Curved box joint

Curved box joint

In this video, I’m gonna join
some boards together like this. I want to make a fence to go
around the back of this desk to keep our baby from
pulling stuff off of it, but the catch is, the corners
are kind of rounded, and I’d like the fence to follow
that, I can only cut away so much material before
there isn’t any joint left. But, I want to make a sweeping
round joint like this one, so I’ll add some
extra pieces of wood and that way I have
enough material to cut that sweeping curve out of it.
And, I’ll make a box joint that will actually
extend this far in. I’ve already glued an extra
layer on these pieces of wood, so now I just need to
cut the box joint. Now, the problem with this joint
is, it’s got a huge amount of surface area, and it’s
pretty tight to get together, even without glue, so
this will be tense, and I got my clamps all ready. Hmm. Well, that actually went
better than I could hope for. Man, I was really questioning
if I’d get those joints together at all. The curved part of this joint is essentially like it
was made out of plywood.

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  1. I "liked" and subbed. Your a very hard worker. you put " A LOT " of effort into your videos, projects and website. Fair play to you. Matthias? Isn't that a German Christian name? I like the good Germans. sláinte from Irland.

  2. Ютить-колупать! Так у него фрезер есть?! На фига же так без него в других видосах мучаться…

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  4. Very nice as usual. If I were to do something similar for a table, where the table top would cover then I probably wouldn't cut out the inside with the handsaw because I wouldn't be visible, and provides more surface area to support the table. However, since your project sits above a table top, it makes more sense and looks nicer to round off both the inside and outside.

  5. With that design, i would like to make it into a floating shelves. Should i use hardwares for hanging it on the walls or embed dowels in the back of the wood?

  6. Thank you, it's very important to me.befor I thought if have to need make the corner something round and I decided that it migh be taken a extra part(albow) and finger joint. thank you.

  7. That was amazing!! I'm still learning the tips and tricks of wood working. Eventually I'll get the hang of it : D

  8. A friend didn't like you're channel because he thought you were too self righteous. All I see is a guy really good at wood working and great at engineering

  9. what? add a 45angle piece in the corner and then round cut, for sake. this looks and feels awful. better not having a corner and creating it with a 45er. geezaz.

  10. I drafted and scatched and manufacturered like that before 15 years ago and I did not any reward. And I did not established publicaly nor professionally. Why?

  11. La guía que usaste ,para sacar los cortes tipo dedo,.,.. que impresionante,..deberías de subir un vídeo de cómo la isiste!!!!!…..

  12. Вот не понимаю зачем выполнять столько лишних операций, когда доску можно было распарить и согнуть углы по шаблону. Смотрелось бы значительно красивее этой пазовой склейки.

  13. …the things we do for love,
    the things we do for love —
    like …

    forgot the rest, but I can hear the tune….

  14. With glue being so fantastic these days, I have no idea if there are easier ways to do this, but the design and building out the corners was excellent.

  15. Hi Mathias, first of all thanks for sharing these awesome videos. I think that combining this technique with the impossible dovetail joint, it would be possible to use a dovetail joint instead of the box joint, correct? Thanks

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