Cómo hacer un medidor infantil | ELEOJOTA00 | TUTORIAL MANUALIDADES

Cómo hacer un medidor infantil | ELEOJOTA00 | TUTORIAL MANUALIDADES

in today’s video we will learn to
make this child meter the materials that we are going to need are
pen cardboard preferably of a centimeter although you can use it more
fine carbon or tracing paper White glue a brush or foam brush a cutter acrylic paint and brushes of different thicknesses rubber numbers eva you can buy
ready made or die and strip Velcro adhesives to hang on
wall We start by making the template choose
an image that you download from the internet or draw it on a folio size paper
scan the open an excel document and select
insert image look for the image file you have
saved and now let’s give it the size necessary click with the right button and
select size and position and in the high i will select 70 centimeters
what does my iron stop me from cardboard pen now click on
trim and remove the parts of the drawing that
about not to waste too much paper as you see I’m staying
only with the part where the He drew click on the image and reposition the
and you will see that it occupies several pages if you preview you will see that it is
composed of several folios select the margins to decrease the
minimum and thus take advantage of the maximum paper as you see in this case the
image is divided into six folios and now we print it
once printed this is the drawing original
and this is the enlarged image divided into six folios trim the leftover parts of each
Invoice and glue them using duct tape
way to match the whole drawing you can download the image that I have
used in the link you have in the video description box and the
you can adapt to your liking so that it look more like the boy or girl for whom
be the meter but with this system you can enlarge any image that
draw or download from the internet now go to the template to the cardboard pen to
it measures 20 centimeters from the extreme and draw the line from top to bottom this will be the meter itself match the line of the drawing
and stick it at the ends to the cardboard feather with adhesive tape
only on one side the other side must be open for
be able to put the tracing paper underneath as you can see there are several types of paper
tracing of different colors in this case to make it look better in the video I’ve
used the black one but I I really like to use the color one
yellow since it does not stain so much place it under the drawing and review with
a pencil to transfer to cardboard pen go moving the tracing paper to
cover all areas of the drawing once you have passed all the drawing to
cardboard pen remove the template as I have been using cardboard pen
5 millimeters because I didn’t find 1 centimeter thick to make it more
I hit two sheets of cardboard half centimeter pen but you
I recommend that you use a centimeter so that it looks better from the beginning
if you don’t find it of that thickness you can do as I have hit with the help of
white glue two cardboard sheets pen 5 mm once you have extended the entire tail
white place the iron where you had drawn
the template on top and press well with a cloth so that it is well attached
make sure the sides match of both plates let it dry and I recommend that you put
weight on for example books for stay firm once it is very dry you must cut with the help of the cutter
all the outline of the drawing this operation is easier if you have
directly used cardboard pen one centimeter since the cardboard pen of
half centimeters that I used has a sheet at the back of color
red that is made of a plastic material and is complicated to cut
for this reason to me the edges me they were irregular do not worry if
you have a little irregular edges because then I’ll explain how we can
fix this continue cutting with the cutter until
you have cut the entire contour to eliminate irregularities of the
surface passes a sandpaper by all the songs this way the surface stays
much more regular so that the meter is higher I have
added another cardboard board as in my case I have glued two plates
each other I am cutting one of them to about ten centimeters and the detachment this way I have surfaces for
paste the following I’ve cut another two sheets of 20
centimeters of cardboard pen and I hit the surface of 10
centimeters that I have left notice how I do it in the picture
if you are using 1 cm pen cardboard you can paste an iron next
of the other with white tail or with hot silicone and on the part of
back reinforce the joint with cardboard here is the whole dry meter and as
I am not satisfied with how I have been the songs remain because they have many
irregularities being of poor quality the cardboard pen that I use I’m going to
fix it using plas water and water apply plas water with your finger all over
the singing to cover all holes e
irregularities that have remained to soften you can wet your finger
with water and pass it over the square this way it will be much finer
and it won’t be necessary to sand so The water plas is a putty cap cracks
that may come ready or that you can buy powder and add water
to get this pasta once it is dry we can sand the
songs and then we will paint to remove paper stains from
coal I have given a very finite hand of primer to unify the tone of
white color quite diluted in water so that the marks of the
He drew and then I’m painting with
acrylic paints of different colors don’t forget to use several shades
the same color to add shadows finally paint the ruler with a color
clarito for example in this case beige here is the dry and painted meter
place it on the wall where you are going placed and measured from the ground 50
centimeters following the 50 mark
centimeters go small one centimeter pencil marks and paint them with red paint or
the color you prefer making brands longer in the measures of every five
centimeters then place the numbers of
eva rubber in its corresponding measure In my case the meter goes from 50
centimeters to 125 centimeters I have made these numbers with this
die but you can also buy them acts
you can add other ornaments made with pen and painted cardboard
such as this plane and to stick it to the wall I will do it with
these adhesive velcro strips on the video description box do you have
links where you can buy all materials that I have used place the velcro strips in several
meter points and stick it firmly to the wall and this is how the meter is finished keep in mind that it is placed above the
wall socket and this is an element to take into account when marking the
50 cm first mark I hope you liked this tutorial
and that you put it into practice since kids will love this gift
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