Como hacer una Playstation 😱 (How is made)

Como hacer una Playstation 😱 (How is made)

Hi guys in this video I will show you
as I created my playstation but it’s not a But it is not normal, if not
fantastic and mythical Nintendo Playstation Yes! you heard right! , NINTENDO PLAYSTATION
there was a time when Sony Nintendo were friends, but that wasn’t
nothing went well, I invite you to investigate since it is a story
exciting, but after years the history continues and is that it does so alone
one day … one day the auction has been put on auction Nintendo’s only original prototype
playstation, and you know what? will explode the world and no wonder and is that
That console is legendary! mythical! the holy grail of consoles and for now
it is priced at $ 350 wait no 350 thousand dollars …. more than a Ferrari point
you’ll see when I’m done …. if mine isn’t original but it gives some vices already
as you well know those who have seen the previous videos is completely
functional, if I tell you the truth I have many things in the inkwell that I
like to do it and in fact when I do little things because while I can play games like donkey kong or also playing games
like metal gear solid ‘kids this game that play it yes or yes and is that it is
one pass you haven’t played metal gear solid
what past are you there playing so calm and suddenly you say will happen
long does not see me and these footsteps that can see them and that
bitch and the worst part is that then he tells you you have
to use the code behind the box that load and that shit if it is
I have the bosco tray go here to outside is a backup of a
friend well I don’t roll up anymore and we are going to
explain how I did this project in first of all he will decide for crazy anything
3d 3d printers or anything like that I needed raw material to sprout I’m
looking for bs laminate but in the end I I realized that there was no
side I didn’t find it at the end of my tour by acrylic which is basically from the
family and if you were looking for a thick laminate and with many hours of work I could
get some results fairly decent for our project once
that had collected the ingredients that you will see the description below me
I encountered the biggest problem and that is as you well know there is only one in
everybody and they have a guy in the another part of the world is clear that
it would be difficult to contact choose if you I ask for 50 measures of comfort and mini of
wide kimi high coming this angle what does this button tell me to take for
ass but in the end I did it alone and you just blow your head like you did
measured the console then using as reference the measures that if we know or
that I have in my possession as it is cartridge knowing what the
cartridge can use it as reference to dry the width of the
console easily but this is more complicated than it seems and is that no
all photos have the angle correct the lens equal to instance
same for example I can’t measure the front with what the cartridge measures already
that the photo does not have the same distance et cetera but if I know what the
knobs connector so using as a reference for taking out the
width and height hey know and once we have the
measures and the time to get down to the first thing I did was do the
base and top of the console they were easy locator measures as well
that I just took the width and length and shortening here is where the
problem is that cutting methacrylate is more complicated than it seems and is that
if you cut it with a radial it melts if you cut it with a saw and the saw
heats up it also melts and spoils the cut so I had to
cut almost all the pieces with a cutter but eye this piece of acrylic is
quite thick and I used a somewhat peculiar technique but
effective I guess it’s a whole process of
learning and I had not worked before with an acrylic so thick but at
I finally learned the technique to be able to cut it perfect and the remaining
great pieces Y the front the most visible part of the
console is something to work it very very good since in fact it is what
most characteristic of this game console specifically so doing well is
important as you well know is the first time i did a nintendo
playstation well I think nobody has made a nintendo playstation in the
world the issue is that I found myself with a big problem and that is when
making straight cuts was very easy do it with the cutter but in this case
the front had curves and empties and no can you imagine the headache
that gave me in the end I opted for the hot cut solution an option
which allows us to make curves empty the piece and if it is something slow and you will have to
choose as a condemned but those results are pretty good but what’s interesting is that
let’s see the hardware I use as well you know the console the day cds like this
I put CD player well read cartridges so I had to go to a
super nintendo el cartridge reader retrode 2 as the core of this
project use a late panda alpha could to have looked for something cheaper since
the playstation games that but I understand they are not very demanding for
controls use a super command converter nintendo to usb which modify for
make it work with the connectors originals that come from as not one
super original nintendo yes quiet it didn’t work is bought
to repair or scrap pay 20 euros with the shipment but it was because it came with
a command I needed a command so left guard
we already had materials we had hardware and we had practically prepared the
