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Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates and
today’s video is going to be something a little different. We’re going to be doing
a commercial design So we are here to get busy on our new
design project. You haven’t met this assistant yet this
is Cole! She is our happy little camper. Cole tell us a little bit about the
project we’re doing today. Okay we are working at Integrity Eye Care in
Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We’re adding some artwork and accessories so let’s get
started! Okay! So today is a completely exciting day
because Integrity Eye Care has their grand opening today! I want to introduce you to
Dr. Garrett and I want to introduce you to Dr. Sickman.
They are the minds behind this project. Tell me how long this project took from start to end. From start to finish, almost three years, two and a half years, to three
years from starting the project to buying the land, all the way up till
getting the final project done. So it took a while, unfortunately, just from
different obstacles we ran into. Which there’s always a lot isn’t there? When it’s
building, there’s always obstacles but I I love everything tell me how you
guys feel now that it’s done. There’s so much space so we’re so excited to be
able to handle a better patient volume now just because transitioning around
this office is so much easier in this space. The flow is so easy! So it makes us have better patient care and experience. And how do you feel about it? Oh I’m very thankful! Are you eating a lot of cake today? Oh for sure! It’s been outstanding to get to the
final end and we’ve still got some hurdles we’re jumping through but it’s the major
stuff is already done and it’s very nice to finally get to this moment about been
thinking about it since I first started in Murfreesboro 15 years ago to
get to this level. We’ve been very very blessed by Murfreesboro. Listen, we hope
you guys the best and we want to thank you for kind of bring us in at the tail
end to kind of do some decor because we just had a blast! You’ve been a God send for us! Really, you know how my wife was throughout the
process. So it was very stressful. She came in with that panic mode and we were like, okay we can do this! We’ve got a couple
weeks but we can do it! So I definitely would recommend you guys for anything for sure. Thank you
and thank you for hiring us! Well I think I’m gonna get hooked on commercial design because that was so
much fun! I want to say special thank you to Integrity Eye Care for allowing us to
decorate their fabulous business. We wish them the best of luck! Be sure to
subscribe to my channel because you know I’m going to have more videos coming out

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