Dealing With Rejection – How To Stay In The Zone | Dating Advice w/ Matt Artisan

Dealing With Rejection – How To Stay In The Zone   |   Dating Advice w/ Matt Artisan

what’s up man mad artist in here from
the attractive man . com I mean what you said is argentina right
now and the stereotype here is that the women are the least friendly of all the
Latin American countries whether it’s sure not i don’t know I’ve heard the
stereotype few times throughout my travels South America I’ve only been
here two days but I kind of noticed a difference especially coming from Brazil
where the women are are just really sweet so let’s talk about how to stay in the
zone how to keep going even when you’re getting photo rejected when you’re
getting reactions that you don’t really want how do you keep going to motivate
yourself so that you can get success because here’s the deal and we probably
all been there right I’ve been there you’ve probably been there when you’re
getting a few negative reactions or reactions that you don’t really like and
then your state starts going down you don’t feel really great you don’t really
want to keep going to let the next couple women just kind of walked by
because you’re like well I’m probably just gonna get that same reaction yeah so how do you flip the script how
do you change your mentality so that you can get great results even if your first
couple approaches weren’t that great well first i want you to realize that
it’s not your fault that you feel that way okay your brain is hardwired to look
at the negative it’s called the negativity bias in psychology and it’s
basically this it’s your mammal brain which associate’s danger or survival
with social situations so it’s basically telling you wait you shouldn’t be doing this because
you can get banned from the tribe if you hit on the alpha males girlfriend so
it’s looking at the negative scenario right away which logically we know
that’s not true you know we don’t live in tribes anymore this is a big city but
approach to grow it doesn’t go great even if everybody around sees it is like
judging me who cares i can walk one block and it’s all new people but your
mammal brain doesn’t know that so it looks at the negative is trying to keep
you safe it’s trying to protect your survival ok
so first just gotta accept that it’s normal that it’s natural and it’s no big
deal second I want you to ask yourself two
questions after every approach I don’t care how great the approach when
her bad you think the approach how short the approach one even if
you’re just like a real quick and she walked away start feeling a little down ask yourself two questions it’s gonna
make you feel better and it’s going to help you learn and progress much faster
number one the question is what was great about
that approach what was great about what did you do that was awesome what did she do you might have just
don’t know what way what did you do that was awesome sometimes the only answer that you can
come up with as well I approached her nothing really happened but i believe
that roadster but that is also that is great allow yourself to feel joy about
that allow yourself to come congratulate yourself that you that you approach
because the heck else approaches like never see guys approaching during the
daytime nighttime once in awhile but even then even if you’re only
approaching at night still allow yourself to feel great just because you
approach because this is a conditioning process you have to condition yourself
to take action every single time that you approach know your your conditioning
yourself and you’re feeding courage your building that courage possible every
time you choose not to do it and you say well I’m not going to do it you make up
some excuse or maybe she’s with that guy can tell and you decide not to do it you’re strengthening that beer muscle
which is not what you want to do so it’s great even if you just walked up to her
and nothing happened that’s still awesome experience so allow yourself to
experience allow yourself to feel joy for just a few seconds so ask yourself
what was great about that be like fuck yeah I did it that’s awesome hell yeah at yourself on
the back next question that you asked that question is what was what could you
do to make it we can prevent done to make it better ok so the approach that i did yesterday
and if you wrote the first 1i did walking out of the plan to tell room at
my hotel was a girl walk down the street stopped her and told her
she was cute and she said like no entiendo just walked away I should
understand i don’t even think i got to the compromise start speaking English
and she didn’t understand i felt a little like discouraged for like a few
seconds but I ask myself is to questions the answer to the first question was
well I did it and it was the first girl i saw i didn’t make excuses i went for
right away hell yeah that’s awesome and the second
question how can I made it even better i thought well you know what happened i
wasn’t really smiling you know I could’ve smiled a little bit more that
would have made it better most likely so i went through that
process of asking myself and answering my answer those two questions really
quickly it only takes 10 maybe 30 seconds and you’ll start feeling better
and you’re learning because you’re giving yourself feedback by the way if
you want me to give you feedback personally then make sure you’re in our
inner circle program our academy / inner circle program because I’ll answer your
questions every single week give you feedback i’ll give you feedback even on
your approaches send in your approaches for any online dating private profile on
your text messages all that stuff and it’s super cheap so check that out to
call the attractive man acad / inner circle anyways after every
single approach i want you to start asking yourself those two questions what
was what was great about that approach that’s like the inner game question to
make you feel good to make you see like what did you do that was awesome so that
you don’t start going negative and start feeling bad starts turning into a
downward spiral you don’t want that because then you can miss a lot of
future opportunities in the question second question that’s to give you
feedback so you keep progressing is how could you have made that even better so start asking yourself those questions
and leave a comment down below I want to hear about your results and
how those questions and this tip is helping you it really can be a huge game changer if
you implement it and by the way also have a free training for you video that
teaches you exactly what to say after hello to spark attraction and keep the
conversation going so I’m gonna put a link to that down below check that out
it’s totally free and you rock man keep approaching keep
watching these videos keep up the good work piece what’s up guys i wanted to make a quick
edit to this video because i just spent the last two hours or so doing
approaches you’re gonna set is and the girls are awesome in fact there’s one right now yes I take back everything that i said
about them not being is friendly and the stereotype I heard it definitely doesn’t
seem to be true excuse me excuse me real quick hi this
is really random but I was just walking this one and I saw you and I just got your absolutely adore I had to say hi yeah

