Cork World Map

Cork World Map

Cleaning Up the workshop I found a piece of
cork of 5mm left from another project and I thought about using it to make a world map
that I will stick on my wall. I’ve stuck it to a 3mm plywood board to get more deepness
and stability. Also I downloaded this image from the internet
that I have chosen, not for its accuracy, but for its simplicity of contours that will
make it easier to cut in the scroll saw. I have printed it in several A4 sheets and
I have joined them using transparent tape and then glued them on the board. Now I’m cutting all the contours using an utility knife. In order to avoid staining the cork with glue, turn over the board and stuck the cuts upside down. I am gonna use the scroll saw of the Portable
Workshop that comes in handy because of its wide table which will make the job easier. It took me one hour to make all the cuts. I am using the template again to place all the parts with accuracy. To fix all the pieces to the wall I used silicone adhesive. A few drops per piece will be enough. After removing the template, I just need to add some more islands and … that’s it!

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  1. If you'd like to help me, you can upload subtitles in your own language following this link:
    Puedes contribuir con subtítulos en tu idioma en el siguiente enlace:

  2. Your DIY scroll saw is just simply amazing! I love that the table is big enough to accomodate large stock. I love doing fretwork myself and your table is just encouraging me to make one for my scroll saw. Thanks!

  3. You represent YouTube at its best, Suso. I enjoy every new video and can't wait for the next! Thank you for sharing them. Really.

  4. I love the way you use negative cuts to guide what wilt thou set on the wall. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Perdón, no me había dado cuenta que eras español ! . Entonces, en nuestro idioma : Amo la forma en que usas los recortes en negativo para guiarte con lo que pegarás en la pared. Gracias por compartirlo, y mis saludos cordiales desde Argentina 🙂

  6. I can't believe you didn't place my Island, Puerto Rico. You should go back and do it. I mean that's Ricky Martin's birth place. Spanish Version: No puedo creer que no pusistes mi isla, Puerto Rico. Debes regresar y ponerla. Imaginate, es el lugar de nacimiento de Ricky Martin.

  7. Gran trabajo! Me ha encantado ver colocar esa banderita en España.
    Por cierto, la mesa para sierra y fresadora me pareció fantastica, pero la columna 3D para router, me dejó sin palabras, como tantas otras cosas que haces. Gracias por compartir. Eres un fenómeno!!

  8. I loved the flag-pin at the end!

    Here's an idea: pin flags for all the different cities your followers live in!? To start: I'm from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

    Would be cool to see more and more flags all over the map..!

  9. The best is the camera-scroll saw sync that makes it look like going slow motion 😀 nice result man!

  10. I have a quick question, in a recent clip you showed your box joint jig very quickly. I cant find it but thought it was great like all your clips. could you point out which clip it was again please

  11. donde puedo encontrar la plantilla q unir con celo posteriormente y pegar a la pared como has hecho tras cortar los paises? Tengo en mente hacer algo similar para una amiga pero lo mas complicado me va a ser encontrar la plantilla para poder imprimilar como tu lo has hecho.
    Muchas gracias! gran trabajo

  12. Wow! that project is sooo cool! I wish I had the tools that you used!!
    I made my own version my wall, just that I painted it! 🙂

  13. How did you use A4 prints to put all of the map together at first? This is what I want to do, but I am unsure how to print it off section by section using only A4 sheets…

  14. Mestro le falto poner a Japon!!
    pero bueno le quedo genial, como todo lo que haces!
    Saludos desde Cuernavaca, Mexico!!!

  15. nice channel i've subsribed it and i've completed watching all your videos its very nice and interesting.

  16. Una pregunta, cómo se llama ese cortador? Es algún cortador especial? Uno tipo hot wire podría cortar corcho? Gracias! Excelente trabajo

  17. I really appreciated your work
    I am also trying to same as you but I don't know about the guideline of those a4 size paper in world map so please give me the guideline of world map on i can print them too😀😀

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