Cool Home Decor – Ascension Parish Coffee Talk 47

– Welcome to Ascension Parish Coffee Talk, a weekly show where I talk about nothing but the people and places
in Ascension Parish. My name is Kristina Smallhorn, Your Real Estate Whisperer
for Ascension Parish. And this week I’m switching
things up a little bit. I went on Facebook over the weekend and asked real estate
agents around the country for their most interesting
things they found in homes when they were looking with clients. Some things are really funny, and some things are just
really cool and interesting. But I’m not gonna post
anything or show you anything of the gross stuff, just the fun stuff. (birds chirping) In the state of Louisiana,
we love our sports. And these sports fans are very dedicated. This first one I’m gonna
show you is of a house that is obviously Lexington,
Kentucky Wildcats fan. Their whole yard is decorated in this. This agent, Whitney Pannel,
took a picture of these sports fans’ yard and it’s amazing. They really took a lot of space up with all their paraphernalia
of the Kentucky Wildcats. I didn’t even know that was a team, so (laughs) I learned something new. If you ever go around
the state of Louisiana, we have our Tigers, and
LSU, and purple and gold, and the Saints, I mean people
really do love their sports, so I understand why the people of Kentucky love their Wildcats. That same agent ends
up going into the house and she happens to see on a billiard table a large wildcat, right
there on the billiard. So these people are truly dedicated. Another agent, her name is Amber Watson, and she went into a house
that was like a flip. So it’s definitely a remodel. And one of her agents
actually did buy the house for a remodel, but on
the outside of the house, they have like a television. Obviously, they’re pretty dedicated if they’re gonna stand out in the snow and watch their favorite football team, right there in the backyard. Now I know many people love their garages to be very decorated. I’ve seen them super organized with tools hanging from color-coded pins, but I haven’t really seen anybody paint it or put up a mural. This person, her name is Katie Ninakavoic, had this really interesting garage. And in the garage, it
had a gigantic mural. I think it’s really cool. How many people really take
the time to put the effort into making something more
interesting in their garage than just the typical tools
and lawnmower and cars? Alright, we’re gonna take
you out from the garage and into the home. Here in Louisiana, we’re
called the Sportman’s Paradise. Everybody loves their sports here. With hunting and fishing, and we even do alligator hunting here,
that’s like a real thing. This one agent was really
creative in enjoying herself with the taxidermied animals
that were in the home. The one agent stood in
front of a gigantic tiger. I think it’s a tiger or a cat. And then another agent, she had something like a travel gnome. So she takes this travel gnome and she… ‘Cause all the little taxidermied
animals are on the ground. If you’d look there, they’re all sitting right there on the ground. So she took her little travel
gnome and put him there. And I told her that I think it made her little travel gnome look
like he was kind of like a (screeching) I think it’s just really super interesting to see how people are creative
and have fun with their jobs. Speaking of animals and how
much people love their animals, Pope Cokler, she sent me
a picture of a bathroom. And in the bathroom is a
small sink on the ground, you can see it right there on the ground. And if you look, it’s
actually for the dog. So when the dog comes in the bathroom, he has his own little sink to either wash his paws or take a drink. Well, this homeowner really took it to the next level for her cats. She made her own little cat apartment. It’s really cool because she made each little level for the cats to jump on, so they have their own
entertainment space. I think this is a great idea. If I had cats, I would totally do that. I have four dogs myself,
and if they were up to jumping on the walls, I would
have this completely like, this whole wall would
be full of it. (laughs) So now we were in the
bathroom with the dog. So now I wanna take you
to the bathroom for decor. A very clever way that these homeowners have decided to make sense of things. You can see in this first picture that they took pennies
and put them on the floor. So instead of using tile
or resin or even concrete, they just took all their spare pennies and laid them on the floor. I thought it was pretty genius. Another homeowner had the same great idea. If you took those same pennies
and had them on the floor, why not use them to decorate
the outside of your shower? So she took her pennies and put ’em all the way up to the
top, all around the edges. I love it when a seller
has a sense of humor. And this seller was really fun by adding their little door greeter. Can you imagine being greeted
by this guy at the front door? Another thing that sellers
have done over the years is transform their basements
into entertainment spaces. Here in Louisiana, we
don’t have basements, but up north, they do. And a couple of agents
from around the country sent me basements that had
been turned into discos. This one actually even came
complete with a disco ball and a very cool, very rave-like bar. And she wasn’t the only one that found a bar in the basement
that was really neat. This other one is really cool too. If I had a basement, there’s no way I would even get rid of it,
’cause I think it’s so awesome. I hope you found these pictures enjoyable. I was just doing this for fun this week, just something a little bit different. If you’d like me to post some
more pictures in the future, just leave a comment below and
I’ll see what I can round up from realtors around the country. If you’d like to search for homes here in the Ascension Parish area, you can always visit my website at If you’d like to know
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