Craft Room Tour: My Marker Wall – Pen & Pencil Storage including copies and prisma pencils

Craft Room Tour: My Marker Wall – Pen & Pencil Storage including copies and prisma pencils

hi and welcome to Hedgehog Hollow hello and welcome
to today’s video rather than a tutorial I have a look at my marker wall for you
many of you commented on our daily Facebook lies about this new background
that you saw behind me earlier in the week now we created this last weekend
I’ve refined it just slightly but I’m really happy with how I setup so I
wanted to make a video to show you exactly what’s there and how to make
your own we’ve lots of things to show you how to store all different kinds of
pens and mediums in here and I also have all the links below the video for you
but we’ll get to that later so let’s take a closer look so on the top I have
lots of these spectrum noir trays now they originally came in this clear and
then you’ll see later on they go into the black which is the newer color these
sort so many different types of pens they all cook together they either tape
it away from you as you can see on this side here for mine or you can stack them
so that they’re completely straight depending on your space and how you like
to work so as I said they’re originally for spectra Noirs I do have a few of
those at the top and a few more of the AK was here but on the whole these are
all of my Copic markers I have my Spiker glitter markers at the top here it also
really nicely stores my tonic Nouveau markers the tonic glitter markers and my
spectrum noir glitter pens a bit like the wink of Stella I have jelly pens in
here all sorts of fun rainbow pens and my pretty key Rihanna’s
with that petal or flower design on the end there as well down here we have the
zig clean color FB pens now these are slightly different to the normal zig
clean color pens so keep an eye out for a video upcoming to show you the
difference between all of these different zig pens I also have some Zig
calligraphy pens here and they all go really nicely together and I plenty of
room to expand you can buy them in packs of six and of course you can expand up
as high or as wide as you need to now down here I have my chameleon pencils
that I keep stored in its black case I love how these look and how it shows me
along the bottom what they are so I decided to keep those in the case they
came in down here I have my zig original zig clean color markers in the stories
that big cell to go with them now these clip
in really nice and tightly you could take this top crop with you
could put it this way up in your crop bag it also has this metal stand that
stands down and keeps them a nice tilt for you to work with really strong and
sturdy and they have these steel pins in the back so they’re never gonna come
apart I mean this is pretty weighty piece I really do like it and I of
course will link it up in the description for you now further down I
have my distress markers and this is the distress market in I only have a few of
them but I keep them in there and that’s great what I want to grab them and use
them I have my gamsol my prismacolor special pencil sharpener my color wheel
is here and my water color dropper and the back here I have this little pot
that is full of paper stumps Mady decorated it with some foam pieces for
me and all of my sanding and things are in there too this symbol I absolutely
love I have a couple of these I keep my bungle pencil which I’ve had since I was
at high school I just love having him in the back there it’s full of metallic
markers my new vogue calligraphy pen is in here my deco art markers anything
that is metallic tends to go in this thimble here and finally at the back I
have my deflect o X so this is the piece that they sent me and I really do love
it it works so well at the back here here I have pencils there’s also a
rotary cutter that I use for paper in there here I have my zippy pencil and
some more fun buyers lots of just general writing implements in here so I
know where to look this one is full of sharpies lots of different white pens
stick no pens and things that I’ve tried in the past and some Sharpie paint pens
too and at the back here I keep a couple of highlighters a dry erase pen and my
favorite fountain pen just so that they’re really easy to find as well so
now we can have a look at the wooden drawers I have four sets of these wooden
drawers that are underneath all of my different markers now you can stack
these either on top of each other or next to each other they come in an
unfinished wood so you could paint them I’ve just left them as they were you may
want to wax the Front’s just in case you get some ink on them and it wouldn’t
stay or alternatively you could paint alter
stamp all sorts of different options as I say you can have the next to each
other or you could go upwards if you wanted to each one has four drawers in
it and one stack of four is enough to keep an entire set of prismacolor
pencils in this is my prismacolor set now I have arranged these by brand so
this stack here is all full of my prima pencils and at some point I will fill
them with the spectrum and the drawers are all removable and they have dividers
in them too this stack is full of Crayola products
so as I go down they all have different Crayola products and I’ve labeled all my
drawers as well so this one is metallic cunts pencil metallic colors
this one’s color effects this one is fine line markers now I do this because
it helps me when I’m making a supply list but you may just like it just to be
able to tell exactly what product you’re looking for maybe you’ve got something
in mind and that would help you find it this one down here is my mixed one so in
the top here I keep my Marvy the blue markers and you’ll really see how
versatile these drawers are this one here are my Deena wait clue scribble
sticks in here I keep my prima watercolor pencils and I know I’m gonna
be buying more tin so I’ve left this drawer empty to fill up and I also have
in the bottom here some different pens you can fit pens in these too I’ve got
Pitt for lettering India inks I have my pitch artist pens micron pens brush
tables as rosy calligraphy pens I’ve also started this n1 from my spectrum
noir products I don’t have many year I have ordered the new spectrum noir
pencils they haven’t come yet but I do have my metallic pencils that I started
off and again I’ve just popped a label in there as well so you could organize
these however you like maybe you have a few Prisma pencils and a few pens and
you’d like to organize them that way maybe you’d like to do it like I do and
save it by brand whatever works for you these are great and you can see some
pictures that we took on your screen at the moment
feel free to pin these take a screen print they will all be on the blog for
you as well and of course all your descriptions and the supply list will be
underneath the video and on the blog to access those descriptions if you’re on a
mobile device you want to click that arrow in the bottom right hand corner
and if you’re on a desktop you will want to
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really does help us thanks so much for stopping by I will see you again very
soon for some more storage ideas happy stamping bye