front so it was time to ride it everything everything was taking shape and I can
ensure I was excited since It looked very good
place the reader gave me some headache and you have to go to
a specific position had to go to a concrete height and it has to be
balanced once it was all in its position glue the reader’s legs and
the rest of the pieces that were missing as lateral
and back every time that passed was
excited and is that he had just ridden the computer had just assembled the
controls and computer connectors I was already breathing from the bottom but
the thing does not end and is that he had placed in its position and its correct height the
cartridge reader but not placed in anywhere but in position
exact that would go in the original console now in the turn of the buttons
cartridge control these would have to go perfect says hundreds of measures already
that these buttons are very characteristic but I think they were
in place ah now it was time to have fun and
is that good in the turn of doing plasticine you already know how to putty peace
Pocsi my component a putty that you can form and do what you imagine
which then solidifies and is pure metal the rest of the buttons that the console has
I made with this epoxy putty but not only that but also for
conceal the union between the abs of super nintendo and acrylic than do not
and the last touches they touched were the
wiring and buttons the buttons it was pretty clear we would have to
use the originals and we should make them functional so install the
switch to take out the reader to turn on the computer or to clean the
cartridge module for the reader I had to modify it
even trim it so that everything fit and be able to take out the tray with the
new switch the wiring we saw in the video
previous but it is very simple and is that let’s use an idea cable usb a converter
10 dollars and for the command front is a super nes or usb converter for
turn on the console a high switch route and to get the reader a
short-haul switch the plus button elaborated is the cartridge reset
I made it more elaborate because I wanted it was the closest thing to the original with the
same tour and so for that I had what to do then some rails so that
had a specific tour and by the back basically i used a switch
all hit PC worked at a thousand wonders
the console divides it into two parts the top with the nintendo reader
switch and screen control and the part below with the rest of the components that
connect to each other via a usb already that if not a future I have to modify
put a fan or anything dismounted the usb and I can work
comfortably I was elated since I only
lack of food yes and is that for to be able to make it work you have to put it
stream had thought about putting 12 volts to fully power it a
5 amp transformer would be enough but I found a
small problem and that is that several components like the reader or the reader
of cartridges operated at 5 volts the cartridge reader consumes very little as well
that could power it from the usb but the CD player wanted to put in
direct electricity so you don’t no problem arises i’m thinking
in a voltage regulator like the one we see on screen but I said yes
I directly take the 78 05 and I will I install directly to the reader and that was
what I did I disassembled from the super nintendo that turned out to have one for free
I mounted it on the reader and it worked spectacularly good and the rest of its history connect the
cables well connect it all over all sanding a lot before painting I don’t have
many pictures of the painting but it was basically a primer for
plastic and then a layer of tone that I thought more successful something that several followers me
they asked the show with how you dressed the logos as is say the logos is very
easy are stickers and trimmers with plotter that is trimmed with its shape
they are brutal and they are super cheap good family this has been all the
it really has been a project amazing and has learned a lot but
a lot a lot and the result is from my point of view to be the
first and for never having done it is mortal I assure you that I will continue
doing things for sure surely the best a little look or even who knows
I would do some more and they are eating offers a colleague who is
collector and knows it’s a replica has offered me a lot of money we are
crazy that the same or some more than I say I do some more because I don’t have
intention to sell is and if I told you I was going to post to see what the
people or people’s reaction and to final decided not to make a video but you
shortly it has been crazy hundreds of messages 700 700 people
kilometers that said tomorrow they showed up at my house for the
console and is that many knew that this console could be a treasure in the
retro video game scene is a crazy little people buying bargains and
selling at the price of gold the truth is that it is a
topic you would give for a video in this channel we’re going to criticize anyone this
channel is to share with everyone you one of the best experiences
of my life and is that he has learned a a lot has not earned money but I have
past as such in short family I hope that you liked this video
If so, a like is appreciated and for last how much do you think the
nintendo playstation at auction what madness comments to see if you succeed in
family weekend I stay here for a while playing the donkey kong or a little greeting
everyone and you know where we meet in the next video

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