Complete Ear Tube Surgery

Complete Ear Tube Surgery

Hey Ella
Getting Ella out of car seat` Are you excited? Got her binky, got her bag?
Are you going to feel better today… are you going to be able to hear? This is ella smith… hi ella how are you
this morning? She’s getting ear tubes put in… she doesn’t
even know she’s going to feel better She had back to back ear infections and she
still has fluid on her ears. She just needs help getting fluid off her ear drum… or
Ella’s going to have her own speech… cause she won’t be able to hear clearly Of course you’re a little anxious about your
child having surgery, but I think Dr. Elmaraghy has done a good job of educating us… letting
us know what’s going to happen each step of the way. I chose a facility that only deals with pediatrics…
only kids… and who better else to take care of your children then someone who constantly
sees them and takes care of them I’m going to take her temperature.. You guys can come on in… set your stuff
on the chair She can keep her socks and her little toy So about 15 min when we leave her to when
we see her again? It will be about half an hour… half an hour… ok How are you cutie pie? The entire surgery takes a little over 10
min and I’ll come talk to you when we’re finished Hey cutie… today’s your day
Hello everyone…this is Ella smith.. Time in the room is going to be 744
So this is an ear tube.. you can see it’s only a couple millimeters..
We implant the tube and it expands across the eardrum…
The purpose of a tube is to keep a ventilation hole in the ear drum Is it getting better now? Perfect Alright…
Here’s our ear speculum Basically we just put that very gently in
Ella’s ear The reason we’re doing this is just persistent
fluid in Ella’s ear She slept through a fire alarm at school…
so maybe now she’ll hear that fire alarm She’s got quite a bit of fluid that’s gonna
be suctioned out… we’re going to send a sample to the lab to find out what kind of
bacteria has been in her ear I usually irrigate out the middle ear with
a little bit of antibiotic I’ll take the tube… so this is the ear tube
fairly small… that will just ventilate the middle ear that will help in infection drain
and allow us to put in antibiotic in her ears if she gets an ear infection
That is perfect… ear drops please It will be nice to see her and know it’s over
We’re going to move on to the left ear So same exact thing… just put the speculum
in the ear So we just make a very small incision … one
millimeter incision in the ear drum And that’s a complete ear tube… ear tubes
on both sides. Calling Ella’s parents after surgery
Oh my gosh… that went really fast Walking to consult room
Hey, everything went perfect She needed that badly … she had fluid on
both sides… This is the only care that you’re doing to
use after surgery… so these are antibiotic ear drops
By this afternoon she should be good to go She did perfect… she did perfect
Will she hear a lot better? She will definitely hear a lot better… I can’t guarantee she’ll
listen to you… laughing… Probably in about ten minutes they’ll call
you back… once she’s awake and you’ll be able to see her… ok… thank you… I thought it would take forever… and it’s
like I blinked and they asked us to come back and see him.
I didn’t think I was going to be as nervous as I was when I left her, but now that’s it’s
over and I’ve talked to the doctor… it’s a sense of relief.
Ear tubes function a couple things… they allow us to sample what’s in the ear so we
can culture it and determine exactly what bacteria it is… but also it provides instant
relief for the child if they have fluid in their ears
The tubes last one to 3 years… they typically fall out on their own
We like to see the child back about six weeks out just to make sure the ear drum has kept
the ear tube in and that the ear tube remains open
From there we see her every six months until those tubes fall out
Fast recovery … ear tubes are a good surgery in the fact for a patient like Ella they actually
feel a lot better after surgery… her hearing will be better… she’ll have a lot less pressure
There’s no such thing as routine surgery … with regards to ear tubes… we consider every
patient our most important patient of the day and with a patient like Ella… everything
has be to perfect. We don’t ever consider it routine. This is Ella… she’s all done
She did fabulous She seems happy… and was happy before and
after.. that’s about as good as it can be. I knew she was in great hands with Dr. Elmaraghy
Nationwide Children’s definitely did a great job from beginning to end… we got registered
we got back to pre-op… everyone was very informative… everyone cared about ella,
cared about us.. and even as we left… everyone made sure we didn’t have any questions or
concerns regarding her or us.