47 thoughts on “Craft Room Tour: My Marker Wall – Pen & Pencil Storage including copies and prisma pencils

  1. Another great video.. so many great tips.. I really like those drawers.. I will definitely be checking into that.. I am working on my room since we moved and I love the fact they help you save on your space… Thank you!!

  2. I ordered the crafters companion marker storage direct from crafters companion after your last video. I had been using pvc pipe cut to 6" in length but it was difficult to group my marker colors in order. I have the Blick studio brush markers and they don't have a numbering system like copics do so I need to put them in a row from light to dark. My marker storage comes tomorrow evening and I cannot wait to get them arranged.

  3. Thank you for all the hard work you do. I love watching your videos. I look forwards to everyone. You are so sweet. May I suggest you do a short one letting your daughter show off her art talent, it might be fun for all. Again thank you and many happy videos for your future. – Robert

  4. I think you are meant to store the distress markers horizontally or one of the tips dry up. I wouldn't want your markers to get ruined! Love the wood drawers, i'm going to try and find them on amazon UK 🙂

  5. I've been eyeing your marker storage for many many videos, the spectrum noire shelves are on my list of things to get of course I have a bottomless wish list of craft items and the storage facet always seems to be on the lower end. Just wanted to say your dress is absolutely lovely and red is a great color on you! Thank you as always for sharing with us!

  6. I was just looking at these wooden drawers! An Amazon reviewer (with video) lined the bottom of each compartment with fun foam to better protect her colored pencil leads (and perhaps cut down on noise as the pencils shift with open & close?) I've decided the drawers probably won't work for my space… so for now my pencils+ will continue to live in a stack of plastic cutlery organizers.

  7. Thanks going to look into them. I just bought a few deflecto boxes the only thing I find is when I go to pull a marker out some of the others start to fall out but not a big problem. Do you have any ideas for distress markers?maybe that could be your next video lol

  8. Holy Cow, it's like a candy store, an artist's eye-candy store! Do you sometimes just stand there and sigh with satisfaction at the sheer sight of it? I sure would!

  9. Thank you Ms. HH! I really like your storage ! I just purchased my pencil drawers. I will definitely be purchasing more! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you for showing us your organization of all your markers, pencils aquas and gellies. I only have six spectrum noir markers, but if I get more I think I will use the the X containers. I really think that is a cool storage solution. Have a great day…see u tomorrow.

  11. What are you using to protect the tips in the wooden drawers, from getting shattered or snapped with all the rolling & pulling/pushing?

  12. Okay… so you KNOW everyone who sees this is going to want to come over for a "play date" LOL … love the collection and the tips for storage… I personally do not have an issue with tons of markers …. yet…. ( one can always have hope ! ) ; >

  13. Wow! you have an awesome collection! thanks for the zig marker container idea. I will be buying it, I didnt know that it even existed, I store them in mini mason jars 🙂

  14. I’m honestly so freaking jealous. I would love to to have a craft room, and make crafting my job, it would be truly what I want to accomplish in life lol😂😂😂

  15. Hi Alexandra!! New to your channel, but loving it!! I was wondering if you ever did the video you mentioned about the different/differences in the Zig markers?? I'm also new to zig markers and I'm so in love!!! If you did could you please direct me to it, I'd love to watch it!!

  16. Thank you so much for the idea!! I've been looking for cheap storage unit for my ohuhu and studio 71 markers and I'm so glad I found these!

  17. This video made me even more excited for my birthday next week because I asked for a lot of art stuff so me and my family are going out to Hobbie Lobby and getting as much art stuff as I want!!! YAAYYYYY THANK U DO MUCH HEDGEHOG!!

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