63 thoughts on “Concrete Genie – Paris Games Week Mural | PS4

  1. Sony Interactive Entertainment please stop censoring video games & threatening both the developers & publishers of said games already!

  2. What's not beautiful is Sony's recent push for censorship in titles coming near future. They're also waiting last minute to tell them what can't stay so developers will do the work for PS versions and have all the time and money invested in those versions so that they almost have to censor them to get the release and make the money back.

    I like my PS4, but this censorship is not only obsolete and robbing us all of content, it's further dishonest and scummy how they're doing it.

    Don't let corporate success justify a belief this can continue to be gotten away with.

  3. Magnifique édition la paris games week comme d'habitude j'y etait comme depuis 3 ans maintenant 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  4. Estoy seguro que nos tienen muchas sorpresas bajo tanta especulaciones , suerte en los proyectos y siempre apoyando a PS 😍

  5. We now have… trailers for Themes… and someone painting on a wall an title it as the name game “blabla trailer” when we are expecting something else about it…
    Not a concrete creativity :/

  6. The only thing that I'm anxious about this game is the release date, this is a beautiful game that needs to be played by everyone

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