Crook’s Corner: Exclusive Interview w/ Eminem

Crook’s Corner: Exclusive Interview w/ Eminem

100 thoughts on “Crook’s Corner: Exclusive Interview w/ Eminem

  1. Eminem being on Crook's Corner is going to promote Crooked's platform immensely.
    And they say Em dont look out for his homies…

  2. Im sitting in my room playing my nintendo switch like a fucking manchild and listening to em spit a trech verse and im just like 'oh my fucking god! What have i been missing, how the hell did i not take the time to listen to that?'

  3. On God if Lord Jamar dont shut his stupid not rapping in centerys old having ass up WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT A FUCKING GUEST IN MOTHER HIP HOP you ignorant rasict fuck it's funny how is it the you don't say Spanish are Mexican people are a guest In a black mans house of hip hop but it's ok to bash the white rappers that can out rap your ass in a heartbeat Jamar im not gonna say Lord cuz your not a fucking God like you think so the next time you want to say were a guest spit something . Little bitch!!!!

  4. Our language is beautiful. Hella intriguing watching two genuine raw and unbelievably lyrically talented guys break down the lines word for word. It's amazing

  5. Lord Jamar keeps it 💯 and tells the truth even when Stans hate the truth. Even Eminem agrees Lord Jamar tells the truth.

  6. Best Em interview in history! This is what I’ve always wanted on every album. Finally a true insight into Em’s mind behind the curtain.

  7. Em Is the only white rapper that doesn't try to be someone else, doesn't talk like he trying to be black or nothing, True Artist , and confident with himself.

  8. "A lotta people who make these lists confuse the greatest rappers with their favorite rappers" lol I can already tell a lotta people are now triggered

  9. Said it from day 1 and still saying it now: Eminem can't ride a beat for shit. Not even Top 20 Dead or Alive.

    Change my mind.

  10. I'm barely halfway through, and basically everybody has gotten props out here. It's getting hilarious: every time Crook throws a compliment at Em, dude just passes that sh*t to someone else, or back at Crook himself. MuchDank really gotta get in on this.

  11. Lyrical genius
    The best to do it
    Word play at it's best
    Humble Hip-hop rapper

    Someone who would rather give everyone else props before himself

  12. Eminem spitting Kane and Treach lyrics is exactly why he is not a “guest”.
    Em is cut from the same hip hop cloth as Jay, Nas, Kane, Mos, Ra, G Rap, etc. period.

  13. After writing for so many years it kind of just comes natural for me. I don't think about all the syllables and how the rhyme comes out. It just comes out and sounds dope…. I'm sure that's the same for EM!

  14. Remember when Eminem said in Sway's interview: "I think Encore is better than Relapse". Well, I know it's his opinion but his opinion it's wrong.

  15. I won't lie, I do greatly detest Stans, but I have so much respect for Eminem. Nothing but humbleness this whole podcast. It's refreshing to hear him talk about hip hop and elevate other talented rappers to the levels the deserve.

  16. All of Eminem Producing credits!!!!😳😳😳🔥🔥

    Slim Shady (Intro)

    Brain Damage (co-production)

    If I Had (co-production)

    ‘97 Bonnie & Clyde (additional production)

    My Fault (with the Bass Brothers)

    Cum on Everybody (additional production)

    Just Don’t Give a Fuck (with the Bass Brothers)

    As the World Turns (with the Bass Brothers)

    I’m Shady (with the Bass Brothers)

    Bad Meets Evil (with the Bass Brothers)

    Still Don’t Give a Fuck (with the Bass Brothers)

    Stan (co-production)

    The Way I Am

    Marshall Mathers (with the Bass Brothers)

    Drug Ballad (with the Bass Brothers)

    Amityville (with the Bass Brothers)

    Under the Influence (with the Bass Brothers)

    Criminal (with the Bass Brothers)

    The Kids (with the Bass Brothers)

