So here we are today at the house; it’s a
very noisy house at the moment. We have the builders drilling going on upstairs, the
plumbing is going in, so it’s quite an important point at this point. We have to
get this right before any of the flooring goes down. Let’s go and see what’s been going on. So going up to the first floor, the walls have got a few scuff marks. These stairs here need a bit of a cleanup before we get round
to finishing those. And the floors are all up as you can see here, all the
plumbing and the electrical work that’s going in.. and going into the
master bedroom, you can see the floors are up here. This is where a lot of the
work is going on at the moment. That there that is where the air conditioning
is going to be going; that’s where the vent is and here we have this sliding door,
that’s where that’s going to be. So this is where we need to plaster because we have the TV going up just along there. And through here, if we just have a quick look. So
this would be – will be – the master bathroom. So if you have a quick look left here, that’s
where the shower, in that corner, that’s where the shower is going to be based
along here, and then finally underneath the lavatory over here in the corner and that’s all plumbed in pretty much, all ready to go.
Look up here the builders have put up their lovely charts here, so they can see
where things are going. They’ve already packed the wall out
already with this lovely lovely stuff, insulation, fluffy, feels good, and then
here is the new walls these are all sort of thermal, you see they’re sort of foil
and there’ll be insulating walls acoustically. We can see here, the
wiring running all the way through going right down the joists, wherever they can
and fit in, passed all the drills on the floor here! Another bit of wall! So quick look back, so all looking good
so far, all ready for plastering. Going up to the next floor the second floor we
have now.. this is where the old boiler was was, so that whole tank came
out, and that’s going to be part of the family bathroom. So if you look over here,
there’s the guys who are doing the air conditioning, they’re putting in all the
wiring all the ductwork, all that type of thing just making sure everything goes
down through the house because we have air conditioning on two floors. So over
here, you can see right down to the ground below, through that hole there and here are all the lovely joists. You need a bit of
repairing and this is the old wall which is coming out we’ve taken out the
ceiling as you can see here all up there you can see where all the joists and
everything are. And if we look further down that’s going to be another bathroom
at the end there and you can see where the two toilets are back to back. They
will be feeding in through a wall there to the duct and that is the soil pipe
running down so they need to be connected all in to that; that runs down
the house now, so I say duct work as you see we’ve got a window here so that’s being kept
but we are going to put in some obviously some ventilation in here, so
back out, I’ll just have a quick look again, I don’t think there’s
anything else there that you would need to see a nice open floor, that’s the
upper hallway and then actually let’s have a quick look in the back room. So as
you can see all the flooring is still up so if we just
step over there into this room you’ll see even more of the joists and you’ve
obviously got some shavings there from the drilling and to little new wiring
and obviously there are lots of doors and things in the way. And here we have
some doors that are going back on, one that isn’t, obviously that’s ironmongery
that needs to be dealt with there and this is one of the doorways, now this is
going to be closed off, so this is actually going to be smoothed all the way
down; you won’t know that there’s a door there because this is the guest bathroom
the guest bathroom here it’s gonna have some nice limestone tiles just on there
on that wall and obviously a new ceiling as you can see here, we need another new ceiling, all the lighting and everything’s going to be going up
there and so this is the opposite end and there’s going to be a wall just
along there and that’s where these two toilet systems are going to be sort of
back-to-back each other and you can see here I’ll see the pipe work down here,
where it’s all going to be fed all the way along to the side and all the way
out there and it’s going to fit into that soil pipe there. All quite simple! Coming down to the ground floor we have this is where a socket is, there’s going to be a light plate just on there, and see
the wiring all ready to go and I’ll see you’ve got part of the wall
which this will all need to be repaired filled in and smoothed down. So on today’s agenda we have the window guy
coming in so he’s going to be talking to me about what needs to stay as far as
the architraves. The architraves are the frame on which goes around the window
and we’re having whole new windows, but there are also shutters going on, and
blinds, and other different things, so he wants all of that taken off but I just
want to check, I just want to double check, that actually we’re taking off
exactly what he needs to be taken off, at the moment we’ve still got them on and I
want to get rid of them if they’re OK to be got rid of, otherwise it just means a
little bit more to do later on. It means that he may well be causing a
mess where my builders could cause a mess now rather than later so he’s first
on the list. The other thing that needed to do, and happening today is the fireplace
guy. The fireplace guy is coming today to do a survey and we’ve chosen the fireplace,
the clients have chosen the fireplace and know what they’re getting, but he needs
to check; just to see what the measurements are and whether we need a
flue liner, which is going up through the chimney, up through the core of the house so we just need to check what he needs, so he needs to do
his survey just see examine, we have exactly what he needs to do his job and
then we can move on. Other than that I have the acoustic guy coming. The acoustic guy is actually to do with the aircon and the aircon is actually being done
upstairs as we speak, but the acoustic guy has to check to see exactly whether
the machines are actually going to be very noisy, which invariably they are, and
because they’re going to be noisy, he used to do a test to see if we’re
going to disturb all the neighbours. Hopefully not, I would think not, but he
needs to check. I also have I also have to check out and do some calls today
because there’s a few things on the alarm I need to make sure of:
access points just for the electrics, which are pretty much all done but
they’re just waiting on a few other questions to be answered,
so I need to get those sorted out today. I need to sort out some carpets
with the client, as the client has had a change of mind as far as where he wants
his runner, that’s going up the stairs, and then where the rest of the carpet
starts. He has had a debate with his wife about way he wants that to end
so I just need to check that before I confirm quantities with the carpet
manufacturers. So let’s get on with the day.. past all this pipe work here
that we have! As that’s all for the plumbing and you can see all the different bits and
bobs which are going into the bathrooms thankfully they’re all here and they’re
all labeled, you can see this is for the master bathroom, so the builders know
exactly what is to go where, what to attach these things to, to these
lovely pipes! Heading out in the rain – need to grab some tech I’ve done all the meetings which is great and
now to go and do some picking up some store stuff so there’s a quite a fair bit
to do; but let’s get on with it! After a whirlwind tour of Apple and a
whole raft the things to think about and decide whether to get or not I’m finally
on my way home! Hoorah!


  1. Great music and very interesting videos I'm just starting out I've done a few home projects and people say I should be an interior designer. I know it takes a lot more than people think. Currently studying a diploma and happy !😊😊 I'm enjoying your channel thank you x

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