Comparing Canvas Weights

Comparing Canvas Weights

Canvas, also known as cotton duck, comes in a variety of weights. Sometimes it’s measured in ounces, or it can be given a number that represents the weight. Numbered ducks range from 1 to 12. The lower the number, the heavier the weight is. A #1 canvas is 27 ounces per square yard, and #12 is 11.5 ounces. If a canvas just has a weight and not a number, that means it’s a lighter weight single fill duck. Single fill refers to the way it’s woven. The warp yarns run vertically and the weft yarn is woven in between them, horizontally. Single fill ducks just have 1 weft yarn, and numbered ducks have 2, making them stronger and stiffer. Numbered ducks are often used for more heavy duty applications like tents, tarps, heavy work cloths, drop cloths, and artist’s canvasses. Single fill ducks are popular for bags, crafts, slip covers, liners, jackets, and much more. They’re more flexible and also come in
different colors.

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  2. What an excellent video. Crisp, cogent and very specific. Perfect for understanding Canvas weights etc. Thank you.

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