    Don’t Approach Me by Xzibit

    Renegade by Jay-Z

    Pistol Pistol by D12

    American Psycho by D12

    That’s How… by D12 (with Mr. Porter)

    Purple Pills by D12 (with Jeff Bass)

    Instigator by D12 (with Jeff Bass)

    Pimp Like Me by D12

    Blow My Buzz by D12 (with Jeff Bass)

    Devil’s Night by D12 (with Jeff Bass)

    Girls by D12

    Shit on You by D12 (with DJ Head)

    Words are Weapons by D12 (with DJ Head)

    The Cross by Nas (with Jeff Bass)

    Curtains Up (Skit)

    White America

    Cleanin’ Out My Closet (with Jeff Bass)

    Square Dance

    The Kiss (Skit)


    Say Goodbye Hollywood

    Drips (with Jeff Bass)

    Without Me

    Sing for the Moment


    Hailie’s Song

    When the Music Stops

    ’Till I Collapse

    My Name by Xzibit

    Lose Yourself (with Jeff Bass and Luis Resto)

    Love Me

    8 Mile

    Places to Go by 50 Cent

    Rap Game by D12 (with Mr. Porter)

    8 Miles and Running by Jay-Z

    Rabbit Run

    Rap Name by Obie Trice


    Many Men by 50 Cent (with Digga and Luis Resto)

    High All the Time by 50 Cent (with Sha Money XL and DJ Rad)

    Poor Lil’ Rich by 50 Cent (additional production)

    Patiently Waiting by 50 Cent

    Don’t Push Me by 50 Cent

    Go to Sleep

    Moment of Clarity by Jay-Z (with Luis Resto)

    Ghost by 2Pac (with DJ Pooh)

    One Day at a Time by 2Pac (with Hen-Gee)

    Runnin’ by 2Pac (with Easy Mo Bee)

    Bully (with Dr. Dre)

    Nightmares by King Gordy (with the Bass. Brothers and Luis Resto)

    The Pain by King Gordy (with the Bass Brothers and Luis Resto)

    When Darkness Falls by King Gordy (with the Bass Brothers)

    Pass Me a Lighter by King Gordy (with the Bass Brothers, Luis Resto, Steve King, and Ray Gale)

    My Buddy by G-Unit (co-production)

    I’m So Hood by 50 Cent (additional production)

    Collapse by 50 Cent

    Average Man by Obie Trice

    Cheers by Obie Trice

    Got Some Teeth by Obie Trice

    Lady by Obie Trice

    Don’t Come Down by Obie Trice (with Emile Haynie)

    We All Die One Day by Obie Trice

    Hands on You by Obie Trice

    Hoodrats by Obie Trice (co-production)

    911 by Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.

    The Sauce

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    Warrior, Pt. 2 by Lloyd Banks

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    I’ll Be Damned by D12 (with Mr. Porter)

    My Band by D12

    6 in the Morning by D12

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    Get My Gun by D12

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    Slow Your Roll by D12

    Yellow Brick Road (with Luis Resto)

    Like Toy Soldiers (with Luis Resto)


    My 1st Single (with Luis Resto)

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    We as Americans

    Love You More

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    Intro by 50 Cent

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    I’m Supposed to Die Tonight by 50 Cent

    Gatman and Robin by 50 Cent

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    Emulate (with DJ Khalil)

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    Drama Setter by Tony Yayo

    Knice by Proof

    Pray for Me by Proof

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    Without My Glock by Lloyd Banks (with Luis Resto)


    Shake That

    When I’m Gone

    Wake Up by Obie Trice

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    All of My Life by Obie Trice (with T-Rell)

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    Airplanes, Pt. II by B.o.B. (additional production)



    The Apple (with Dr. Dre)

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    Groundhog Day (co-production)

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    Shady XV

    Die Alone (with Luis Resto)

    Vegas by Bad Meets Evil (with Luis Resto)

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    Right for Me (with Luis Resto)

    Detroit vs. Everybody (with Statik Selektah)

    American You by Yelawolf (additional production)

