Creating cardboard canvas for art // Art Vlogs 270 – 2 // Ayhan Keser

Creating cardboard canvas for art // Art Vlogs 270 – 2  // Ayhan Keser

we have our stuff and now it’s time to move this table into that area and we can start somehow today the week is not over many things needs to be done I’m phoning also this part actually I mean not this coming apart the part previews it’s about creating this visual thing before you give in to that material so it’s actually the part to get good Commission’s as well the idea to create you know what we’re gonna create this image so what I’m going up to I saw so many people just boro boro say nice form to Google Images and then going to directly doing it as a mosaic as a stencil it’s okay when the client said hey you’re gonna do this you have to do that but if you have if you have an opportunity to create something before you dip into the material so it’s a night product it’s a nice practice to you know to give a push to your brain about what we can create different so what do I create different for today I can’t call it different because it’s 60% basic of the client so you can’t play around that much that’s why I said we’re gonna use another way in this design which is from B to a from point B to a it normally move from point A to B it’s life designing writing everything like take notes how we’re gonna do it the the full definition of your work what I do today is from B to a kind of do I just have the main idea I have I have the shape of that school and after the holidays ensure I can’t make my changes on that holidays it’s already masterpiece so there’s nothing to play around with that stuff but about this school I I have to show school you know what I mean the bone actually off your head this is what I’m into school because YouTube is translating it it’s not an it’s kind of schule it’s not a school where kids is going it’s just the school your bone hat I will try to play around with that cardboard because I want to make it on a cardboard I will don’t know if they’re gonna do spray I have some painting class some paint white and red and black left from the concert hall I have a lot of spray paint as well so I have actually no idea I know what it will be no I don’t know how it will look like but I know the shape it’s a school because the client is I want to see you school stop talking and do right now it was actually a good thing to have lights on both facades of that building but it’s not good for the camera he’s trying to catch the light from there and catch that light from the backside so I’m gonna start with the school because I can’t play it around with that thing a little bit that’s cool and a couple of minutes ago I had a message from YouTube before we have a new heart there are people who have a new heart people okay so if you know what I mean we have something new his name is should I say his name I don’t have any permission to announce his name so he’s from I guess from Australia which is cool he’s making my legs as he told okay that’s the holiday listen [Applause] school there are kids going to learn so of course not it’s your your bone it looks like you know hell oh it’s for the hell okay that’s the holidays I’m gonna definitely make a black background color I’m gonna paint oh that’s wonderful a lot of work to cut bristol cards made in 1928 it’s nice also a number here I don’t know what this is for okay I guess the first thing I have to do is build my combos by using this cardboard that I have got from the neighbors it’s actually garbage but why they call it garbage cannon is a great stuff okay just a bit of blahblah more if you watch my very very earlier blocks I started with iPhone the day I jumped to Nikon where I was struggling so much and this color is just a cheap one he goes Canon EOS and look at now focusing very easily there is this something no you don’t have that in here that’s perfect so as you can see we have three colors we have in here we have the black to pieces Varya Varya children we have this dark rain we are black and we have this gray which is a light gray and I don’t know we can’t make it maybe with a regular paint and that we spray paint yeah I like this letters by the way come a bit closer is that thing – hi I want to have a look like this like you know like this is glue it on that one that one is glue it on that one that is glued on that one just you know no rules it’s just how it comes I don’t mean I don’t know maybe this is pushing me to work that way because this is a kind of a mosaic I don’t mean the dots I mean even this thing here putting things together to have to have one piece it is like almost a mosaic see this has this metal stuff in corners at the edge you see that I’m gonna leave this this looks already so which is kind of an extra element [Music] [Music] okay I tell you what we can do now this change to reduce so what we can do to have something creative in a technical way this is what I’m talking about just this face shape like this and the rest campus pay can we stay home I need to clean up here using water-based Odyssey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so yeah just an hour stood your life and what was here to build up some pressure that thing is like try to dry drying you know if you know what I mean so how to see if here came out from here from there and like you see okay this man this guy needs to be dry then we can start to work with them the school is here looks almost perfect and we will see what will come out so we I had a nice layered loli asked good question and I guess yesterday on the video that I released 8 April 2016 it’s almost 2 years ago that’s it’s just a joke is it one year or two years it’s almost two years ago and she’s asking Elaine is asking how long so thanks for showing your work who I don’t use gloves to touch the grout I use is supposed to be toxic not yours of course it’s toxic it is the best idea I definitely recommend you to use gloves so sure this is how you kill fingers looks when you don’t use gloves it’s like for example here I actually feel nothing blue so I don’t know what it is so it’s good to use gloves always I’m just too in Harry always you know and I’m so excited that I always used to I forgot to use gloves during growing and gluing and everything especially guarding material has some cement in right which makes it actually toxic you know it’s not a good idea to touch cement without any blows and then also what you have to use is masks when you are grouting you know the dust of that cement is very toxic and dangerous I really don’t know how my stuff here you know Labor’s are looks like because of the spray and the this growling part you really have to use a mask and stuff actually you want to finish the block it will be too too long but I will continue to work and I will also film a hard journey so it means to come out daily [Music]

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