Dallas Interior Designer – Nicole Arnold Interiors

[sound effects and music] We’re a full-service interior design firm. Our primary focus is residential and commercial office, and we furnish the entire space from floor to ceiling. We’ll start with floor plans, and then once the design is created and accepted, I’ll source, I’ll procure and install those furnishings which makes a turn-key project. I embrace an updated traditional all the way through the spectrum up to soft contemporary designs. I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into one specific look. I think it’s more important that I focus on what the client needs, either to resemble their corporate image or a home that reflects their personality or lifestyle. I encourage people pursuing an interior designer to ask for referrals from people that they know and trust. 90% of my business comes from referral and it really makes a big difference. I also run my business as very client-focused. I have a Dallas-based design studio and I’m established in the wholesale trade. That allows me to be able to offer custom furnishings to my clients at a tremendous value. What I do is totally tailored to what is best for the client. [sound effects and music]

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