28 thoughts on “Dealing With Rejection – How To Stay In The Zone | Dating Advice w/ Matt Artisan

  1. Almost 19, been on a few vacations, never asked a girl out yet XD I start to now think if there's anything wrong with me, but yeah never had a GF or a relationship XD so I mean I've never dealt write rejection but can imagine, because it's one of the things I'm certain of, and scared of happening. Jokes.

  2. so when your out doing these approaches, your not necessarily looking for a hookup, more like a confidence Builder ?

  3. I was warming up complimented a girl on the airport just now, she was a salesgirl at a women bag store on Mumbai airport.
    And fuck, I didn't have proper eye contact and I was nervous because of the environment of airport. Because it seems "not good on the airport" thing coming back in my mind.
    She was shocked and was like "thank you" with a weird face after 2 seconds.
    Felt bad. Watching this video to pull myself back into the pickup mode 😀
    Saving this video, will carry a headphone everywhere 😀
    Thanks Matt.

  4. Great stuff, Matt! You've got such a great way of explaining and of understanding what men go through and how we think. Thanks for posting. And for everything you do, brother!

  5. "hello ,have u seen a Starbucks near here" …( she responds) u say '' I'm not interested in Starbucks I seen u pass by & I had to come over and say hi… hey listen I got a run bet tell me something cool bout u…(she responsds) u say ur not crazy right OK do u text great ur 323…

  6. "hello ,have u seen a Starbucks near here" …( she responds) u say '' I'm not interested in Starbucks I seen u pass by & I had to come over and say hi… hey listen I got a run bet tell me something cool bout u…(she responsds) u say ur not crazy right OK do u text great ur 323…

  7. I'll help you…if women are bitches, you don't keep the motivation…you move on to the girls that aren't bitches

  8. a lot of the time it's the girl that is the problem…not, how can I adapt and approach better…it's, the girl that needs to adapt and react better to. an approach. If a chick is a bitch about an approach, know that it's her, not you


  10. I did first approach today since finding your vids …. chick laughed at me and blew me off. Hahaaa. Im going to mall in the morning to find girls to talk too. Thanks man.

  11. Does it make a difference if i am international student to approach or because i am kind of afraid about the reaction
    Just for the record i have already purshaced the language of attraction ebook

  12. Matt you motivate me to handle rejections like nothing. Whenever I get rejected by a women instead of feeling sad and depressed I start laughing and just move on. Thanks Matt for helping overcome my troubles of be rejected.

  13. It helps if you've ever had something but rejection in your life…

    It is my fault I feel that way. I wasn't good enough so I failed. If I was good enough I'd have sex.

    When all you've ever done is fail in your life, it's a rational conclusion that you're a looser.

    Also, not everyone lives in big cities. Many people live in small towns. Mess things up with that girl, and you'll never have that option again in a very small pool.

    I can't deceive myself like this. I try, but I'm too smart to self delude. I go for it, but it never works.

    "Allow yourself to feel joy." I can't make myself feel joy if I try, I'm not refusing to allow it…

    Thanks as always for what you do for guys. You're a hero to me. Keep going, I know not everyone is as screwed as me. You're telling someone somewhere exactly what they need to hear.

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