Curb Appeal Tips: Cape Cod House Makeover

Curb Appeal Tips: Cape Cod House Makeover

before this home Cape Cod charisma hid
behind a dole landscape and lackluster colors it’s amazing
transformation shows how you too can work a little
magic on your home’s exterior with a few smart tactics 0 overgrown
shrubs and trees were traded for cheerful plantings they carry the
college’s premier facade to the street a new stone retaining wall topped with
metal fencing now defines the sloping lot without blocking the view wide flagstone
pad guide visitors straight to the front
door and visually had the landscape to the home’s exterior be on landscaping changes to the home
exterior are well ready to %uh adding a portico
to the front door with a relatively simple update but it
gives the home a more commanding presence dentil molding on the particle columns
get the house a traditional and a fresh coat of white paint unites the brick cladding wood siding
and trim helping the facade standout rather than
receive dope shatters Africa just the right settle contract with architectural
enhancements simple cosmetic changes and fresh
landscaping this lackluster cottage became a
remarkable sight do take cues from its transformation and you too could have the best home on
the black

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