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  1. Hai sir i m naresh kumar.
    1 week back. My friend slapped my ear . So on that time. So many distubances in ear. Air in sound. I m counselting end doctor he says to me. Ear drum problem . Ear whole.
    Present i m feeling very tenstion. Give me sum suggestion sir.
    I m waiting ur reply

  2. I got eat tubes when I was a baby. They came out on there own when I was about 5, I thought my ear made the ear tube, like earwax, so when I went to kindergarten the next day I started asking people if they lost their ear tube yet… not my proudest moment.

  3. I’m watching this after my last tube comes out I wanna know what they look like bec I’m not sure what they look like my other one came out without me knowing

  4. Hope my nephew won't go through this but I sent this video and another one like this to my sister to show her that this is something he might have to endure. Hope not.

  5. I have had 10 sets of ear tubes I got my first at 6 months but because of my ear condition I will always have them I wish my tubes would have worked before But they didn’t and I need more surgery soon. so anyone getting tubes the surgery isn’t bad and it usually works the first time

  6. i have had about 4 sets of tubes and none of them worked so i was left Deaf in my left ear and now i have a hearing aid called the BAHA i got them when i was 6-7 untill i was about 9 i first got them becuase i fell into a wheele bin/garbage bin and lost 5 teeth and my hearing all i have is a scar o i have 8 in total i hope this helps you or something 🙂 (btw i know this is 2014 in in 2018)

  7. I had to get grommets twice – once when I was 6 and again when I was 10 – great to know that I was and still am bad at hearing lol

  8. Why cant the baby be put to sleep before sending him/her into surgery? Most toddlers cry profusely. My grandbaby is getting tubes next week and shes only 2 yrs old. She will think her parents have abandoned her. Please let me know if there are any alternatives to calming baby before surgery.

  9. I got ear tubes when i was 4, they fell out.
    Got them in grade 1, they fell out.
    Got them in grade 3, they fell out.
    Got them in grade 6, they fell out.
    Got them in grade 9, they fell out.
    Now grade 12, gettin them for the 6th time.

    You see, my ears dont like to work properly and my specialist said i will likely have them consistently for the rest of my life so yeet

  10. I might have to have people tubes put in my ears if my ears don't drain probably. I've had back to back ear infections.

  11. I got tubes put in when I was quite young and had to have surgery to get my left tube removed since it got stuck. I got that kind of luck. Didn't know they were tiny little things.

  12. Went I was 5 years old my ear got hurt and makes me headache but mom gave me desert and after that I got in hospital but now I'm 9 years old so see you soon

  13. I had ear surgery as a baby than 4th grade had to do surgery again on holes in ears than 28years old had to have surgery agina the surgery is only temporary i cant haer to well still good long on her

  14. I had 5 tubes on each ear and the last set was done while I was awake but this ENT bless him said it was my NOSE causing the trouble so before you get grommets make sure your nose is working properly and your adenoids aren't the culprit
    But long story Short I prayed and prayed and my nose now works 100% and my ears are Healthy I feel like a new person

  15. I’m 11 and getting my 5 pair and nothing has helped I’m getting a surgery in February but I have to get a different kind I have had this on 5 times

  16. I have to get this surgery every time the tubes fall out xD becsuse I cant hear anything due to the fact that I have had wax build up and hearning loss. My mom used to be able to come into the room with me until I was 9 years old. Then they didnt let her come in xD and it was scary asf being in a room with people I didnt know. I feel bad for this child

  17. I em a nervous reck my 20 month bb is getting the procedure done on Touesday. Shes got 9 ear infection since born and she cant say a word please help us pray for her that all goes well Thank you

  18. My ear tubes were a lot smaller looking and black.. but I got this done right before I turned 20 along with fixing 5 deviated septum’s and removing a brain cyst along he frontal lobe of my brain that they did through my nose. I had severe ear infections my whole life as well as multiple times of staph in my ears when I was younger. I remember everything was so extremely loud and the recovery was very painful for me.. my hearing sadly is back to the way it was before surgery after the tubes fell out a little under 2 years later.. it Always sounds like I’m under water and my ears pop continuously.. stinks I’ll probably have to get them again very soon😕 don’t know if it’s even worth it though since I was told I’ll probably always have to get them again and again😕

  19. Anybody else see the Anesthesia doctor not wearing a mask?  Ironic I work in surgery and they anesthesia are the worst at PPE, drinks, magazines and anything else the think to bring with them, at least he was wearing his radiation dosimeter.  I know this might seem like a small procedure, but all of them are sterile surgeries.

