Deacon® Mold-Pac – Casting Retainer Putty

Hi I’m Steve Spiegel, Product Specialist
for Jet Lube. Today we’ll be discussing Deacon mold-pac damming ,molding and
positioning putty. The original Deacon mold-pac can be used in about 90% of the
applications. As you can see this product is a flexible play-doh like consistency,
some of the common applications where it’s typically used include for
suppressing vibration. So if you had any type of parts that you’re machining a
lot of times these could be thin walled parts such as in the aerospace industry
this product can be used to absorb vibration. So if we were performing any
type of cutting action on this part in order to prevent any chattering from the
part what we would do is we would lay it directly onto the Deacon mold-pac, this
would allow us to go ahead and continue machining apart avoiding any type of
chatter and then we’d go ahead and we could flip it over if it was a part in
the aerospace industry they could flip it over and then run the other side,
another common application where this products being used is as a damming
compound. So what the customer would do would be to form a dam with this product it’s any desired size or shape that they
need and then they could go ahead and pour their liquid in here, it could be
water, it could be epoxy, it could be babbitt, it could be lead, we’re going to
go ahead and just use water. Now after you would form your mold you
would go ahead and pour directly into it if this was babbitt it’s gonna pour at
approximately 600 degrees and begin to cool so as that begins to solidify you
can allow that to cool down and then what would happen is you’d be able to
peel the mold-pac away and you can reuse it as well. If you’re pouring
something that’s going to be a higher molten alloy such as zinc
we recommend using mold-pac HD. Now mold- pac HD is a little bit thicker it’s
more dry than the original Deacon mold- pac, typically the regular mold-pacs
used for all the applications except once you get into something like zinc
you’d want to go ahead and use this product. Now if you’re dealing with a
harsh chemical environment if you’re pouring any type of mineral oil, any type
of dielectric fluid could be doing something in the EDM process where you
need to retain some type of synthetic oil that’s when we recommend using mold
pac EDM as you can see this product is stickier than the original mold-pac
it’s more kind of like a chewing gum consistency so any type of application
where you need to have a product that has extreme chemical resistance this
product would be used can also be used as a high-temperature adhesive as well. For more information on Deacon mold-pac,
please visit our website at thank you

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