Controlling the Water ~ How to Use Watercolor with Scarlett Damen

Controlling the Water ~ How to Use Watercolor with Scarlett Damen

100 thoughts on “Controlling the Water ~ How to Use Watercolor with Scarlett Damen

  1. I have just realized, after weeks of trying to teach myself with the help of YouTube, where I am going wrong. When you said not to pick up any more water I realized I always added more water to spread the paint out. Thank you

  2. What
    Wait wait wait
    You're losing me at the part with putting the water on the paper
    I don't understand this method to do watercolor

  3. The struggle I went through in elementary school trying so hard not to make a brown blob with the watercolors

  4. Oh wowie thank you so much. Im trying to figure out watet colors, and was being an idiot abouy it. Thanks for helping me out.

  5. Oh I thought it was a satisfying video… But it's how to. Well you taught me I thought we have to wait until the water dries.

  6. In my elementary art class our art teacher tougher us about using a dry brush to soak up water, but she called it a ‘thirsty brush’

  7. Wht do u go straight into the video. At least have a intro to explain everything and what you will do in detail.

  8. It was not really cool but it was best for beginners who just learned to do water colour not for professionals

  9. Are the little dark specks I'm seeing right around the center paint granulation or paper pilling? …btw nice explanation…TY!

  10. That little droplet of water on the side of the flower was disturbing me so much, i was praying you would wipe it but nevertheless thanks this video was super helpful! Plus you have a really cute voice

  11. I'm new to watercoloring and I'm totally in love with it. Thanks for the tips, you're and awesome teacher!

  12. very straightforward and direct, i love it 😀 i immediately subbed and liked when the vid started 😀 ( i really like videos that go straight to the point like, no long intros. )

  13. I Subscribed your channel.Being new to water colour I just started following your instructions and Thank You !

  14. Is that granulating paint you mixed with or is the paper pilling in the middle? Ive been having difficulty with paper pilling with successive washes.

  15. Scarlett!! I just found you. Watched a couple other videos and then saw this. It taught me soooo much.I'm artistic but pretty new to watercolor. I finally got some good paint and Arches cold press paper. I've learned a lot from YT video but no one has done a real time video going into great detail about how to control water and how and when to add pigment. You are amazing. My watercolor life has been changed.

  16. Does anyone know (or scarlett if you answer) if she was using a brush from Wish or if that's a Raphael brush?

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