  20. My son has had 5 to 6 ear infections. And the doctor's have given him Amoxicillin and Cefdinir and Zithromax and it didn't help. So he's having his surgery done next Monday. Thank God I went to a specialist so I could get this seen about.

  21. Please can some body answer , how long the tubes stay in ears? When they fell out? My baby got at 3 years old , and now she is 5 and steel have it .

  22. My 4 year old is getting her 3rd set April 10th. She had her first set on 4/20/15 and the second set a few days before Halloween the same year due to one coming out early for some reason. Even though this is the third time going through this I'm still scared

  23. My second son had his done when he was about eighteen months. He was having colds so often, then the doctor Saud he had an ear infection and he had to also have his adenoids remove because of heavy breeding. Now he's twenty eight, and still wears hearing aids. Very smart young man.

  24. I know this has nothing to do with the ear surgery but that teddy hanging from the baby's pacifier, seems a bit too heavy and could put more pressure on the baby's front teeth.

  25. Im going to do this tomarrow, exept for just one because the other fell out… now im terrified.

  26. If you are considering getting ear tubes… DO NOT, they are crap and done work in 15 and I've gotten them about 4 times the I actually have a pair that was put in there, get this, 2 YEARS AGO, when they are in they say," it will take about 9 months to fall out," well I'm my case 2 years and they are still in there, don't get them and once they are in the tubes makes your ears super sensitive to loud noises, and the ear wax can clog the tube to where they have to take them out OR flush out your ear with water, so in conclusion, DON'T GET EAR TUBES. Thank You 🙂
    -Trenton 3/27/19

  27. I want to know if this couple had any trouble with her ears again,  did that tube get clogged  up??? Let me reframe the question did any of you that had it or children that had that done have any trouble with ear Infections as in Reoccurring???

  28. Thank you for posting this. I'm very nervous about my two year old having this done. This helped relieve the stress. Thank you so much!

  29. I’m getting tubes on May 1st which is very soon.. I’m kinda nervous because I don’t like the stuff that makes you sleep btw I’m 10

  30. im 17 and one i had in my left ear just came out today, after being told by numerous physicians that they fell out.

  31. My son had tubes put in his ears and he had a bunch of fluid in his ear. The tubes helped so much. Within the next 24 hours I could tell his hearing was already better. I worked at a Christian daycare and every morning everyone got together for morning worship and soon as he heard the music he got the biggest smile on his face and started dancing which he had never done before. It made me cry tears of happiness seeing that. 😊🙂

  32. I’m seventeen years old. I’m getting tubes put in tomorrow. I know I shouldn’t be nervous since it’s a minor procedure, but it’s so nerve wracking to know that I’m going under and they’re going to be operating.

  33. Stop vaxxing your children and there won’t be no ear infection!🙄 ear infection is one of the many vaccines side effects!

  34. I got ear tubes and one got stuck in my ear I’ve had 4 surgeries and none worked they got the tube out on the first but there is a big hole and they still can’t close it now they just wait over time

  35. Im 11 and i repeideitly have been getting ear infections so I gotta get tubes so I wanna know will any part of this procedure hurt at all

  36. I’m a 17 year old and I’ve been suffering from ear infection my whole life ever since I was that little girls age. I’m finally getting tubes

  37. Yesterday I had surgery on my left ear. I have a big bruise behind my ear now. But they were supposed to do that. And blood is oozing out. I HATE IT SO MUCH!!! I wanna pray for it to feel better

  38. I've had this done when I was younger but then they fell out.. then I started lossing more hearing my doctors never did anything about it till we got a second opinion.. she said she wanted to do the surgery right away so then a couple months later I got surgery on my left ear in October.. it was a bit scary for me because I haven't had anything done to them for a while. This wasn't any regular surgery though. I had holes in my ears so my doctor took skin behind my ear and put it inside to close the hole.. I couldn't believe it worked so then 9 months later which was 2 days ago I got it done to my right ear but this time something scary happened… I ran low on oxygen and some reason my ear was bleeding way bad than last time but it's doing good now. I hope nobody has to deal with this like I did..

  39. I know I placed a comment on someone elses- but I absolutely had issues getting one tube placed. I instantly was off balance, dizzy (vertigo) had pressure in my head that was hard to explain and had the feeling of needing pressure over my ears. I didnt think this could happen but I guess it can.

  40. I'm actually here because of Operation D.W. The Arthur episode where D.W. has the same procedure and I wanted to see how it was done.

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