
beautiful windmill cross and it’s white is the brown one it’s white in a
brown and that is a circle alright so next up we picked up this sign and and
maybe a few other things that won’t give away my but I really like that it
has the hooks on that not the hooks but us a little slot on the back so you can
hang it on the wall you can hang it on your wall or it’s light enough to sit on
the table or like a show for something thank you okay I just picked up some dental floss
and I’m about to use it right now because I just ate an orange candle
holders you guys know what these look zari has a giant bubble wand and then I picked up some books for her school it’s
ready for school mommy school boy you’re at school or is that it’s cool yes and I
thought it was really cool right here alphabet exercise I grabbed three of
these we’re just right one dollar they’re not paper they’re
that thick plastic and then I grabbed four of these if you guys enjoyed
hanging out with us today thumbs up did where’s my other thumb my
thumb is lonely you guys tell me tell me thumbs up this video and subscribe for
more and we’ll see you on Thursday for a dollar tree DIY
ah bye

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