have any walls in your house or
Work that needs a touch of decoration? So, did you paint that doubt? in this video we brought wall decoration inspirations And of course, spending little and recycling! If you don’t have frames but have frames, here is a tip for reusing them using fabric or paper of your own giant family pictures or children’s pictures are also welcome Have you ever thought about having a rug on the wall?
Why not? and a small piece of decorated wood can make a difference on the headboard wall for example see how interesting this combination of circles on the wall was can be crochet, wood, cement or whatever you find easier and what do you think of an old door serving as a giant picture frame? the macrame is also on the rise and of course we cannot forget the
niches, which besides being versatile to accommodate some items are always in fashion succulent frames are also on the rise to give up on decor and these simple comics and cacti made with nails and twine There are many options, right? tell us if you ever decorated any walls in your house and how you
did. so you can inspire more people and we will get to know your artistic side Stay tuned here on the channel by subscribing and enabling notifications not to miss any tips and if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a LIKE and share with your friends see you next time!

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