    Best Friend by Yelawolf (with WLPWR)

    Heartbreak by Yelawolf

    Kings Never Die (with DJ Khalil)

    This Corner by Mr. Porter (with Luis Resto)

    All I Think About by Bad Meets Evil (with Luis Resto)

    Phenomenal (with Luis Resto)

    Kill for You by Skylar Grey

    Come Up for Air by Skylar Grey


    Untouchable (with Mark Batson, Emile Haynie, and Mr. Porter)

    Like Home (co-production)

    Bad Husband (co-production)

    Framed (co-production)

    Offended (co-production)

    Majesty by Nicki Minaj (with Labrinth)

    The Ringer (additional production)

    Lucky You (additional production)

    Em Calls Paul (Skit)

    Stepping Stone

    Not Alike (additional production)

    Kamikaze (additional production)

    Fall (additional production)

    Nice Guy (additional production)

    Good Guy (additional production)


  17. Eminem: one of the best freestylers and rappers of all time
    Also Eminem: uhhhhhh… like… yeah.. I… like.. you know………….

  18. Its about time he addressed the "oh he raps fast about nothing" ass niggas, like wtf do you want him to talk about? There are slow rappers who rap about nothing but I bet you eat the shit up 😂 that argument against him has always bothered me. I feel like there's a bias against him these days and it's nerve wracking. A classmate of mine said to me "man I feel like he's uninspired" I was like alright how? Give me an example and he couldn't give one 😂😂

  19. Em n Royce the 5'9 n cole n kendrick n Joyner n crooked I on a song !!!! Stop playing with me !!!! Pls lets get to it!!!!

  20. Fact _ we already have background checks in place.

    Fact a law won't stop someone that wants to kill a bunch of people. People like that break laws. So what makes you think he would follow the new laws you create?

  21. Patiently waiting isn't just one of the greatest songs ever, it also has one of the hardest beats of all time….Produced by Eminem

  22. It's interesting how Em conveniently left out Drake when referring to his favorites. People always name Drake, Cole, & Kendrick as leaders of the new school. I'm sure Em's a fan of Drake's work, but the whole ghost writing situation probably took Drizzy out of that discussion. Which is a shame, cuz the boy spits. How could he not know shit like that would tarnish his legacy?

  23. When Em talked about Yoke the Joker and his heart sank cause he will never be that good…..

    I wanted to be a rapper , I had my little rhyme book , had all types of compound multiple syllable schemes , etc , freestyled constantly,, better than most my peers , I dont remember what song or what album it was , but there was some song that Em dropped that just made me give it up lol Like If I was going to rap, I wanted to be the best , not someone who just gets famous and makes a little money , I wanted to be one of the best , and after hearing Eminem completely blow my mind time and time again , it beat me into submission lol like I will never be anywhere close to as good as this guy so why bother.

  24. Eminem nose that young m a is it dude listen to his words she and then he says he has bars Ma haha I catch it the industry is all fake

  25. He the Goat for sure, he right about you and Royce you guys are great! But I’m a Stan for life!! Tell Em to to get the game Walking Dead it’s great , he could be in my faction I would be great he would love to game! Peace and love! Keep it up crooked I.

  26. Anyone else notice a ring on his ring finger? It ain’t a wedding ring but odd to wear it on that finger and nowhere else

  27. Crooked:
    some of my fans want me to ask you these questions; what is you favorite food?

    Em: beats/beets


  28. Don't let any of this make you forget everyone has an opinion of better style of rap. Nothing is carved in stone as if me saying anyone is the best is absolute truth. We all have opinions & we ought to respect it. Many say Guru is the best. To me he's not but I understand.

  29. The new album is garbage. The same thing goes for the Compton album by Dr.Dre.
    The Aftermath camp used to be trailblazers, but I can hear you guys draw too much inspiration from modern rap. The beats on these albums sucks. Too bad as far as the new Eminem album goes, because he has a lot of dope lyrics.

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