Contemporary style double story home for 25 lakh ? With stunning interior | Video tour

Contemporary style double story home for 25 lakh ? With stunning interior | Video tour

Hi everyone welcome back to another
video today I have come up with a contemporary style double storey home
for 30 Lac with stunning interior and designs as well
let’s go detail home area is 1,450 square feet and constructed with the
budget of 25 lakh without land this home located at the Noren kala the door we
see here is a modern type mostly the door will be in wood colors but here it
is in white and simple design squares in steel rod are given for the entrance
view there is cladding tiles paved on the left side wall of the sit out the
opening of sit out leads to living area where a cushion sofa is provided it’s
matched in color with painting also the white and brown combination of paints
has made this area a superb view to eyes the curtains used is same all over the
house this is a modern type curtain there is false healing and Cincy cutting
work in this area small flower VARs is placed inside the wall with bordered
frame this leads to dining space TV unit is placed back of cincy work small
dining table provided here with six seat capacity a bench and three chairs are
placed for sitting hanging lights are provided for interior beauty all ceiling
work also done here this is the washing area with a small oval basin and cabin
storage chain steps are used for stair the space underneath steps are utilized
for storage to let’s check bedroom then wow this is an
awesome bedroom specifically done according to needs false ceiling is done
also spotlights for flower vas is given here double cot box type provided for
resting dressing area wardrobe attached bathroom available in this room all
things are seated in place and neatly now we can check second bedroom all sealing is done in small design here
too there is dressing area and wardrobe also attached bathroom available now we move on to the kitchen there is
cabin storage in wall and beneath track refrigerator is higher gas burner is
placed over the rack there is a small work area with sink and traditional oven now we move on to the first floor the
rail is made of steel in square Curtin’s used in first Florez of cloth this is the third bedroom here there is wardrobe and dressing area
along with new ceiling work done attached bathroom provided there is
railings in the balcony for a design work it seems good on the white color overall this is a contemporary and
budget home for all

100 thoughts on “Contemporary style double story home for 25 lakh ? With stunning interior | Video tour

  1. In Bangalore, we won't even get this house for lease at 25L! Stop talking bullshit please… It would cost anywhere around 1-1.5Cr in Bangalore

  2. Something is wrong about the house . I think something bad happened in this house ..thats why they want to sell it for this cheap. Save yourselves from this home .

  3. Make seperate video for particular this house and give the cost of construction and interior . If it's possible. Thanks

  4. I have a plot size 20 by 40 I want this double story on the ground floor I want one shop 12 by 20 plz suggest me simple soaber map plz I,LL appreciate you guys

  5. Really nice house I have a land in Chennai is it possible for you to construct a same house like this please tell me

  6. I am interior designer
    ND I know this is very very costly according to furniture and other designs
    I done too much better in 25 lakh amount..

    If any body want to design their home in affordable budget contact -7987666285

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